LED screen rental is a dedicated stage performance and recreational activities LED display. Usually this kind of LED display appears in the form of rental screen, so it is named as LED screen rental.

LED screen rental is widely used in stage screen rental, dancing party, all kinds of new product announcement conference, exhibition, stadium, theater, hall, lecture hall, multi -function hall, conference room, interpretation hall, night club, high-level discotheque, etc. Comparing with traditional fixed screen, LED screen rental has following advantages:

Lightweight, ultra-thin

The cabinet of traditional LED screen is made of SPCC(cold rolled carbon steel board), which is also known as “iron cabinet”. The cost of the iron cabinet is quite low, but it also has a shortage: the cabinet is too heavy. The average weight of each square meter of finished LED screen is above 45kg. Stage performing arts industry usually use the LED screen in aluminum cabinet. The average weight of each square meter of aluminum cabinet LED screen is 20~30 kg, which is much lighter and the thermal conductivity is much better than iron ones.

Lightweight, ultra-thin

Small errors,  seamless joint

Because of the sheet metal processing method of traditional LED cabinet, which the technology errors is quite large, and the iron cabinet can be easily deformed after reprocessing, the error is in degree of millimeter. So it is quite difficult for traditional cabinet to meet the requirements of seamless
joint of the screen.

The aluminum cabinet of LED screen rental uses module forming, combined with the machining process. The error can be controlled in 1 millimeter, so the aluminum cabinet can fully meet the requirements of seamless joint.

Small errors, seamless joint

Quick Installation

Since the cabinet is made of aluminum structure, so the weight is lighter, the precision is higher, the dismantlement is more convenient. The technicians can easily splice cabinets in a few minutes. Using the aluminum cabinets can greatly reduce the installation and dismantlement time, lowers manpower costs.

Quick Installation

Long service life

The main component that affects the LED display service life is the light emitting diode, and high temperature is its biggest killer. With the excellent heat dispersion, aluminum cabinet can provide a more stable ambient temperature,that would help to largely extend the led display life-time.

Our products are equipped with various flight cases, which are not only provide good protection for the rental LED display screen, but also the easy storage and transportation.

LED rental display is very light, and its structure is quite thin, and it also has the lifting and quick installation functions. So that it can meet the requirements of quick installation, dismantlement, transportation according to the situation of rental space. The whole LED display screen can be quickly fixed and connected by bolts. The technicians can accurately install and uninstall the exact led display screen. The led display module can be spliced into different shapes according to the requirements of the field.
With its unique welding process optimized structure design, field failures which are usually caused by loose contact of welding points which is result from  frequently movement, can be widely avoid.
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the pursuit of art and culture enjoyment, the entertainment industry and health-sport industry are flourishing. Rental led display plays an important role in the whole led display industry, and with the expanding market, we believe that the market of rental led display will continue to grow in high speed…