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Are you thinking about getting your LED display to help you in your business, advertising or decorative purposes, or quick information sharing? Do you need answers to your many questions to mind?

Here are our frequently asked questions and answers to help you realize your choice and what kind of LED display you’ll need for your project.

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6.Low Brightness and High Grayscale IR5.95 Indoor Rental LED Screen

LED Displays have a variety of functions and purposes according to how you want to use them. In the long run, it has been used in homes for outdoor and indoor use, for example, as an advertising medium.

HD LED Display J Series

There are two kinds of control systems; synchronous control systems & asynchronous control systems. Both functions transmit the signal like text, images, videos, and other related contents from a device to the LED.

LED Display Screen, being multifunctional, arises into popularity because of widespread benefits. From the smallest type to the biggest has impacted businesses and establishments beyond everyone expected.

LED Screen Conference

Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an LED cluster (or pixel) to the center of the next LED cluster/pixel measured in millimeters. And it is imperative in every LED Screen because it directly affects the display resolution and optimal viewing.

Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Screen in Macau 1

LED Displays have two types based on their primary functionality, namely Outdoor LEDs and Indoor LEDs. They are designed for establishments mainly for information distribution and advertising, while Outdoor LEDs are for billboards and digital advertising signs

To choose which pixel pitch is best for your project, you must know where and how you will use it. Is it for home use or outdoor or indoor advertising? If it’s for advertising, you have to identify your audience; who needs to see it?


LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, using CCFL (fluorescent) light source as their backlight. On the other hand, LED is a Light-Emitting Diode display that features a liquid crystal display, but LEDs, not fluorescent lamps, produce the backlighting.

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