YUCHIP Presentation In SGI Dubai 2020 Exhibition

The annual SGI Dubai 2020 exhibition will be from January 12 to 14, 2020, at Dubai World Trade Centre.

SGI Dubai 2020 is the largest and most anticipated international advertising exhibition and sign exhibition in the Middle East. Which also provides an opportunity for the display of LED equipment.

SGI exhibition brings together leading companies from many industries such as signage, graphics, graphics, LED, etc.

SGI Dubai 2020 Exhibition
SGI Dubai 2020 Exhibition

As a leading LED Display Manufacturer, YUCHIP joins SGI Dubai 2020 as an exhibitor.

Our products will include P2.5 LED PostAir, P2.5 Indoor Rental LED Display, P2.5 Flexible LED Display, P3 Indoor Front Maintenance LED display, P3.91 Transparent LED Display, 3D Hologram LED Display, and Dance Floor LED Display.

Each product has its unique advantages. Now, let us go through their general conception in advance.


1. SGI DUBAI 2020 Unique Rental LED Display


Rental LED Display
Rental LED Display

P2.5 Indoor Rental LED Display is also called Rental LED Wall. YUCHIP Rental LED wall uses a die-cast aluminum cabinet with a high-definition display and is ultra-lightweight. So it can be easily assembled and disassembled by one person. Most used for concerts, events, gatherings, conferences, sudden occasions, etc.


P2.5 Flexible LED Display
P2.5 Flexible LED Display
P2.5 Flexible LED Display uses superior materials and advanced technology to achieve module bending. For example, hotels, airports, and bars have many cylindrical designs.LED displays are generally one of the means used by designers to decorate cylinders. Conventional LED collections are more complicated to make. But the soft nature of Flexible LED Display can meet this demand well.


3. Indoor Front Maintenance LED Display


Because the P3 Indoor Front Maintenance LED Display is easy to disassemble, therefore, with the help of a vacuum suction tool, you can complete the removal and installation of a module in seconds.

YUCHIP Presentation In SGI Dubai 2020 Exhibition
Indoor Front Maintenance LED Display

Traditional LED displays usually require sufficient maintenance space when installation while the front maintenance LED display can solve the limitations of this problem. SGI Dubai 2020 can bring another possibility for customers to showcase projects.


4. Transparent LED Screen


YUCHIP Presentation In SGI Dubai 2020 Exhibition
P3.91 Transparent LED Display

The most eye-catching product at SGI Dubai 2020 exhibition is this P3.91 Transparent LED Display. Its permeability is as high as 60% -90%. The translucent design is right for ventilation. And it is very suitable for installation on the back of glass doors and windows, because of its unique display effect. At the 2019 Peru Grafinca exhibition, almost every exhibitor stopped because of this Transparent LED Display.


5. 3D Fan LED Display


YUCHIP Presentation In SGI Dubai 2020 Exhibition
3D Fan LED Display

The 3D Hologram LED Display is also called the 3D Fan LED Display. So, with 3D display effects, it has received numerous praises at the 2019 Peru Grafinca exhibition. The image presented by the Fan LED screen is like floating in the air. So it can attract customers to stop at the mall or the specialty store.

Also, this Hologram LED Fan Display is cheaper than other exhibits and very easy to carry.


6. SGI Attractive LED Poster


Attractive LED Poster
Attractive LED Poster

As a star product of YUCHIP, P2.5 LED PostAir can not only work independently. But it also realizes multiple cascades to play one screen at the same time.

It is in shops, hotels, exhibitions, cinemas, airports, and many other places because of its unique design.

Therefore it was loved by many customers who participated in Peru 2019 Grafinca exhibition.


Conclusion (SGI Dubai 2020 Exhibition)


SGI Dubai 2020 brings together exhibitors and sellers from the UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, East Africa, and other countries worldwide. Whether you are an exhibitor or a partner, you will find more business opportunities in SGI. Suppose you want to know YUCHIP, SGI Dubai 2020 will be the best time; our booth number is 8-E57.

Meet YUCHIP in SGI Dubai!

Please feel free to contact us through the following.

Website: www.yuchip-led.com
Email: manager@yuchip.com
WhatsApp & Wechat: 008613798508687

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