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Purchasing Guide For Outdoor Advertising LED Display


1. Introduction


Outdoor advertising LED display is an essential part of out-of-home advertising. And it has become the leading carrier of outdoor advertising because of technological progress and cost reduction.

P5 Outdoor LED Screen
P5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display In Vietnam

The LED display system displays advertisements in various formats—for example, pictures, videos, and texts. Thus, the broadcast of social media advertisements can provide economic guarantees and income for investors’ networks and line costs.

Different screen layouts are according to situations and requirements in the advertising process. Besides, the system has built-in various layout modules, supporting eight-screen split layouts and displaying other contents in different areas.

With economic development and social progress, we have entered the information age. Thus, fast, accurate, and quick information transfer has become necessary for efficient work. It reduces input costs and improves work efficiency.

You can place the display screen where people are, such as building facades, basketball stadiums, football fields, airports, highways, large commercial centers, stations, etc.

Its comprehensive contact advantage and direct information transmission have enough control technology that other public communication media cannot match.

2. What Is An Outdoor Advertising LED Display?


The outdoor advertising LED display has high brightness, usually up to 8000 nits. Meanwhile, the colorful presentation and shocking visual effect under direct sunlight, IP65 waterproof, and seamless splice advantages make it ideal for outdoor use.

Thus, the LED screen for advertising outdoor is the primary carrier of all kinds of information that bears the news, culture, and commercial on a real-time basis. Besides, it quickly brings content to the public with an eye-catching display effect. The LED display can fully display its superior video function and color performance simultaneously. Also, it can beautify the environment and improve the environmental facilities.

Besides, LED displays can set information functions in one and as a new high-tech product. Its rich technology content, majestic appearance, smooth production, and delicate color performance can add vitality to the environment.


3. What’s The Function Of An LED Advertising Screen For Outdoor?


Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Screen in Macau 1
Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Screen In Macau
  • Product propaganda and attracting customers
  • Storefront decoration and improving enterprise-grade
  • Popularize knowledge (You can use it to play small information of corporate products, knowledge of relevant industries.)
  • Bulletin Board (promotions, job postings)
  • Heighten the atmosphere. You can play the welcome speech from the superior leaders and various guests’ celebration speeches for significant festivals on the LED display.
  • It functions as a warning screen for road traffic, navigation, and instructions.

Undeniably, the ultimate goal of establishing outdoor advertising LED display is to promote product information, attract target customers, and maximize your profits. The outdoor advertising LED display became the first choice for corporate promotion precisely for this purpose.

4. What Is The Production Process Of LED Screen For Advertising Outdoor?


There are many kinds of LED displays, and all of them needs product approval according to the different work environment and display content and special requirements from customers. Also, to determine the indicators of the product to meet the needs of customers.

A. Identifying The Bill Of Materials

After product approval design, there is a need to make a detailed bill of material and BOM list. Meanwhile, the plan needs to include all materials of the whole project, as follows:

  • First, module bill of materials;
  • Second, cabinet bill of materials;
  • Third, structure bill of materials;
  • Lastly, a list of ancillary equipment.
B. Production Process Of Module
  • Patch – It needs to use solder paste, printing machine, placement machine, reflow;
  • Plug-in –  The process of plugging the LED lamp into the PCB board according to the PCB package’s polarity becomes a plug-in. During the plug-in process, attention must be given to the anti-static and LED polarity;
  • Wave Soldering Equipment needed product fixtures, Wave Solders;
  • Post-welding –  Some significant components cannot have wave solderings, such as power outlet, input, output interface pin, and point solution capacitor. Also, they all require manual welding, and we call the process post-welding;
  • Test and module assembly – Mainly detects broken deadlights, dark lights, and electronic components. The signal timing is correct whether the part has an imaginary or false weld. As a result, you can assemble the tested mold into the bottom case and mask.
  • Semi-finished products aging – Light up the tested product and judge the quality of the entire screen;
  • Plotting glue – Outdoor products need to plan a bond after installing the module’s bottom shell. Then turn into the plotting glue department and put on the mask when the glue is dry. It is necessary to pay attention when plotting glue. So, the amount of glue should be moderate, or else it will affect the firing angle of the lamp and the assembly of the mask;
  • Module aging test – First, light up all modules and assembly kits to test. And then, assess lamp life and attenuation, LED screen color difference, white balance effects, realistic angles, quality of playback graphics, etc.
C. Cabinet Aging Test
LED Display Aging Test
  1. Connect the cabinet
  2. Connecting the power cable
  3. Connect the signal cable between the cabinets
  4. Connect the system cable
  5. Check before turning on the power (whether there is a short circuit between the power supply and the module)
  6. Power on
  7. The commissioning system, and;
  8. Handling problems
D. Production Materials
LED Control Card

Materials include:

  • The LED chip or LED lamp
  • Package module
  • Circuit board
  • Sealant
  • Kit
  • Driver IC
  • Control board
  • LED control card
  • Power supply, etc. ;

Besides, the entire LED screen also includes exterior materials such as cabinets, steel structures, brackets, fasteners, various connecting wires, etc.

Also, it needs a piece of equipment when in use, mainly a computer and some playback device.


5. How To Install An Outdoor Advertising LED Display?


Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Installation method YUCHIP
Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Installation Methods
  • Follow works needed to be finished before installing LED display:
  • Also, confirming frame structure of the installation place;
  • Then, acquiring details about power distribution systems;
  • And then, comprehending the control platform system;
  • Knowing the location of various ancillary facilities;
  • Lastly, people and tools are needed to install the outdoor advertising LED display.


6. What Is The Process Of Outdoor Advertising Installation And Debugging?


  • Install the cabinets into the frame structure
  • Connecting plates should connect cabinets.
  • And then, ensure that the gap between the cabinets is minimal, and the surface of the LED screen is level;
  • Lastly, check the power cable and signal cable;
YUCHIP Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Install
YUCHIP Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Installation

Signal cable includes cable connection between cabinets (sealed cabinets are aviation connector) and the network connection between systems;

  • We install ancillary facilities, such as air conditioners, exhaust fans, audio equipment, etc.
  • Also, whether the power cable connects to the wrong nor short circuit, the system signal is in the same direction, or there is an external metal object;
  • Power on commissioning – The system is set to check the connection between cabinets, module display, signal transfer, graphic transfer, display, etc.
  • Frame edging;
  • Customer training – Such as control software use, kinds of files and graphics playing, and solutions for LED screen common problems;
  • Finally, project acceptance.

Generally, a commercial LED advertising screen is a fixed installation. In addition, the IF and OF series of YUCHIP have been in among 100 countries.

7. LED Screen For Outdoor Advertising Representative Cases


Now, please allow us to introduce two representative cases to you about the YUCHIP Outdoor LED display:

First, the largest outdoor LED display in Latin America is one of the most significant projects of YUCHIP.

The Biggest Oudoor Advertising LED Screen In south America
The Biggest Outdoor Advertising LED Screen In South America

Features are as follows:

  • Size: 402sqm
  • Brightness up to 8000cd
  • Colorful and stable quality.

Second, a stadium project in India, about 184.1sqm, is India’s biggest stadium LED display. Thus, it has broadcast many major sporting events, and it’s operating stably.

Above all, customers need to consider many factors when purchasing an LED display: brightness, warranty policies, and maintenance methods.

Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

Besides, YUCHIP has more than 14 years of history in LED display manufacturing. So, we want to share the experience with you and support you in your purchase. Besides, we are happy to provide you with a suitable solution and get the most professional service and support.

Also, suppose you need some informative readings, here are a few links you may visit.

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