Eco Series LED Screen

Eco Series LED Screen

The Eco Series LED screen is sleek and featherlight, has adaptable modular panels, and has clutter-free HUB innovation, making seamless front and rear serviceability. It boasts IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection for both the front and rear sides with enhanced durability.
  • The Eco Series LED Display features a cable-free HUB design, enhancing stability and durability while offering a sleek, clutter-free, and visually captivating display.
  • With seamless front and rear maintenance methods, the Eco Series LED Display boasts a versatile modular panel design (1200x800mm, 800x900mm) that seamlessly integrates a curved design for enhanced flexibility.
  • It is lightweight with a premium 28 kg and 22.5kg profile aluminum cabinet with ultra-thin 98mm thickness.

Eco Series LED Screen Product Categories

Discover the Eco Series LED Screen by YUCHIP, a pioneering leader in the LED display industry. Designed with sustainability and innovation, the Eco Series represents a giant leap towards eco-friendly digital solutions without compromising quality or performance. Explore this series’s three categories: Flat Eco LED Screen, Curved Eco LED Screen, and Perimeter Eco LED Screen. Each is tailored to meet diverse installation needs while emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The Flat Eco LED Screen epitomizes classic design with a green twist. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, this model offers high-definition visuals and is versatile enough to suit various corporate and retail settings. Its energy-efficient technology ensures lower power consumption, reducing your carbon footprint.

The Curved Eco LED Screen offers an immersive viewing experience for those seeking a visually dynamic display solution. Its ability to bend and flex allows for creative installations that captivate audiences. Ideal for malls, exhibitions, and entertainment venues, this screen is a technological marvel and a testament to eco-friendly design.

Specially designed for sports arenas and outdoor venues, the Perimeter Eco LED Screen is robust, reliable, and resilient. It stands out for its high brightness and wide viewing angles, ensuring clear visibility even in direct sunlight. Like its counterparts, it minimizes environmental impact through efficient power use and durable materials.

YUCHIP is committed to leading the way in sustainable digital display technology. The Eco Series LED Screens exemplify this commitment, offering eco-conscious clients the opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge LED technology while supporting the health of our planet. Choose YUCHIP for your display needs and join the movement toward a greener future.

Flat Eco LED Screen

The Flat Eco LED Screen by YUCHIP combines vibrant, high-definition display quality with low power consumption, epitomizing sustainability and technological innovation in eco-friendly digital signage.

Curved Eco LED Screen

The Curved Eco LED Screen stands out with its flexible, immersive design and energy-efficient technology. It offers captivating visuals while promoting environmental sustainability in dynamic installations.

Perimeter Eco LED Screen

Designed for outdoor venues, the Perimeter Eco LED Screen boasts high brightness, energy efficiency, and durability, enhancing visibility while minimizing environmental impact at sporting events and arenas.

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The Eco Series LED Screen: Our Most Energy-efficient Solution

The Eco Series is all about smartly saving energy. Every part of this screen is designed carefully to use less power while still working well.

  • The Eco Series LED displays have a cable-free HUB design for better stability and durability. They look clean and neat, and they’re easy to maintain from the front and back, making them eco-friendly.
  • The Eco Series LED displays are super flexible, thanks to their modular design. You can choose from two sizes: 1200x800mm and 800x900mm. They fit seamlessly into all sorts of places, like on buildings, billboards, or curved displays, giving you many options for where to use them.
  • It uses way less energy and leaves a smaller environmental footprint, showing our dedication to being eco-friendly. Choosing this screen means you’re not just getting a display; you’re helping create a cleaner, better future.

Re-imagine Your Eco Series LED Screen With Our Experts

Elevate and greenify your visual experience with our Eco Series LED screens! Re-imagine and customize your Eco Series LED Display needs with us.

  • Our team of experts is here to transform your display into a beacon of sustainability and cutting-edge technology.
  • With energy-saving features, eco-friendly materials, and innovative software updates, we tailor your LED display to meet the highest efficiency and performance standards.
  • Whether you’re enhancing public space, boosting your business’s visibility, or simply upgrading your tech, we make it personal, impactful, and environmentally conscious.
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YUCHIP: Your Dependable And Professional Eco Series LED Screen Provider

YUCHIP leads the LED industry with its innovative and dependable Eco Series LED screens. These screens prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability, showcasing YUCHIP’s commitment to pushing LED technology forward.

Designed for the future, the Eco Series merges advanced tech with eco-friendly practices, minimizing energy consumption while maintaining top-notch performance. This not only cuts operational costs for clients but also reduces digital displays’ carbon footprint.

YUCHIP doesn’t stop at products; it invests heavily in R&D to improve energy efficiency continuously. Every component, from materials to software, is optimized for eco-friendliness and durability. Customer satisfaction is vital for YUCHIP. Tailored solutions for various needs, from road billboards to curved outdoor displays, ensure clients get what they need.

YUCHIP’s blend of innovation, environmental focus, and customer service makes it a leader in the LED market. Their Eco Series screens offer impactful displays while positively contributing to the planet’s health.

Eco Series LED Screen For Various Applications

Eco Series LED Screen For Curved Outdoor Use
The Eco Series LED screen offers flexible, energy-efficient displays for captivating curved outdoor installations.
Eco Series LED Screen For Building Facade
The Eco Series LED screen transforms building facades into dynamic, eco-friendly digital canvases.
Eco Series LED Screen For Road Billboard
The Eco Series LED screen delivers vibrant visuals and energy efficiency for impactful roadside advertising.
Eco Series LED Screen For Roof Advertising
Eco Series can elevate rooftop advertising with vibrant displays, easy installation, and energy-efficient brilliance.

Eco Series LED Screen Technical Parameter

Pixel Pitch




Pixel Configuration



Brightness (cd/m²)




Pixel Density (pixel/m²)




Module Size (WxH)

400 x 300

Scan Mode




Module Resolution

96 x 72

80 x 6064 x 4848 x 36

40 x 30

Refresh Frequency (Hz)


Panel Weight (kg/panel)


Max. Consumption (W/m²)


Ave. Consumption (W/m²)



Front & Rear

Cabinet Material

Profile Aluminum

Front/Rear IP Level


Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade

16 bit

Viewing Angle (V/H)


Best Viewing Distance (m)




Working Voltage

AC110/AC220V土10% 47~63Hz

Working Temperature

-30°C ~ +70°C

Operation Humidity (RH)

0 ~ 95%

Display Lifetime (hours



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