What’s A Good LED Screen For Church?




Church LED Display
Church LED Display

A good LED screen for your church is a screen that is adaptive to the structure of your worship environment and responsive to the needs of your congregation. A good LED screen for a church depends on display contents, installation environment, church stage size, viewing distance, and the budget for the LED screen.

You will find below the several factors you need to consider to identify the LED screens that best fit your church. Remember that every church has a different design and arrangement and therefore requires different LED screens accordingly.

LED display has proven its worth as one of the most affordable and practical solutions that give audiences a visual experience that can impact them. In modern places of worship, LED display technology has been used to communicate with and engage the whole congregation. It helps the church conveniently share messages, news, announcements, song lyrics, sermon topics, and other presentations to all church members.


Why Are These Factors Important?


Church LED Screen
Church LED Screen

As a leader of your church, you want everything to be in order and neat. The LED screen is a very adaptable and easy-to-operate visual technology that makes the job of your production team way easier. Plus, it improves the overall look of your place/stage.

The adaptability and flexibility of LED displays allow you to arrange your weekly visual presentation in various ways. You can also place LED screens side by side and create a large and seamless LED wall or have these screens scattered around the stage or across the venue; it is something that you cannot do with a traditional projector. And because of the LED screens’ superb brightness, even though your church is well-lit or has natural light, the display will remain visible and impactful.

These are just some of the many reasons why church leaders started integrating LED screens in their worship environments. You can easily say that LED screens are beneficial in church as they help create an improved and better-than-ever worship experience. However, it can be a little challenging to decide what LED screen is suitable for your church.

In this article, we discuss all the questions that you need to consider asking yourself before purchasing an LED screen for your church. Your answers to these questions will help you and your LED screen supplier know what type of LED screen will give you and your people optimum benefits.


Factor 1/Question 1: What Content Do You Plan To Display?


Good Church LED Screen
Good Church LED Screen

Capturing the attention of the congregation is the reason for having LED screens in your church. You believe that these LED displays attract attention which increases interaction and consequently reinforces your message to them.

Have you already considered the content you will be displaying? If yes, that’s great. If not, you need to think about it first before purchasing your screens. Will you use it for displaying only texts like messages, points of the sermons, verses, etc.? Or will you be using it to showcase HD audiovisual motion display? Does your video switcher support 2k or 4k resolution?

Considering these questions is essential in selecting the LED screens for your church because you do not want to invest in new technology only to have blurry images.  If you get an LED screen with 4k resolution and send a 720p signal on that screen, you will not get better results. The screen resolution shall match the content of your media so you can make the most of your LED screen investment.

Also, if you wish to make your church presentation more visually appealing and stimulating, we suggest selecting a widescreen format such as a 16:9 screen ratio.


Factor 2/Question 2: What Environment, The Church LED Screen Will, Be Installed?


Church LED
Church LED

The environment of your worship house is another significant factor you should consider. Is it a closed area or an open area? Is the location where you intend to place the LED screen safe from any solid intrusion and moisture?  For example, if you plan to have the LED display outdoors, you need to look for LED screens with a higher ingress protection factor. Otherwise, your LED screen won’t survive a single rain.

You also need to consider the structural design of your church, especially if you plan to have a large-scale LED wall display. The installation method or technique for your church LED screen may highly be dependent on this.

The most common assemble/installation techniques are:

Ground Installation. This installation method requires a base unit and ladder truss. This is where your LED screen will be securely attached. It has to be very stable to be able to support a large-scale LED display. One advantage of this installation system is that it offers you enough flexibility in your screen height and width.

Hanging Installation. Others refer to this method system as a flown method. For this kind of installation, there has to be structural support in the ceiling that will hold the total weight of LED screens. You can use a crane, ceiling grid, overhead truss, or hanging bar to rig up the LED screen.

Wall-Mounted Installation. The installation method name already explains itself. Your LED display will be attached to a wall. Some LED panels have a unique case design that allows them to be drilled on a wall surface. Many prefer this option as it consumes the least space.


Factor 3/Question 3: How Much Space Do You Have For The LED Screen?


The size of your LED screen largely depends on the space you have. You will not want a tiny screen on a big stage and vice versa. Therefore, before you go to your LED screen supplier, it’s best to grab your measuring tape first and measure the wall or stage.

Additionally, if your church can house hundreds or even thousands of worshippers, you need to have multiple screens or a large LED wall display. With this audience size, it is highly impossible to see the details of your image when displayed on a normal-size LED screen. On the other hand, a small LED screen will suffice for small churches.

LED Church Price
LED Church

So, what size should it be? For stage LED screen display, here’s an essential guide that you can use. Once you already measured the width of your stage (in feet), subtract 10 feet, and that can be the size of your LED screen. For example, if your stage’s width measures 50 feet, an LED screen of 40 feet is advisable.

Other sources will tell you, which can also be true, that the advisable church screen size is one-sixth to one-tenth of the distance between the LED screen and the last row seats in the church.

If the recommended LED display size is not available as a single LED screen, there’s nothing to be worried about as an LED church video wall is an option. It’s a connection of multiple smaller screens to achieve the giant LED screen size you need.


Factor 4/Question 4: What Is The Distance Of The Church LED Display From The Front Row?


The importance of knowing the distance of your LED screen from your audience is that it tells you the ideal pixel pitch for your visual display. What is pixel pitch? It refers to the pixel density of the LED screen. Generally, when the pixel pitch is low, the resolution of the screen is higher. But it doesn’t mean that an LED screen with the lowest pixel pitch is always the best choice.

If the viewers of your LED screen in your church are close to it, then that’s the time you need to choose a lower pixel pitch. Since your audience is close to the distance, the resolution should be better so that the images do not appear pixelated or blurry.

Knowing the viewing distance is not only significant for ensuring the viewing quality in your church, but it will also help you not overspend on your LED display. LED screens with lower pixel pitch usually cost more because they contain more LEDs. Therefore, knowing the viewing distance is necessary for costing and project planning.


Factor 5/Question 5: How Much Is The Available Budget?


Display LED Supplier
Church LED Display

You will be amazed at what you can purchase with your available budget. There are reliable and trusted LED screen supplies that offer high-quality LED solutions for a reasonable price. While it’s true that lower pixel pitch costs more, it does not mean that that is the best for your church. That’s why we publish this guide to help you budget money for your LED display.

Many would tell you that older display technology like a projector is way cheaper than an LED display. But that is not the case. Choosing a projector to display multiple images in a well-lit worship environment will cost you a fortune too.

Think of your next LED screen purchase as a long-term investment. The LED screen has a way longer lifespan than a projector. It also has minimal maintenance cost and bulb replacement cost. In the long run, investing in an LED screen costs the same, if not cheaper, than investing in a projector display. So, thinking that you can afford a highly bright projector but not an LED screen is entirely not proper. Plus, you do not want to settle for a less quality display technology, which you will regularly use for a long time.

If you only have a specific budget allotted for your LED screen project, you can reach out to us. We will offer you the best solution that fits your account.




These questions are likely the same questions that your chosen LED screen supplier will ask you before they can offer you an LED screen solution. Here’s a summary of the things that you should know.


  1. Display Content
  2. Church Environment (Installation Requirement)
  3. Church Space (LED Screen Size)
  4. Viewing Distance
  5. Budget


Your LED screen supplier may ask you more questions. But knowing the information listed above will give them an idea of what kind of products and services you will be interested in.


Suggested LED Screen For Church Use


YUCHIP shipped a P5 LED church LED screen now being used in the biggest church in Africa located in Nigeria. It is a high-quality outdoor LED wall that comes with a three-year warranty. It is built with the best and finest materials to ensure excellent performance and smooth church production.

YUCHIP Church Screen
YUCHIP Church Screen

Product Components:

  1. P5 Outdoor LED Panel
  2. Nationstar LED Lamp
  3. Meanwell Power Supply
  4. Novastar Control Card
  5. IP65 Waterproof LED Screen Cabinet



Other Options

YUCHIP offers a wide variety of LED screens for church applications. For example, we have P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, and many more. And, we can customize church LED screens according to your specific needs and requirements. You may send us an inquiry to learn more.

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