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Bus LED Display Application


The choice of advertising media is directly related to the level of the advertising audience. Compared with other media advertising, bus LED display advertising has many advantages: low cost, broad audience, high frequency, and sound effects. So it has become the preferred media for many businesses to seize the market.

A bus is an essential means of transportation in the city. Its large number and various routes make it an unparalleled penetration advantage in the city’s busy sections.

Bus Display Screen Application
Bus LED Display

Among them, bus LED TV is one of the most common mobile TV in daily life; thus, it indicates that the LED bus screen will become a significant force in the future advertising field.

You can install the LED screen in the bus/car through the light-off display text, animation, pictures, and video.

You can generally equip taxis, buses, police cars, and other vehicles with LED car screens, a branch formed with the rapid development of LED displays.

Compared with ordinary fixed LED display, bus LED sign has higher stability, anti-interference, shock, and dust resistance.

YUCHIP has released a new bus LED sign, the P1.875. It’s one of the most updated black tech products with the look of a traditional LED display. However, it has a higher performance than conventional LED displays.


Bus LED Display Features

  • Ultra-high Refresh Display

The quality of the refresh rate determines the LED display shown in the picture. The higher the stability of the image display, the better, the more natural image is clear.

But because the refresh rate and the resolution restrains each other, only the high-resolution, high refresh rate, and the bus LED screen make the performance outstanding.

P1.875 bus LED sign meets the above requirement: clear image display pictures, eliminate the images flashing and jitter; therefore, your eyes will not experience fatigue.

  • Best Viewing Angle

The light source produces a color distortion phenomenon beyond a specific range of view after refracting a particular direction for many LCDs. But the size of the angle determines the size of the visual spectrum and the best viewing angle.

Generally, 160° visual angle is the selected standard. YUCHIP’s bus LED screen display of P1.875 has a viewing angle of 160°, so all passengers on the bus can see all the net contents from different directions.

  • Show Programs Simultaneously on Multiple Screens

Multiple buses LED signboards can simultaneously play programs, thus, displaying the same programs. At the same time, it supports asynchronous switching, Wifi mode, USB mode, and 4G control. Bus LED sign can play video, pictures, multimedia broadcast content, convenient cluster control—a wholly customized android system suitable for secondary development.

Bus Display Screen Application
Bus LED Display

P1.875 bus LED display board is convenient and has quick installation, low cost, and easy maintenance. It can work continuously for 72 hours. Due to the influence of various objective factors and subjective factors, the care of the bus LED sign will be indispensable in long-term use.

  • Built-in Speaker

The most crucial feature is its built-in speaker, which is free from the traditional LED display design. Thus, the YUCHIP bus LED display board does not require special speakers, making it easier and faster to install.

You can change the text; screen effects are diverse according to your requirements. It can make time segment advertising, prime time advertising more prominent, time segment brightness adjustment, and evening brightness reduction.



Features And Advantages Of Bus LED Display Board Advertising


Simultaneously, the advertising bus LED display board is continuously broadcasting, thus, with significant visual impact. Besides, it makes the bus advertising audience level more and more extensive.

1. The only mobile outdoor media form and comprehensive coverage plus the significant influence.

Bus advertising is for an audience 18 to 60 years of age, specifically for people who have social activity ability. Compared with other outdoor advertising media, advertising bus LED signs is active in people’s field of vision. It catches people’s line of sight, therefore, achieves a better advertising effect.


2. The advertising exposure rate is high, casting costs are low.

In China, a one-year survey on the audience rating of bus LED sign advertising shows that the price of bus advertising is much lower than that of traditional TV, both in terms of viewing point and cost. The audience will change the channel quickly, so it can’t reach the expected effect. Therefore, bus LED screen display media stands out in the advertising industry and becomes a new tool for businesses to publicize their products.

3. Suitable for all kinds of product advertising releases.

Bus LED sign advertising is suitable for almost all industries to release advertising information, from high-end brands to small and medium-sized enterprises’ brand releases. While the market’s understanding of bus LED display is deepening day by day, high-end brands and small and medium-sized enterprises also gradually change the view of car advertising and seize the opportunity. LED bus screen advertising has penetrated various industries and has been very natural in all aspects of people’s lives.


4. Perfect coordination of advertising objectives and strategies.

The general purpose of the bus LED advertising screen is noticeable. Thus, for brand publicity, product promotion, and cooperation with product promotion, Bus LED board advertising can maintain long-term brand awareness and enhance brand services’ influence.

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