P6 Indoor LED Display Front Maintenance

P6 Indoor LED Display

P6 Indoor LED Display works for different purposes. It is often used for commercial advertising, but you can also install it in stadiums, halls, hotels, schools, and churches. For home use, it gives you refine experience because of its HD resolution. It doesn’t consume much energy like LCD Displays, so you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills.


When it comes to its size, it can be installed easily in a wall temporarily or permanently. Its wideness allows a huge audience to see precise details of contents even at a distance.

Its main features are below:

  • High-definition resolution

Its HD resolution brings you bright and fair visuals. Therefore along with transparent pixels, this allows watching without worrying about your eyes.

  • Ultra-thin

The  LED cabinet is 82mm thick, lightweight, and convenient for transferring from one place to another.

P6 Indoor HD LED Display Screen In Thailand
P6 Indoor LED Display Screen In Thailand
  • No gap connection

The LED module and the cabinet are connected through an inward design making stable and no-fluctuate performance.

  • Easy maintenance

Power supply and receiving card are facing front side for easy access; turning on and off.

P6 Indoor LED Display Front Maintenance
P6 LED Display Front Maintenance
Why is there a need for Front Maintenance?

Every product, to function well and last long, needs to undergo maintenance. With every device you buy, to make sure you can use it for a long time, you check it and examine it, right? The same way with LED Displays, to keep its function and performance at its finest, it needs to be inspected from time to time.

  • LED module fixed by a magnet – Installation and transportation of the product might cause minimal change with the magnets’ placement. So it needs to be repositioned.
  • The display connected to the cabinet – Even though the cabinet and LED Display are intact well, they also need to be checked.
  • Interior parts – The screen should always manifest a safe connection with its internal components. That is to ensure safety within the device as well as to people operating it.


YUCHIP, China’s leading LED Display provider, ensures that every product shall pass through quality and safety protocol. We guarantee to provide you the most satisfactory service and leading brand products. Our clients’ happiness is our fulfillment.



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