YUCHIP LED Screen Display In Extreme Environment


1. Introduction


Location, temperature, and weather are only a few things we consider when we purchase an item. Can it withstand an extreme environment? Is it durable enough to cope with topographical issues?

LED Screen
LED Screen

Above are just a  few questions bumping your mind when you think of how LED screens endure the different circumstances in the environment.

Furthermore, in this post, we’ll help and enlighten you with some of the questions in your mind.


2. LED Screens Under Various Extreme Environments


First, we should know that the power supply is the most critical “organ” of the LED screen. The power supply is to an LED screen what the heart is to a human. When it works well, the whole screen should work well, too. You might have experienced it as your smartphone died in a frigid environment. A dead cell phone battery causes it.

Take a quick look at the following material. It came from a brief introduction to the LED display’s power supply (Meanwell).

LED Display Power Parameters
LED Display Power Parameters

The data above shows that the power supply can work even when the temperature blows -20℃.

Some may also wonder, how about another part of the screen? Can they work around -25℃(-4℉)? The answer is yes. Unlike the precision cellphone components, LED screen components (especially those from outdoor LED screens) work for a long time and in a wide range of temperatures and humidity. Even if it is a little colder, the working power supply may warm up all the components. Another thing, unlike the liquid crystal display, which can freeze around -10℃, the lamp beads can generally work under -40℃(-40℉), with a particular power supply, etc.


3. How About The Performance Of LED Screens At High Temperatures?


Ideally, we can use a fan. The fan blows air over very hot LED modules and components. Since the atmosphere is more relaxed than working LED modules and features, it cools them off through heat conduction. It would work even without a fan, but it makes it work more efficiently.

Outdoor LED Sign
Outdoor LED Sign

Among all the materials, metals have the best thermal performance. For building the LED screen cabinet, aluminum and iron are the best choices, reasonably priced. Copper is heavier and more expensive than the same volume of aluminum and iron. We adopted a die-casting aluminum and steel cabinet on our Yuchip LED display.

Moreover, the YUCHIP LED Company office is in Guangdong Province, in the southern part of China.  Guangdong is a place known to have a very high average temperature. According to the official data, the hottest month’s average temperature in Guangdong is 32.2℃(89.96℉).

The YUCHIP LED Screen display has extensive durability in the long run, so there is no need to worry about the weather.


4. How Are LED Screens Designed To Stand Uncertain Weather Conditions?


LED screens, especially outdoor LED displays, are equipped with various features to protect them from different outdoor situations. Some of these features include the IP or the Ingress Protection. It acts as an outer core layer that shields the whole device from various solids and liquids.

LED Screen Display In Extreme Environment
LED Screen Display

Know that a higher IP level makes better protection, and at the moment, for LED screens, the highest is 65. Technologists will surely get higher levels through various innovations with a substantial part of the product in the future.

Another factor that helps an LED screen stand various weather conditions is its installation. It signifies how sturdy the LED screens are and how they can fight against heavy rain and strong winds in case of typhoons and other natural disasters.

For example, an LED screen installed in a wall-embedded method makes more excellent protection, unlike billboards with standing positions in an open field.

Furthermore, if your area is at risk of these weather conditions, it is better to consult your provider ahead of time.


5. Conclusion


Apart from how an LED screen is designed, other factors affect its lifespan. It is, perhaps, essential to calculate these factors ahead of time and before production.

You may consult us for more information.

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