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1. Introduction


Ivory Coast LED Screen
Ivory Coast LED Screen Client With YUCHIP

Let us take a simple look at the Cote d ‘Ivoire LED Display or Ivory Coast LED Screen Market.

In recent years, China LED display company has shown a strong momentum of development in the export market. Currently, more than 160 countries have purchased LED screens from China. Thus, it shows China’s LED display industry in the global market share is significant.

At present, 80% of the world’s LED displays bear the “Made in China” logo. It is a number that makes every LED display practitioner proud. Under the background of an international operation, YUCHIP keeps growing. Above all, we support customers’ local development, and we welcome them to visit us and learn together.

Among the visits was an Ivory Coast LED screen customer who came in May—Olivier Kassi Xativa. Ivory Coast is in West Africa; Abidjan is the economic capital of Ivory coast, the seat of the presidential palace, government, and parliament. Liberia and Guinea border Ivory Coast in the west, Mali and Burkina Faso in the north, Ghana in the east, and guinea’s gulf in the south.


2. Ivory Coast LED Screen Market


Stage LED
Rental LED Screen

Ivory Coast LED Screen customers rented LED displays from local rentals years ago.

However, with the development of cote d ‘Ivoire, the application rate of LED displays increased, and some surrounding countries purchased LED displays from cote d ‘Ivoire.

As a result, the rental LED Display of Cote d ‘Ivoire is in short supply, so our customer decided to purchase LED Display from China directly. And so, the cooperation with YUCHIP comes into being.

The cooperation took place when our customer from Ivory Coast asked our help to provide them with several LED displays and LED screen panels to continue their provision, business, and projection in their place.

Also, because of the ongoing demand and great LED display value in the area, Ivory Coast events are prevalent. These Ivory Coast LED screens are for various purposes such as stage LED, stadium, rental occasions, shopping malls, hospitality areas, trade shows, museums, and a lot more.


3. Rental LED Display Training


During the seven days of learning and training, the customer learned how to install an LED display to connect the power cord and signal cable. Also, on how to debug LED screen, video processor, screen problems, repair, change LED lights, IC, step by step, from the most basic to the most complex.

At the end of the training, we issued the training certificate to our client, which will help him become a trusted supplier in cote d ‘Ivoire and facilitate him to train other clients in need.

The customer was impressed by the vast China LED Display Market and couldn’t help admiring YUCHIP’s professional service attitude. The customer has put on the agenda the purchase of floor screens by the end of 2019.

In addition to the training, colleagues invited clients to climb mountains. We played badminton together and accompanied them to HuaQiang North, citizens square, Ping’An finance, and mosque.

We introduced Chinese customs and traditional culture during the visit taught him how to speak Chinese, use chopsticks, and eat Chinese food.

In the process of getting along with each other for a week, the customers have experienced the profound Chinese culture, the warm hospitality of the Chinese people, and YUCHIP’s professional service. Thus, he marvels at China’s successful development and the influence of YUCHIP on the road to internationalization.

We are no longer just a supplier but more of a mentor on the road to customer development.


4. YUCHIP In Continuing The Legacy


Ivory Coast LED Display
Ivory Coast LED Display Client

YUCHIP has 17 years of rich experience in the LED display industry.

Therefore, it is the leading supplier of LED display products and solutions in China.

YUCHIP provides products and solutions to the professional end customer teams at home and abroad with professional insights on the LED screen.

We also venture into engaging in LED product R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service.

Thus, we always adhere to the philosophy of professionalism, growth, sharing, and openness.

We have accumulated experience and technology in the LED display industry for many years in vast countries.

Moreover, we pay more attention to the comfortable experience of solving problems.

YUCHIP is looking forward to working with like-minded friends.

So, if you have more ideas, please feel free to contact us at manager@yuchip.com.

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