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Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display Drives China’s LED Display Market To Rebound Rapidly


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has directly affected the overall deployment and marketing of LED screen suppliers.

It leads to a year-on-year decline in the first quarter’s performance; regional corporate capital flows, so the LED display industry is looking forward to the market recovery.

Fine Pixel Pitch Display
Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

According to relevant data, in the second quarter of 2020, China’s LED display market revenue increased by 34.6% month-on-month and 15.9% year-on-year, of which the highest growth share is the small pixel pitch LED display.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays
Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display in Surveillance

On the other hand, the rental LED display market is sluggish.

Compared with the market share of rental LED display outcome in 2019, which reached 11.4%.

The rental LED screens market share in the second quarter of this year has dropped to the lowest level since 2018, accounting for 4.7% of the overall market.

How did it happen?

Fine Pixel Pitch LED
Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display for Control Center

Due to the continuous growth in demand for fine pixel pitch LED screens, the overall LED display market has rebounded.

First, it completed the delayed projects in the previous quarter.

Second, there is rapid development in the emergency command rooms, monitoring room, 5G transportation, smart medical, smart finance, etc.

Third, the increase in market demand from the international market has also promoted market activity.

For example, the small-pitch demand in Western and Eastern Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Middle East and Africa increases, stimulating market activity in this region.


LED Display Market Amidst Pandemic


Combined with the development of the internet era, it promotes the application and development of fine pixel pitch displays in the conference market for collaborative office, multi-site interconnection, and multi-site remote meetings.

Traffic Monitoring LED Display

It provides a powerful carrier of information transmission for large-scale gatherings. Especially after experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more telecommuting and teleconferencing applications strengthen the demand for fine pixel pitch LED displays.

Simultaneously, Frost & Sullivan’s research report on smart cities pointed out that intelligent city spending on technology expects to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.7% in the next six years. And will increase from US$96 billion in 2019 to US$327 billion in 2025.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data will generate massive demand for this pandemic. There are more and more opportunities for population analysis, open data dashboards, and online city services. All these applications require a fine pixel pitch LED display.

By 2025, there will be more than 26 smart cities, 16 of which are in North America and Europe. By 2030, more than 70% of global smart city spending will come from the United States, Western Europe, and China.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

The growing demand for crowd management and monitoring in smart cities will cause the crowd analysis market to grow by 20%-25% before 2030. Thus, the market’s revenue in 2020 is 748.6 million US dollars.

Also, you can use crowd analysis to access collective real-time data. It can help ensure that appropriate public healthcare services, transportation, and security and surveillance services are throughout the smart city.


Small Pixel LED Display In The Past


Small Pixel Pitch P2.5 Indoor LED Display
P2.5 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display

Small pixel pitch LED display technology has achieved rapid development.

Around 2014, fine pixel pitch LED display products began to enter the small pixel pitch LED display market on a large scale.

In 2016, COB technology LED display innovation appeared and became a representative of the high-end market.

In 2018, mini LED displays entered the fine pixel pitch LED displays market, and the industry’s supply further increased.

Simultaneously, the expansion of the production scale of small pixel pitch LED displays, and the continuous reduction of costs have also ensured the large-area and large-scale application of fine pixel pitch displays.

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