Transparent LED Video Screen

What Is A Transparent LED Video Screen?

A transparent LED Video Screen is a translucent display with a “see-through” feature. You can see the objects behind the display, making the whole screen fascinating and bringing a very digital ambiance. 

A transparent LED video display functions as a glass wall and an LED display simultaneously. With a transparent LED video screen, viewers can enjoy the bright light and great graphics while fully covering the objects behind it. 

Today, transparent LED video displays are prominent for building wall installation, especially with glass outer covers infrastructure. 

The transparent LED screen is widespread today because it doesn’t cover or dim a certain building, allowing light and air to pass through. 


Where Can I Use A Transparent LED Video Display?

A transparent LED Video Display can be applied in multiple applications. Here are a few of them:

  • Building Walls

Transparent screens create an exquisite look for a building. Because of its brightness, the building also becomes very visible to the audience and viewers. 

  • Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are usual locations where people gather to shop, enjoy, and experience various mini rides, relaxation, and the like. Because of that, shopping malls are then great locations to advertise using a transparent LED video display. 

  • Exhibit/Museum

Creative digital exhibits and art museums often use a transparent screen to bring together art and digital technology. 


Where Can I Find A Reliable Transparent Screen Provider?

Finding a reliable partner to provide you utmost service and quality products takes a wise decision and a handful of research. If you’re reading this, then you are right where a trusted brand is. 

We are YUCHIP, and we are China’s experienced and trusted transparent LED video screen manufacturer and provider with hundreds of projects worldwide. 

The transparent LED video display is one of our pioneering products that is sure of high-quality and high-resiliency. 

Below are a few articles that could help you realize your transparent screen choice. 

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