Taxi Top Advertising Display

Taxi top advertising displays are LED screens mounted on top of a transport-vehicle such as taxis and cars to create a digital advertising network. 

It’s quite prevalent today because, unlike other advertising mediums, this one moves freely to different corners of the cities; therefore, more and more audiences can view content and learn about a specific product ad. 


Car Top LED Screen P2.5 Taxi LED Display

Are you a business owner or geek who wants to gain more sales? Is your product not reaching enough brand status and popularity?

YUCHIP 3G/WIFI Taxi Top Advertising Sign

As a new kind of information carrier, LED Display has a broad market. For instance, we can use it in government, weather, business, transportation, finance,..

P2.5 Car Taxi Top Advertising LED Display

The comprehensive technology opened many innovations and success. On the other hand, LED evolved significantly and manifested..

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