YUCHIP Shines at ISE 2020 With Creative LED Screens

YUCHIP At The ISE 2020


ISE 2020 is the most successful exhibition in Europe. Amsterdam, Netherlands, will hold the ISE 2020. The collection gathers exhibitors from the Netherlands, France, Britain, Germany, Monaco, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Iceland, Denmark, and many other countries.

Moreover, exhibits include digital signal processing: audio processing, communication integration, lighting with stage equipment.

YUCHIP At The ISE 2020

YUCHIP has 15 years of LED display manufacturing experience, and we have successfully exported our products to 102 countries, serving 38,600 cases all over the world at the same time. YUCHIP offers you international certificates to support your local market development, such as CE, RoHS, TUV-EMC, CCC, FCC, SABER, SONCAP, BIS, etc.

As the Chinese LED Display Manufacturer, YUCHIP will participate in the exhibition as an exhibitor. Thus, we will include P2.5 LED Poster, P2.5 Taxi Top LED Display, P4.81 Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Display, and P2.5 Front Maintenance LED Display in the show.


1. ISE 2020 LED Poster


P2.5 LED Poster has attended exhibitions in the 2019 GRAFINCA exhibition and SGI Dubai 2020.

It has attracted most YUCHIP merchants to buy this product in the previous articles. There is a similar LED Poster; we call it the iPhone-style LED poster display identical to an iPhone. It supports front maintenance, and an ultra-thin LED back.

Besides, you can customize the size, pixel pitch, and LED poster resolution to support remote cluster control and asynchronous broadcast program.


2. ISE 2020 P2.5 Taxi Top LED Display


P2.5 Taxi Top LED Display is for taxis and buses’ roofs. It’s also one of the most popular new electronic media ads outdoors. With continuous design and improvement, the P2.5 Taxi Top LED Display has become a trend in outdoor advertising.

The working hours can be 24/7. It is elegant and thin in weight, making them the best choice for vehicular applications.


3. ISE 2020 P4.81 Outdoor Front Maintenance


P4.81 Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Display is for outdoor use. This front maintenance LED display has an outdoor waterproof grade of IP65, with a stable and smooth surface.

The module has an anti-UV module suite to protect the screen from deformation and typically works in rainy weather. So, it is ideal for concert rentals, sports competitions, outdoor advertising media, etc.

P4.81 Outdoor Front Maintenance
P4.81 Outdoor Front Maintenance Display


4. ISE 2020 P2.5 Front Maintenance Display


P2.5 Front Maintenance LED Display is a highly convenient LED Display for maintenance. This LED video wall rental is for indoor use.

Refreshing with an HD LED display stands out for easy maintenance with a thin and thin case; you can install them directly on the wall. Also, the power supply, receiving card, and module can be disassembled and installed by the front maintenance tool.




YUCHIP continues to bring forth new products promptly and has maintained a relatively advanced LED display industry level, so numerous large-scale exhibitions have invited us to participate.

YUCHIP debuted on ISE 2020 and won the European market!5
ISE 2020

YUCHIP has established dealer systems in Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, the United States, and India. Also, we have set up branches in Germany and Peru. ISE 2020 is about to begin, and there will be many exhibitors in this exhibition. Thus, if you want to find more business opportunities, please contact us at www.yuchip-led.com, manager@yuchip.com.

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