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Energy Saving LED Display And Energy Conservation



YUCHIP launches a new “Energy Saving LED Display” design that saves advertising companies up to 56% energy costs. Today, LED display application has realized vast growth. The Energy Saving LED Display application includes a stage LED screen, transparent LED display, LED poster, etc.

Along with the LED screen’s cost drop, people have higher demands for large LED displays. A large screen delivers a more dynamic visual effect to passers-by. Because of that, the worldwide LED display is getting bigger and bigger. In 2016, YUCHIP installed a 402m² LED advertising screen in Lima, Peru, the largest LED display in South America.

Energy Saving LED Display

As China’s leading LED display manufacturer, YUCHIP engineers keep researching energy-saving LED screens because we know a lower-voltage power input realizes energy savings.

So, instead of the standard 5V DC power input, the red lamp bead power input is DC 2.8V, the green and blue lamp bead power input is DC3.8V, and the PCB, IC, and power supply all have energy-saving models.

YUCHIP engineers explained:

The R, G, B (red, green, blue) of the LED lamp bead is used to supply power separately, and the current and voltage are accurately distributed to the R, G, B lamp bead. Thus, each lamp bead requires a different working voltage and current; the current passes through the lamp beads and then to the IC’s negative electrode. When the forward voltage drop reduces, the internal resistance of conduction decreases as well.

YUCHIP Energy Saving LED Display Advantages

YUCHIP engineers introduced four advantages of the designed Energy Saving LED Screen that is prevalent and relevant today. Here are its features.

Energy Saving LED Screen

  • Significantly Low Power Consumption

The Energy Saving LED screen saves up to 56% of electricity compared to standard LED advertising displays.

In this regard, advertising companies and screen owners can save significant power and energy in the long run. The amount of energy you can keep in five or ten years can power up many outdoor screens.

  • Saves Installation Cost

The LED display panel installation site doesn’t require an air conditioner or ventilation fan to cool down the temperature.

It is also because the Energy Saving LED Display has better heat dissipation technology and causes minimal light pollution.

  • Saves Maintenance Cost

Due to its averagely low heat and low-temperature rise, Energy Saving LED Display works stably and correctly and requires little to no maintenance; hence, it is trouble-free.

However, both sides can be available if you need to perform a maintenance process. Either way provides a more straightforward method and is convenient.

  • Longer Lifespan

The new LED screen doesn’t generate heat; all components work in an ideal environment, leading to a longer lifespan. Also, it may require brightness adjustment occasionally to ensure the screen’s steady performance for years.

Why Is Energy Conservation Essential Today?

Energy conservation is widely talked about and tackled today. It is one of the crucial topics of the century relating to the overwhelming global and environmental problems. First, let us know what energy is and why it is essential.

Energy is a conserved quantity that cannot be destroyed or created; we can only convert it into form. Furthermore, energy is in many things and can take different forms.

Energy Saving LED

In a narrow sense, energy is the ability to do work. In the LED Display concept, on the other hand, energy is what keeps the equipment running.

Hence, the point can be in the form of electricity, power, and voltage. Let’s take electricity as an example because the energy-saving LED displays the concept of less electricity consumption.

Electricity may come from burning fossil fuels in processing plants or solar, wind, or hydrothermal power plants. Burning fossil fuels as a source of electricity is unnatural; however, solar and water electricity resources are renewable.

Besides being renewable, it is not good to use much electrical energy because it may lead to changing climate patterns brought by too much fossil combustion and depleting natural resources when usage becomes higher than production.

Also, fossil fuel burning generally destroys the habitat on land and in the ocean, significantly impacting Earth’s overall ecological status and biodiversity.

Energy conservation is a worldwide campaign today. It is the practice of using less energy in our overall home, production, and industrial use. When we conserve energy, future generations will still have resources to use. Energy conservation will also contribute to calming and restoring Earth’s sustainability.

YUCHIP: A Professional Energy Saving LED Display Provider

Low Power LED Display

Energy conservation is essential and relevant today, and we have also embarked on this great campaign to prolong the sustainability of resources.

Found in 2004, YUCHIP is an award-winning global LED display supplier headquartered in China. As a comprehensive LED display manufacturer, the company offers top-notch technology and high-performing visual products, including environmentally friendly ones. 

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