LED Display Screen Application Scope

LED Display Screen, being multifunctional, arises into popularity because of widespread benefits. From the smallest type to the biggest has impacted businesses and establishments beyond everyone expected.

retail led display
LED Display

The application of LED display screens has a vast scope. Here are some:

Transaction and Finance
  • This field takes up more than 50% of domestic LED screens than a few years ago. Today, it still stands as the primary demand industry for LED display screens.
 Airport Flight
  • Airports require an exact resolution for information display. That’s why they prefer LED display for FIDS (Flight Information Display System). Many airports have chosen domestic LED displays.
Ports and Stations
  • LED Displays help the information and broadcasting system at ease. It also shows the real-time schedule of trains arriving and leaving, ticket information, and passenger transport hub.
LED Display Screen Application Scope
LED Display in a Sporting Venue
Sports Venue
  • The LED display has replaced the conventional bulb and CRT display. The 43 sessions of the World Table Tennis Championships in Tianjin Sports Center used a domestic full-color LED display screen. Additionally, many other critical domestic stadiums have adopted the LED display for information distribution.
Road Traffic
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) springs up the urban traffic, highway, and other fields. For instance, for board and speed limit signs, LED screens have replaced similar foreign products.
Scheduling Command Center
  • Power dispatch, vehicle dynamic control, vehicle height adjustment management, etc., also gradually adopted high-density LED displays.
LED Display Screen Application Scope
LED Display in Malls
Business Promotion
  • Postal service, telecommunication, and shopping malls believe that LED displays play a role in displaying businesses’ and companies’ information.
New Product Media Advertising
  •  Product advertising has been made easier through indoor and outdoor LED Displays, giving businesses and entrepreneurs convenience. Therefore, companies and manufacturers can attain high revenue and sales.
Performance and Assembly
  • Large LED displays are widely used for public and political purposes, for instance, the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China’s founding and the US Presidential Election. Besides, extensive displays in these celebrations increase artistic influence and international understanding uniting the people.
LED Display Screen Application Scope
LED Display for Stage Performances
Exhibition and Lease
  • In the exhibitions industry, large LED billboards help overseas exhibitors in showcasing their content. While LED screen professional leasing companies abroad and some large-scale manufacturers also provide leasing services.
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