Eco Pro Outdoor LED Panel

The Eco Pro series screen is a high-end outdoor LED panel. It has many different pixel pitch choices to provide stunning visuals. Its pixel pitches range from P2.97 to P10.42. It is perfect for various outdoor applications, such as outdoor 3D advertising, billboard advertising, and many outdoor events.
  • It has the pixel pitches of P2.97, P3.91, P4.81, P6.25, P7.81 and P10.42.
  • The Eco Pro series has 4 standard cabinet sizes: 1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, 1500x1000mm, and 1500x500mm. Additionally, it can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.
  • The Eco Pro series cabinets have a standard thickness of 83mm, but their weight varies depending on the size.

Eco Pro Series Outdoor LED Panel Product Details

The Eco Pro Series outdoor LED screen offers a variety of options. It is very flexible and perfect for customization. The standard Eco Pro displays are suitable for most flat installation places. Additionally, they can do seamless 90-degree right-angle splicing. So, they are ideal for 3D LED display. You can customize the Eco Pro series outdoor LED panel to specific curves to fit different building surfaces. The screen can stick perfectly and blend seamlessly with the architecture.

Whether you need 90-degree right-angle seamless splicing screens or curved LED screens outdoors, the Eco Pro series can meet your requirements. You can specify your needs to customize your own Eco Pro screen.


The Eco Pro series standard screens are suitable for most installation places with flat surfaces.


The Eco Pro Series LED cabinet can be customized according to the splicing angle. It can achieve seamless splicing up to 90°.


The Eco Pro series supports custom screen curvature. It uses profile aluminum to create smooth screen curves.


Eco Pro Series Structure Details

The position pins and fast locks in the Eco Pro series make the connections between cabinets simpler and faster. Also, the Eco Pro series LED modules feature a convenient rear maintenance system with a six back-locker design. It makes it easy to remove each module quickly, saving time and making it simple for users to maintain.


High Heat Dissipation Performance

Our Eco Pro series outdoor LED panel is designed with high-quality profile aluminum materials and has good heat dissipation performance. Even in the extremely high temperatures of the Middle East, there is no need for air conditioning or other additional heat dissipation devices.



The Eco Pro series cabinet adopt high-quality profile aluminum, with an average weight of 22.5 kg/㎡. This can reduce the cost of transportation and the labor cost of installation.


Front & Rear Maintenance

The Eco Pro series LED outdoor display has traditional rear maintenance and space-saving front maintenance design. It can simplify the installation process and ensure subsequent quick maintenance.


Cable-free HUB Design

The cable-free HUB design of the Eco Pro series makes the display more stable and durable. There are no messy cables, so it can keep everything neat and tidy. Also, the cable-free HUB design makes it easy to set up and maintain.


90° Integration Seamless Splicing Design

Thanks to its seamless design, the Eco Pro series LED modules can create smooth angles and flexible shapes. Whether you want a sharp 90-degree angle or a gentle curve, this design makes it easy to achieve the perfect look.


Comprehensive IP65 Protection

Since the modules are fully sealed, the Eco Pro series can achieve IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection on both front and rear. Therefore, this series of screens is very durable and can withstand harsh environments. It means you don’t need extra framing or protective covers, saving you time and money on additional materials and installation costs.


High Brightness & High Refresh Rate

The Eco Pro series outdoor LED panel has a standard brightness of 6500 nits, making it bright enough to be visible outdoors in daylight. It also features a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, presenting excellent viewing experience for everyone.


Energy Saving & Environmentally Friendly

The Eco Pro series LED outdoor display is up to 30% more energy-efficient than regular LED screens. It offers high brightness while saving energy, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice for your outdoor display screen needs.

YUCHIP: Your Innovative Eco Pro Series LED Screen Supplier

YUCHIP’s Eco Pro Series LED outdoor display screen is a reliable outdoor advertising product suitable for various applications. It is one of our best-selling outdoor LED panels.It has many fantastic features specifically for your outdoor advertising needs. The Eco Pro Series offers various installation types. You can choose from Column Type, Wall Mounting Type, Roof Installation Type, and so on. No matter the size is big or small, our Eco Pro products can meet your needs.

The Eco Pro series can used in various ways, such as for outdoor advertising, 3D LED screens, retail advertising, store advertising, outdoor exhibits, and many more. We’ll assist you in choosing the right pixel pitch and size for your installation place. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

If you have questions or concerns about customization, price, quotes, and other problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Eco Pro Outdoor LED Panel For Various Advertising Applications

The seamless design of Eco Pro series outdoor LED panel makes it easy to create eye-catching 3D LED displays for advertising.
The Eco Pro series can grab people’s attention with bright, moving displays, helping to increase brand visibility and sales.
The Eco Pro Series is perfect for billboard advertising. It can offer bright and eye-catching images that attract attention.
The Eco Pro is ideal for outdoor fixed installations, allowing for 90-degree corners or seamless curves. It can be roof-mounted for rear maintenance or wall-mounted for front maintenance.

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Eco Pro Series Specification
Pixel Pitch (PH)P2.97P3.91P4.81P6.25P7.81P10.42
Module Size (mm x mm)500 x 250500 x 250500 x 250500 x 250500 x 250500 x 250
Module Resolution(pixels)168 x 84128 x 64104 x 5280 x 4064 x 3248 x 24
Scan Mode1/21 Scan1/16 Scan1/13 Scan1/8 Scan1/4 Scan1/2 Scan
Pixel TypeSMD1415SMD1921SMD1921SMD2727SMD2727SMD2727
Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)112896655364326425600163849216
Brightness (nits)5000-5500620062006500-68006500-68007200
Best Viewing Distance (m)3456810
Cabinet Size (mm)1000 x 1000/ 1000 x 500/ 1500 x 1000/ 1500 x 500
Max Power Consumption (W/㎡)800
Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡)270
Cabinet Weight (kg/㎡)22.5
MaintenanceFront & Rear
Cabinet MaterialProfile Aluminum
Front/Rear IP LevelIP65/IP65
Color Contrast Ratio5000:1
Gray Grade16 bit
Refresh Frequency3840
Viewing Angle (V/H)160°/160°
Working VoltageAC110/AC220V±10%; 47-63HZ
Working Temperature (℃)-30℃~+70℃
Operation Humidity (RH)10~95%
Display Lifetime (hours)100,000

Customer Cases


1.Does the Eco Pro Series outdoor LED panel need an additional cooling method?

No, the Eco Pro Series outdoor display does not require additional cooling systems like air conditioners. It uses profile aluminum material and has ultra-thin design with 83mm thickness for excellent heat dissipation, along with a reliable cable-free HUB design.

2.Can Eco Pro outdoor LED outdoor display work in cold climates?

Yes. Equipped with a low-temperature starting power supply, our Eco Pro outdoor LED displays operate stably even in -30°C areas like North Russia. The working temperature range is -30°C to +70°C.

3. Is it possible to control Eco Pro LED screen remotely and how much it cost?

Yes, you can control LED screens remotely via a cloud system. Our Eco Pro outdoor LED panels offer cloud service free. Simply insert a local SIM card to activate the cloud service. The only cost is the data used by your SIM card, just like with a mobile phone.

4. Is the Eco Pro series outdoor LED display screen energy-efficient? What is the power consumption?

Yes, is up to 30% more energy-efficient than regular LED screens. The maximum power consumption is 790W/㎡, and the average power consumption is 270W/㎡.

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