YUCHIP Participated In GRAFINCA 2017


1. Introduction


GRAFINCA (GRAFINCA 2017) is one of the professional exhibitions for the advertising manufacturing and printing industry in South America.

Also, it is the largest advertising exhibition and industry event in Peru. Meanwhile, it is a sales trade exhibition and an exchange interaction ceremony for industry professionals.


GRAFINCA International Advertising Exhibition held on September 28th – October 1st, 2017, in Lima, Peru. YUCHIP, China’s leading screen solution provider, participated in GRAFINCA 2017. We brought essential products and attended the exhibition.

Along with HD’s conventional and welcome products, P3 LED Display, P10, and P16, YUCHIP also exhibited the transparent LED screen, which is one of our leading brands. The LED fine screen attracted many onlookers because of its splendid visual effect and high light transmittance after being lighted in the expo.


2. YUCHIP’s Product For The GRAFINCA 2017 Peru


YUCHIP brought a transparent screen for the exhibition in Peru. Below are its few features.

GRAFINCA 2017 in Peru
  1. A transparent LED screen is ultra-transparent.
  2. Its permeability is 60% -90%; also, it has translucent ventilation that does not affect the lighting and line of sight.
  3. You may install it indoors but for outdoor viewing.
  4. The transparent screen has easy maintenance, safe and fewer approval processes than outdoor advertising.

After years of development, YUCHIP has grown to be one of the leading global LED display application industries in China and globally.

Moreover, they always adhere to independent innovation with their products. And to accurately embrace clients’ requirements, consider customers, and continue to create more business value for clients. Above all, our goal is to always convey a kind of positive brand culture in the field.

Although the exhibition didn’t cover the full range of applications, it turned out that the LED display market in Peru is more promising and has more potential than everyone expected.

In general, the exhibition exceeded everyone’s expectations. At the expo and after the expo, the customers successively signed the orders with the company.


3. Peru And South America’s LED Display Market


YUCHIP in Peru

Peru is seemingly highlighting digital screens today. YUCHIP perhaps has a distributor and partner/s in Peru; that’s why YUCHIP’s project is evident in the country.

Furthermore, Peru and South America’s LED display market is showing significant growth over the years.

The utilization of YUCHIP LED screens in various countries in South America shows how impactful Chinese LED display products are.

Among YUCHIP’s project highlights in South America are the Large LED Screen Peru, Pantallas LED Para Publicidad Paraguay, P3 Pantalla LED Interior.

Also, we have the P20 Sports LED Display In Brazil, Indoor Ball in Argentina, P25 Advertising LED Billboard In Colombia, and more. 

We can anticipate that the LED display market in South America will continue to flourish and that exhibitions like GRAFINCA will further, and many more will come.


4. YUCHIP Across Numerous Exhibits Worldwide



Part of YUCHIP’s international expertise and global competitiveness is its participation in various exhibits in the world. These exhibits and international events help YUCHIP strengthen its global trust and become even more popular in the field.

Also, in the exhibits, you may try products that you aim to purchase in the future. Perhaps, YUCHIP provides testing and guidance during the events.

You may also ask for manuals, prices, and other tech-related questions because the YUCHIP team always comes with professionals and engineers who can rightfully answer your questions.

Among the products and solutions that YUCHIP has brought to exhibits are the 3D hologram, indoor fixed screens, rental LED dance floor, LED Wall rental outdoor and indoor Q Series, and a lot more. 

Should you have further questions, please get in touch with us.

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