FinPIX Air Series HD LED Display

The FinPIX Air series HD LED display, also known as fine-pitch LED display or narrow-pitch LED panel, is a high-resolution LED screen display. It has pixel pitches of 0.78mm, 0.93mm, 1.25mm, and 1.56mm. It utilizes HDR technology, making the images more vivid and lifelike. Its ultra-light and ultra-thin features make it stand out among various displays. This series of HD LED displays is best suited for indoor scenarios requiring high-definition screen displays, such as lobbies, command centers, or stations.
  • These screens utilize HDR technology to enhance color and contrast, making visuals more vibrant and realistic.
  • The FinPIX Air series has ultra-thin, ultra-light designs and is very easy to install. The series has a dual system, which can provide excellent stability.
  • This series offers wireless installation and hidden wiring design, making it easy to install and look tidy.

FinPIX Air Series HD LED Screen Product Details

The FinPIX Air series is ultra-thin and ultra-light. It is 600 x 337.5mm in size, with a thickness of only 29mm and a weight of just 4.5kg. Not to mention its cable-free and seamless splicing design, it can make sure there are no gaps when they are joined together, keeping the screen clean and pleasing.

FinPIX Air Series LED display uses a fanless design to make sure the screens operate without any noise. Additionally, this series can be easily installed without the need for a steel structure, simplifying the setup process. Whether used in conference halls, monitor rooms, or stations, the FinPIX Air series HD LED screen is an excellent choice.


The FinPIX Air series has a quick cabinet lock set and a screwless design, allowing for fast and easy installation.


This feature allows you to access all cabinet parts from the front using the magnetic tool to ensure efficient maintenance.


The fanless design ensures that the screen operates without any noise, and it won’t affect the sound quality of the screen.

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FinPIX Air Series HD LED Display Panel For Your indoor Needs

FinPIX Air Series HD LED video wall can meet all your needs. This series has the characteristics of a high heat dissipation efficiency. Moreover, the HDR technology and dual backup system used in this series ensure that the screen always works at its best.

  • Our screens are designed using the 16:9 golden ratio, making it simple to splice 2K, 4K, and 8K displays.
  • The FinPIX Air series uses HDR technology, and it can providea wide color gamut and high color saturation to present richer and more realistic colors. Also, the high color coverage can adapt to various project needs.
  • The full-front maintenance makes the installation and maintenance experience more convenient.
  • With a focus on high heat dissipation efficiency, this seriesis designed to deliver reliable performance even in long-time use.

FinPIX Air Series vs. FinPIX Series HD LED Display

Both FinPIX series and FinPIX Air series has a wide range of pixel pitches and a high refresh rate, they share a lots in common. Then, it is very important to choose a small pixel pitch series that best suits your project. Here are the differences between these two series.

  • The first difference is that the FinPIX Air series has one less pixel pitch option compared to the FinPIX series-specifically, it lacks P1.875. So, if you need a P1.875 HD LED screen, you can choose the FinPIX series.
  • The FinPIX series has a thickness of 48mm, while the FinPIX Air series is only 29mm thick. So if the installation location has strict thickness requirements, you should choose the FinPIX Air series.
  • FinPIX series weighs 7kg, while the FinPIX Air series weighs only 4.5kg. If you are concerned about the load capacity of the installation location, it is best to choose the FinPIX Air series.
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YUCHIP: Your Trusted FinPIX Air Series LED Video Panel Supplier

When choosing a reliable LED display board supplier, YUCHIP is undoubtedly the most trustworthy provider. The FinPIX Air series is famous for its excellent quality and innovative design. The thickness of this series is only 29mm and the weight is only 4.5kg, which is very suitable for installation with strict space and weight requirements. The FinPIX Air series also uses high-end HDR technology and dual backup systems to ensure an excellent visual experience and uninterrupted operations.

When it comes to small pixel-pitch LED displays, YUCHIP stands out as your trusted partner. YUCHIP will always offer dependable and visually stunning products for all customers. Our focus on customer satisfaction ensures you receive the best quality products and outstanding service, making YUCHIP the perfect choice for all your display needs.

If you have questions or concerns about customization, price, quotes, and other problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at

FinPIX Air Series HD LED Wall For Various Purposes

The small pixel pitch LED display module for conference rooms delivers high resolution and clarity, ensuring that images and text are presented accurately during meetings.
The command center using the HD LED screen can effectively improve the monitoring and observation abilities to ensure the real-time situation on the road or scene.
The series can provide wide viewing angles and create HD backdrop images in the hall, ensuring that everyone can see the content clearly.
The high resolution and color accuracy of this series can create vivid images to better display artwork, artifacts and multimedia exhibits.
Pixel Pitch (PH)




Packaging type


Physical Density (Dot/sqm)




Module Resolution




Module Size (mm)


Panel Dimension (W*H*D/mm)


Panel Resolution (Dot/sq.m)




Module Qty per Cabinet (W*H)


Panel Weight (kg/Panel)


Maintenance Mode

Front Maintenance

Cabinet Frame

Die-casting Aluminum

Brightness & Color Calibration


Brightness (Nits)


Color Temperature (K)

1000-18500 Optional

Viewing angle (V/H)


Brightness/Color uniformity


Contrast Ratio


Frame Frequency (Hz)


Drive Mode

48-96 scan

1/60 scan

1/48 scan

Grey Level

16 bit

Refresh Rate (Hz)


Max Power Consumption (W/sqm)


Avg. Power Consumption (W/sqm)


Protection Level


Power Input

AC90-264V, 47-63 Hz

Working Temperature(℃)


Operation Humidity (RH)


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1.What’s the difference between the FinPIX Air series and the FinPIX series HD LED display screen?
  • Firstly, the FinPIX series is one more pitch P1.875 than the AIR series.
  • Secondly, the thickness is different, and the FinPIX AIR series is thinner.
  • Finally, they have different weights, and the FinPIX AIR series is lighter.
2.Will there be a lot of noise when FinPIX Air series LED screens are running?

No, it won’t. The FinPIX Air series adopts a fanless design, which can ensure the silent operation of the display and will not affect the use of the screen.

3.Is the FinPIX Air series energy-efficient? What is the power consumption?

Yes, the power consumption of this series of screens is lower compared to other displays. The maximum power consumption is 420W/sqm, and the average power consumption is 80-150W/sqm.

4.Is the FinPIX Air series HD LED video wall waterproof?

Well, it depends on your choice. If you choose to use SMD, then I’m afraid it cannot be waterproof; but if you choose our COB or GOB technology, it can be waterproof.

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