Eco Pro P10.42 LED Screen Outdoor For T20 World Cup


Recently, we completed an Eco Pro series outdoor screen project at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua and Barbuda. As an outstanding LED screen outdoor, the Eco Pro series not only has simple installation and high protection level, but it can also offer a maximum brightness of up to 7200 nits. It can ensure the audience can see the screen and keep up with the game even under bright sunlight. Let’s take a look at the details of this case.


Project Details of P10.42 LED Screen Outdoor for T20 World Cup

This project use P10.42 Eco Pro Series LED screen outdoor in Antigua and Barbuda. Here are some pictures of the P10.42 Eco Pro Series outdoor LED display screen:


Eco Pro P10.42 LED Screen Outdoor


The Back Of Eco Pro P10.42 LED Display

  • This project includes two 10x7m screens.
  • The cabinet size is 1000x1000mm.
  • It’s a P10.42 Eco Pro Series outdoor LED screen.
  • We installed it in the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua and Barbuda.

Apart from this project, YUCHIP has had another project using Eco Pro Series.

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Our Story With Client

Why did our client buy LED screen outdoor?

The 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is a major international cricket tournament organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It features top cricket teams competing in the Twenty20 format, with 20 matches overs per side. This tournament is co-hosted by the West Indies and the United States, marking the first time the U.S. is co-hosting an ICC event.


ICC T20 World Cup 2024

Our client, Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua and Barbuda, will be one of the venues for the T20 Cricket World Cup. To prepare for the event, they have replaced all the seats in the stands, repainted the exterior walls, and are planning to install new LED screens to give fans a better experience. They reached out to us to help make this happen.


Why did we recommend the Eco Pro series LED screen outdoor?

Our client needs to install screens in an outdoor stadium where many matches are held during the day. This means the screens must be super bright to ensure clear visibility even in sunlight. They also need a high protection rating to handle all kinds of weather.

Our Eco Pro series is perfect for this situation. It has the feature of high brightness and is weather-resistant. It’s made from lightweight aluminum. This reduces the overall weight. As a result, it can save costs on installation and labor. The client mentioned a few other challenges, and we’ve come up with solutions suitable for their specific needs.


Eco Pro Series LED Screen-Cabinet Size 1000x1000mm

Some Concerns From The Client

At first, the client said they needed screens with 10,000 nits of brightness. When we asked why, they said the sun in Antigua is very strong. We explained that from our experience, 6,000 nits is already sufficient for even sunnier places like Saudi Arabia. If they were still concerned, we offered to upgrade to 3,840 refresh rate screens with 7,200 nits brightness, which would be more than enough. They agreed happily.

During our communication, the client mentioned the need to control two screens separately. So, we provided two VX400 video processors for this. Another issue was the distance between the control room and the screen was over 80 meters. After asking for some details, we prepared CVT320 optical converters to solve this problem. The client was very pleased with our solutions. After discussing some payment details, they quickly placed an order.


The Follow Up Of The Story

The whole communication process went very smoothly. We provided quick and accurate responses to the client’s questions. They were very impressed with our professional service and technical support. After the installation, the client shared photos of the screens with us happily. They said the new screens greatly enhanced the viewing experience, making the matches more enjoyable for everyone at the stadium.

              installation-of-eco-pro-p10.42-for-t20-world-cup                        led-screen-outdoor-for-t20-world-cup-at-night

          Installation Of Eco Pro P10.42 LED Screen                      LED Screen Outdoor For T20 World Cup At Night


Outdoor LED Screen For T20 World Cup

After this project, we kept in close contact with the client. They trusted us and placed an order again on our P2.5 indoor LED screens a few months later. It made us very happy. Their trust motivates us to keep solving problems and delivering the best visual experiences for our clients.



We are delighted with the successful completion of this project. It wasn’t just about helping the client; it was also about building trust, which is at the heart of what YUCHIP stands for. Our mission is to make high-quality screens affordable for more customers and enhance the stadium experience for sports fans. So, if you want to learn more about the Eco Pro series, feel free to message us at We’re here to help!

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