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Are you organizing a stage event? Are you looking for the best decoration for the stage that makes the ambiance even nicer and attractive? Do you prefer a stage LED wall that can be both fixed or dismantled for rental use? 

Today, as stage events are considerably huge and remarkable, an LED wall stage takes a better presentation that uplifts both the crowd and the event itself. Whether you prefer an LED Wall stage backdrop for indoor or outdoor, it can bring significant light and a good impression to your audience. 


Stage LED Wall Wow Factor

You better be asking how these bright and delightful screens optimize a stage event. In some ways, it is undeniable that stage LED walls create fair visuals and sets the overall impact of the stage or concert system. But how does the stage LED wall create its wow factor?

Just like typical LED screens, an LED wall stage generates its brightness from the diodes instilled in each module. There are approximately millions of diodes in a usual large LED Wall stage backdrop. 

In every module, there is a number of lamps that give out fine light that when content is played, an image or a video is shown. Stage LED wall is designed to brighten dim venues which are typical for concerts.

In addition to that, stage LED wall can have low or high pixel pitches. Low pixel pitches are advised for small venues where only a few viewers can be accommodated. However, we suggest having a higher pixel pitch if the venue is the same size as a stadium, arena, or open ground. 

Wise choice of pixel pitch is important to determine the viewing experience of your audience. 

One last thing that contributes to the stage perspective is the content choice. Note that a great stage and a stage backdrop require great videos, animations, and content premier. 


YUCHIP: A Professional LED Wall Stage Backdrop Provider

If you’ve spent some time learning about the LED displays, probably you’ve heard about YUCHIP. 

YUCHIP is a refined and experienced LED display provider located in Shenzhen, China. We are the supplier of great projects from almost 105 countries around the world. We provide almost all kinds of LED display products and solutions for stages, schools, hospitality, malls, arena, stadium, museums, and a lot more. 

Should you have an interest in any of our stage LED wall products, here are a few guides and articles that might help you.

Please get in touch with us to learn more.


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