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YUCHIP P2.5 LED Display Shines In Myanmar’s Five-Star Hotel


1. Introduction


Myanmar Advertising
P2.5 LED Display In Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia and a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It borders the Andaman Sea in the southwest, India, and Bangladesh in the northwest, China in the northeast, and Thailand and Laos in the southeast.

Myanmar is formerly known as Burma and is estimated to have 100 ethnic groups. It is also the 10th largest nation in Asia by area and has a 54 million population as of 2017 statistics.

Myanmar’s culture and tradition are manifested in its rich cuisine, sports, arts, films, media, and communications. Because of their colorful customs, many people, local or international tourists, love going back to the country.

In this era of global technology, Myanmar is also embracing digital screens such as LED displays for their advertising, broadcasts, telecommunications, etc.


2. YUCHIP P2.5 Advertising In Shangri-la Hotel, Myanmar


YUCHIP has entered South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and especially Asia. Like our project in one of the Southeast Asian countries – Myanmar.

Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and its political, economic, cultural center, and transportation hub. Meanwhile, it has also opened a channel for the LED Display industry in Southeast Asia, thus opening YUCHIP.


A 6240 * 3840mm P2.5 Indoor Fixed LED Display was designed and installed at Shangri-La Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar.

With its high brightness, large viewing angle, and high-definition display effects, customers receive it well. So, P2.5 Indoor Fixed installation uses seamless stitching technology, high contrast, and refresh rate. Thus, it can wonderfully and perfectly present whether static pictures or dynamic advertising videos.

After work, the customer took two engineers to visit the local Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. According to the client, the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar is famous as the treasure of oriental art, and the locals take it as pride. Thus, the two YUCHIP engineers’ excellent service left a deep impression on the customer’s heart. Also, they believed that YUCHIP would be their long-term partner in the future.

From the situation in Myanmar, we can see the potential of technological progress for subsequent development. In recent years, the LED Display industry has received global attention as a new media. We can not underestimate the market potential of Southeast Asia. Thus, YUCHIP has exported many products to Southeast Asia and contributed many successful cases as well.


3. What Is The Status Of Myanmar Advertising?


Myanmar is a country rich in agricultural resources and is mainly the source of the country’s economic growth. There is also a massive number of industrial enterprises and factories in the country.

Exporting goods is also prevalent in the gross income of the country. However, because the government is primarily an informal economy, only a few economic aspects embrace digital screens.

LED Screens are prominent among the capital and large cities; however, LED displays are not famous in urban areas.

To sum up, Myanmar advertising is embraced in the country. Still, it might undergo excruciating gradual growth over the years, especially now that the country experiences a military crisis that also affected the country’s economic, health, and global status.

Billboard Advertising In Myanmar
YUCHIP P2.5 LED Display


4. Conclusion


YUCHIP is China’s leading LED Display manufacturer that has a 17-year of experience in the industry. We’ve provided hundreds of LED products and solutions to almost 105 countries across the globe. And one of our projects is in Myanmar in Shangri-la Hotel, a five-star and prominent hotel in the country.

This project utilized a P2.5 LED screen for indoor fixed installation. We are delighted to provide the service and enjoyed the company of our client and the hotel staff. We look forward to delivering them in the future. Should you want to give a detailed view of your hotel and hospitality, please give us the chance to help you.

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