Flexible LED Panel

A flexible LED Display is an LED product that can be bent over from various shapes and curves. It is a creative display product that gives a catchy and vibrant view in its installation and location.

YuChip has years of experience in manufacturing and supplying flexible screen panels to numerous countries and various usage, environments, sizes, and pixel pitches.


LED-Video-Wall-Module-Connection- 1

Safely connecting LED Video wall modules is one of the most important things to keep in mind by the owner or installer. It might be difficult for some; that’s why we will help and guide you by providing you the essential steps in doing so in this post.

Flexible LED Display Panels

With the maturity of the LED display application market, there are more and more subdivided products. As the name suggests, the Flexible LED display is changed to present with more display effects based on the traditional LED display.

YUCHIP Soft and Flexible LED Display

Soft and flexible LED Display is a type of display device with softness and flexibility properties. It’s multifunctional and can be used either for indoor or outdoor purposes. It is usually seen in shopping malls as welcome banners in some stores, in discos and bars, stage and small businesses like..

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