Everything About 3D LED Screen


1. Introduction


Today, LED displays and LED screen solutions have evolved well. It is evident in the rising number of LED screens in various types, purposes, functions, and designs. Before, we only had indoor and outdoor LED screens in general. Now, it’s pretty evident that this industry and market are significantly expanding, developing, and greatly influencing other aspects of our lives.

3D LED Device Screen
3D LED Device Screen

LED displays are not the typical investments you can have. It takes time and maybe a huge budget to have one. And apart from using your money to buy, it is also costly to maintain the device for years. However, the LED displays broad advantages and benefits at the back of these reasons in the long run.

The 3D LED Display results from the ongoing technological advancement in the LED display industry. If you’ve seen a 3D LED Display, it certainly amazed you. And if you’re thinking of getting one for your business or establishment, you must know about its features and technicalities. Furthermore, in this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know before purchasing.


2. What Is A 3D LED Display?


First and foremost, let us define what a 3D LED Display is.

A 3D LED Display is a digital display technology that invents an illusion of depth perception. Applying the stereopsis principle thus presents a different image to the human eyes. This digital technology and its optical illusion make you feel as if the photo or video is confirmed by making you perceive it with visual sensory aspects.

3D LED Large Display
3D LED Large Display

A 3D LED Display for businesses, establishments, and offices are evidence that companies are already stepping up the game. We know that it is always important to be different in the industry and gain an audience and customers. These techniques will significantly help you achieve your goals in your respective field.

Also, using a 3D LED Display outdoors eases your advertising and brand promotion. Unlike flat LED screens or the 2D that we used to see globally, the 3D LED Display is more creative, valuable, powerful, and catchy. It is, indeed, a new investment that we suggest you have.


3. How Does It Differ From Other LED Display Solutions?


3D LED displays are far from the conventional outdoor screens in cities. Its technical features, specialty, and software, are different from the 2D LED devices we know. Now, how does it differ?

3D LED Panel
3D LED Panel

3D LED displays are different from other LED display products as they are 2D or have flat surfaces. They are manufactured, placed, and installed basically on a flat surface. Its light emission is two dimensions only, while 3D LEDs are microwire LEDs. Even if you play a video with a 3D effect on a 2D screen, the result will still be 2D as it cannot adopt the impact of a 3D mesh.

On the other hand, a 3D LED screen achieves a resonating effect because its light emission is three dimensions. Therefore, it can quickly create an illusion of depth and is best achieved when used with 3D animation effects. Meanwhile, when you look at a 3D LED screen, it makes you feel like you are into the image or video.


4. What Are Its Technical Features?


The 3D LED Display has a wide variety of pixel pitch ranges. It includes P2.5, P3.33, P4, P4.16, P5, P5.9, P6.25, P8, P10, and a pixel pitch. Also, if you’re wondering about its technical features, here are a few general things you need to know.

  • Huge Pixel Pitch Options

3D LED display manufacturers can offer you a vast range of options for pixel pitch. The pixel pitch determines the overall resolution and clarity of visuals a 3D LED can provide. And since 3D screens are ideal for outdoor use, you can choose among pixel pitches higher than P2.5.

3D LED Video Panel
3D LED Video Panel
  • Rigid And Firm Cabinets

3D LED displays to utilize firm components. In the case of its cabinets, it may use either steel or die-casting aluminum. Both are rigid in structure, design quality, and long-lasting service. You can also suggest to your LED screen provider or to us to use a different material provided that it suits the physical and tangible needs of the device.

  • Brightness

Brightness is essential in achieving premium 3D effects in a 3D LED Display. When the intellect is too high or too low, it results in either a dim view or overly light which is not suitable for our eyes. It is vital to have accessible adjustment features so you or your operators can quickly turn up or down the brightness whenever the environment needs to. A 3D LED should have an intelligence of up to 1500 cd/m² to achieve light stability and clarity of visuals.

3D LED Wall
3D LED Wall
  • 3D Illusion Effects

3D LED displays optical illusion is best achieved when applied with 3D animations. If you’re using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to upload content, you can also use apps and software to make 3D animations.

The 3D illusion effects are a result of stereopsis. Stereopsis is the perception of depth stimulated by objects that possess horizontal disparity. In the case of 3D LED screens, the optical illusion becomes possible because we look at the image as aligned when there are two images displayed on the screen in reality.

  • Great Viewing Angle

3D LED displays, in general, have wide viewing angles. It ranges from 160 degrees and higher. This number signifies clear visuals on all sides that even if viewers are distant, they are ensured to experience seeing the content powerfully.

Apart from these mentioned features, there are still many more we haven’t mentioned. However, please let us know if you have further questions right away.


5. 3D LED Display Advantages And Applications


Utilizing a different technology than typical LED screens, 3D LED screens are topping the creative display choice in the market. It is designed mainly for the outdoors, yet its application is on a long list. Here are a few.

  • Advertising

We need advertising to communicate appropriately and significantly share your brand and its benefits. All businesses believe that advertising is a crucial feature in helping them reach a valuable number of sales at a target period.

Today, advertising has reached a different game and height, and it’s even becoming amplified. A good example is 3D LED displays in promoting brands and services. The 3D LED screen will surely help you since it is very catchy and passers-by can surely appreciate it. Its visual aesthetics and effects allow your audience to remember your ads and content, thus raising trust and patronage.

Huge 3D LED Wall
Huge 3D LED Wall

Hotels, hotel lounges, restaurants, and leisure areas such as casinos and clubs have also adopted the 3D LED screen. You can use it to flag various promos and display valuable content, guides, menus, and more informative data to your guests. 3D LED screens can also be used indoors. They can come in smaller screen sizes utilizing various installation methods of your choice.

  • Offices And Establishments

3D LED screens are also for decoration. Buildings, windows, and walls are good areas for 3D LED display installation. The device lights up the room and makes it look friendlier, attractive, and picture-taking friendly.

LED Screen Wall 3D
LED Screen Wall 3D
  • Outdoor Cinemas

Have you seen an outdoor cinema? With a 2D screen, apparently, yes, but with a 3D, it may be rare at the moment. But yes, 3D LEDs are for cinemas, too. Cinema LED screens are expected to have excellent visual effects, and if possible, they should communicate to our senses to give us a modernized viewing experience. All of these are achievable with a 3D LED screen.


6. 3D LED Display Parameter And Specifications


Below is a table showing the specifications and parameters of the 3D LED Display. It can come in various pixel pitches, as shown below.

3D LED Module Specification
Pixel Pitch (mm)




Pixel Configuration





3 in 1

DIP2463 in 13 in 1


Color Matches


3D LED Cabinet Specification
Cabinet Size (mm)

640 x 480

960 x 960500 x 500

960 x 960

Cabinet Resolution (pixels)

256 x 192

320 x 320192 x 192144 x 14480 x 80120 x 120

96 x 96

Cabinet Pixels (pixels)




Cabinet Material

Die Casting Aluminum

Die-casting aluminum/ SteelDie-casting aluminum/ Steel/ AluminumAluminum

Die-casting aluminum/ Steel/ Aluminum

Cabinet Weight (kg)




3D LED Screen Specification
Pixel Density(pixel/m²)





600 – 800 Optional



Brightness Adjusted

256 grade by software or by Auto-optic induced

100 rise by software or by Auto-optic induced256 rate by software or by Auto-optic induced

100 step by software or by Auto-optic induced

View Angle

Horizontal 140°; Vertical 140°

Best Viewing Distance (m)


3m 4m5m 6m
Communication Distance(m)

<100meter by Internet Cable(without Relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m; Single-mode fiber cable < 20km

Display Work Method

1/32 Scan



LED Driving Method

Constant driving current

Color Contrast Ratio



Gray Grade


Display Color

439, 804, 651, 110

Refresh Frequency (Hz)

≥1920, ≥3840 Optional



Picture Display Method

Intellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology, Synchronization Control

Input Signal

DVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through Video processor converting)

System Operating


Control System

Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset

Front/Rear IP Level


Working Temperature (ºc)


Stored Temperature (ºc)


Operation Humidity (RH)


Display Lifetime (hours)

Ten years or more (natural environment)

100000 hours (ideal environment)


Rear / Front Side

Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63HZ

Power Consumption

Max: 700W/㎡ ; Ave:250W/㎡

Out Of Controlled Dot

≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the wavelength are both >10% depart from the normal one)


7. How To Maintain A 3D LED Display?


Maintenance is essential for 3D LED displays and all kinds of LED screens. Maintenance is a factor that can deteriorate or prolong the service life of a device, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use.

Outdoor 3D LED Display
Outdoor 3D LED Display

In the case of 3D LED, many outdoor factors such as rain, too much sunlight, and dust can affect the physical and visual aspects. That’s why proper maintenance patterns can help you retain the good performance of an LED display.

LED display maintenance comes in two faces; rear and front care. These two methods have standard features such as both being easy to execute and cost-saving now; if you ask, how will you know which techniques suit your device.

The answer depends on the installation method. The installation method will determine the availability of the rear side as the front is always free. However, some LED screen panels require back care as it is more feasible considering the design, panel weight, etc.


8. 3D LED Display Lifespan And Longevity Of Service


The 3D LED Display can give you a long service span than usual outdoor LED screens. When used, maintained, and properly handled, the device can reach up to 10 years.

Outdoor 3D LED
Outdoor 3D LED

The following factors can determine the longevity of service of an LED device in a general note.

  1. Maintenance. Maintenance comes in this kind; the front and rear care. Both are easy and have designated steps for executing them.
  2. Proper Handling. It includes the safe transport of material from the factory to your area and your site to a different location.
  3. Installation. Installing large LED modules or screens can be quite a challenge. Panels can weigh as heavy as f0 kilograms; it is essential to hire a skilled team to do this task.
  4. Usage Frequency. LED screens need rest as they also need to cool down. Their components and the equipment inside the panel also need to be turned off from time to time.

Availing warranty services can also extend the life of your LED screen, such as a 3D LED Display.


9. Where Can I Find A Reliable 3D LED Display Supplier?


Finding a reliable partner to provide with your needs will take time. Scrolling the internet will only give you a headache as you’ll see tons of manufacturers in this industry. To ease your agony, look no more but inquire with us.

Outdoor Naked-eye 3D
Outdoor Naked-eye 3D

YUCHIP is a reliable partner you can trust because we provide 3D LED displays, offer customizations, and have the longest warranty span among other providers. Also, you can see our price range to be the most affordable in the market.

Our 3D LED screen panels are equipped with the requirements and features and are steady, quality, and cost-effective. YUCHIP has also reached many clients globally and has received numerous positive feedback.

Worry no more! Please message us today!


10. Conclusion


The knowledge of 3D LED displays seems very limited at the moment. However, if you’ve come across this page and reading this, you are precisely on the right track.

Vast 3D LED Screen
Vast 3D LED Screen

This device has so much to offer you but also before your purchase, it is necessary to be familiar with its functions and activities. It’ll ease your usage and decrease the possibility of misinformation and leading to the device’s destruction.

Above all, a wise customer makes a professional investment, and an intelligent user trusts only a reliable provider.

For more information and questions, please message us at manager@yuchip.com.

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