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YUCHIP Shopping Mall LED Display


I. Introduction


LED screen applications range has expanded in recent years. From outdoor advertising, stage rental to the present indoor shopping malls and shopping centers, LED displays have appeared everywhere. As a fact, it has been part of the visuals we see every day wherever we go. Especially in big cities and crowded streets, it seems to be only a standard display.

Technology has lifted our lives in many ways. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we use technology when we close it at night. And with the vast changes brought by it, people shift their ways as well. From paper documents to soft copies, newspapers to digital, and traditional to modern advertising. Technology is close to us, and it’s everywhere.


Indoor LED screens are used in a variety of establishments, for instance, in shopping malls. LED displays in shopping malls are not only for showing advertising content. Also, it attracts people to stop and watch the advertisement and improves the luxury of the store.

YUCHIP, China’s leading LED screen solution provider, manufactures indoor HD LED displays with low brightness and high-gray grade features, thus, exhibiting vivid and colorful pictures and videos. With LED screens, customers can quickly learn about updates and price lists, and the latest trends. They’ll also know about directories and floor information, and other related announcements.

Also, mall passersby can enjoy the visuals while roaming around. LEDs give additional lighting and colors to the malls’ premises. It adds flavor to the infrastructure, making a place suitable for everyone. LEDs, indeed, are the future of indoor digital information channels.


II. What Shopping Mall LED Display Does YUCHIP Has?


YUCHIP offers you comprehensive options for your LED project. We offer you our P3, P4, P5, P6 indoor or rental screens for shopping malls. You may also customize your desired display with us if you prefer a custom or flexible screen with various shapes and curves perfect for indoor advertising.

Here are few specifications of our shopping mall screens.

Pixel Pitch (mm)


4 5


Pixel Configuration




Brightness (cd/m²)




Refresh Rate (Hz)




Weight (kg)


8.5 7


Cabinet Material

Cast Aluminum



Along with the above specifications, you may also request parameter revision if you consider factors in your mind.

Please inquire and send us a message if you have more questions.


III. What Benefits Can I Get From Shopping Mall LED Display?


Shopping LED Screen can offer you many advantages, your product, and the whole customers. Because LED screens are widespread in shopping malls today, it is an evidence that it brings so many benefits to the products and services and content it plays.

Here are advantages you may get from utilizing an LED shopping mall.

  • Effective Advertising

Since shopping malls are where people gather, especially shopaholics, it is also a great chance to present content that tackles your product and brand. People believe that the more advertisements and endorsements a product has, the higher and more trusted brand. That’s why people tend to buy brands that they see on giant billboards along mega highways.

After all, utilizing an LED shopping mall makes way for better profits and sales.

  • Entertainment

You may have noticed that not all people in the shopping malls are there to buy. They prefer to go to a shopping mall most of the time to relax and entertain themselves, especially if they’re having a long day at home. With a shopping mall LED display, you may play content other than advertisements, such as animations, videos, songs, and a lot more.

  • Enhances View

With excellent infrastructure advancement, shopping malls possess great views. However, the picture might be tiring already for people who have been to the exact location many times. Using a shopping LED screen, you may bring different perspectives by installing an LED screen. You may also reposition them on the ground floor or the second floor during a product launch or promo sale.


IV. Conclusion


Today, shopping malls are also achieving greater heights. It is not for shopping, purchasing, and buying products alone. Shopping malls are also emerging and expanding, such as having theaters, exhibit areas, playgrounds, schools, government offices, etc. Because of that, more and more people gather at this location which is a comfort zone.

Shopping Mall LED Display
Shopping Mall LED Display

As shopping malls continue to grow and develop, their development will indeed and always include digital media such as LED displays. And with that, the demand for LED screens will go higher and higher in a specific period.

YUCHIP, with a 17-year of experience in the industry, will help you hit your goals if you opt to invest in an LED screen for shopping malls.

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