YUCHIP Sports Stadium LED Display In 2017 FINA World Championship

2017 FINA World Championship

Nowadays, the LED display is indispensable for extraordinary sports events. LED screen can display the excellent game, close the distance between the audience and the athletes, play the beautiful moments through slow-motion playback, close-up shots, etc., to bring the perfect visual effect to the audience.

Meanwhile, Budapest, Hungary, held the 17th FINA world championship on July 14-30, 2017.

The Chinese team won 10 pcs gold medals. On July 23rd, 2017, Chinese sportsman Yang Sun won the Men’s 400m Freestyle Final by 3minutes, 41seconds, and 38 therefore, achieving the World Championship men’s 400 meters three consecutive championships.


YUCHIP offered more than 640sqm LED display for this sports event, including a P4.8 rental, LED display 200sqm, P8 fixed LED display 350sqm, and P5.95 LED scoreboard 90sqm.

YUCHIP Stadium LED Display System Functions

1. Video display function – VGA and Video signal conversion, superimposed display of images and text through a video processor

2017 World Swimming Championship

2. Live video function – Display video images in real-time, broadcast live in real-time, broadcast radio and satellite TV; play video programs such as video recorders and DVD players, etc.

3. Play computer information function – It can display various computer information such as graphics, patterns, animations; thus, the playback system can input and play different stories and has a full-automatic playback function.

4. Sports competition information and sports result published function – It can meet various indoor international sports competitions’ requirements.

While according to the different competition rules, it could use the corresponding application software to display rankings, achievements, record scores, and introductions of competition items.

5. Competition clock function – It supports setting any needed time according to the different competitions. Therefore, it can increment, decrement, travel time, clear, pause, favorable timing, countdown, automatic end alarm function, etc.

Stadium LED Display General Function

1. The commercial advertising makes the icing on the cake for the competition. As a result, perfect picture quality and sound effects make the scene more competitive and shocking.

2017 World Swimming Championship

2. A big, vivid live competition display breaks the seat’s limit, therefore, making it easier to watch competitions from a long distance.

3. It is connected to the referee system, timing, scoring system; thus, an LED display can play the competition time and score in real-time.

4. Slow-motion playback has become the basis for the referee to make a correct ruling. So, it maintains fairness in the game and reduces unnecessary conflicts.

5. Highlights, slow-motion playback, close-ups, bringing a perfect visual effect to the audience.

  • We designed the cabinet with a unique tilt angle. Our stadium screen can adjust the cabinet’s tilt angle (75°~90°) according to different requirements so that all the audience can see the content.
  • Waterproof and IP65 rated so that the LED display will continue to work for you in rainy weather.
  • The stadium screen uses a soft mask and a soft covering on the upper part to protect the LED light and avoid athletes collide makes obvious hurt.
  • It uses an efficient optical fiber transmission system and effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance on the football field, thus, ensuring picture play consistency.
  • It has a dual network cable hot backup function; two computers control one screen simultaneously. When one computer has a problem, another computer automatically takes over to ensure the LED display’s regular operation.

YUCHIP is one of the earliest companies in the LED display industry. Now more than 85% of the production is fully automated, the module’s monthly show is 500,000 pcs.

Besides, it is the only LED display manufacturer in China that provides 24 hours of uninterrupted finished products and leading supplier with cost-effective LED full color LED display applications and solutions in China.

Above all, YUCHIP focuses on the LED display field of stadiums and has 15 years of industry experience to complete a total of 1000+ stadium projects. Thus, we are committed to providing customers with cost-effective, high-reliability products.

Constant innovation, focusing on quality, is what we will always do.

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