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1. Introduction


LED Totem
LED Totem

As an enterprise becoming the leading brand, YUCHIP LED displays pioneers and leads. YUCHIP continually integrates traditional design concepts of indoor and outdoor display screens. Thus, exploring a brand new product development path by optimizing and upgrading core functions.

LED Poster or LED Totem is a highly integrated portable LED display product specifically developed for indoor display applications.

Nowadays, based on the traditional LED Poster appearance design, YUCHIP has added more installation methods, endowed LED Poster, 90 degrees to stand, movable wheels, wall-mounted hanging installation, and others.

Also, it has an ultra-thin shape and supports asynchronous mode, WiFi mode, USB mode, and 4G control.

At present, YUCHIP has successfully developed and implemented industry-level solutions with customized LED Totem as its primary products through a long period of research and testing.


2. Features Of The YUCHIP P2.5 LED Totem


Totem Publicitário LED
Totem Publicitário LED
  • Differentiated Positioning

LED Poster is a new type of indoor advertising media. Compared with other ways of publicity, LED Poster is more comfortable.

Currently, we have gained several competitive advantages in LED Poster’s core technologies. LED Poster can be installed in creative ways, supporting many installation methods, such as standing, hanging, leaning, assembling, etc.

LED Advertising Poster
LED Advertising Poster
  • Unique Design

LED Totem is suitable for conferences and exhibitions, shopping malls, supermarkets, government agencies, corporate publicity, brand chain stores, hotels, presentations, and other scenes. Different designs are suitable for other occasions.

The Totem Publicitário LED can transmit information with much higher quality and accuracy than other media and change the broadcast content according to the market demand. Thus, its real-time and high-speed switching content is more convenient for attracting consumers’ eyes and bringing more pleasant experiences to users.

On the other hand, LED Poster’s promotions are one-on-one, rational; they build long-term relationships by providing timely information to consumers.

  • Personalized Dominant Consumption

LED Posters, such as the P2.5 Poster LED, can spread multimedia information such as text, sound, images, and videos.

Thus, through WiFi, 4G, USB, asynchronous mode transmission to LED Poster, the picture, news, emergency notification, and other kinds of instant information can reach the audio quickly.

The P2.5 Poster LED can provide timely, comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient information services and a new cultural atmosphere. And significantly improve the environment’s overall image.

Simultaneously, it reduces printing, mailing, and expensive TV advertising costs. Thus, this communication mode can replace traditional advertising modes such as flyers, newspapers, and TV advertisements.


3. The Totem Publicitário LED Applications


The Totem Publicitário LED is applicable in various instances, such as the following.

  • Product Launch

LED posters are a lot better than paper posters during a product launch. Using the LED sign such as the P2.5 Poster LED, you can display the product’s features, background, and advantages it may bring to the consumers.

You may notice brand stores and shopping mall stalls use an LED poster. These establishments use this product for establishing a friendly store ambiance among shoppers and passers-by.

LED posters are often utilized outside theaters such as ticket areas. The LED poster shows various upcoming films, series updates, and other movie and film trivia.

LED Totems are for schools, too. You may use them as an announcement board, bulletin information display, and post various school activities, schedules and reminders.

  • Office And Establishments

LED posters or LED totems are often spotted in various establishments. It functions as a door or gate signage, reminder board, and office directory display.


4. YUCHIP’s Continuous Layout To Gain A Global Voice


P2.5 Poster LED
P2.5 Poster LED

LED Poster is a new generation of intelligent devices to form a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission, and multimedia. The original idea of LED Poster is to change advertising from passive to active. Therefore, LED Poster’s interactivity allows it to serve in more public places to attract active browsing.

YUCHIP is determined to become a pioneer and standard-setter in China’s LED display industry. Thus, we are striving to integrate the LED display industry completely and organically. Hopefully, we can further improve the enterprise service in the next half-year and provide a one-stop service.

Meanwhile, we will integrate years of experience designing and developing LED displays to provide LED display solutions to meet different customers’ unique requirements. Besides, we will actively look for partners to solve interconnectivity between different environments and other products. Because only by creating new categories and leading the new value system can we launch new market competition.

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