Guru Josh Project With YUCHIP’s Participation


1. Introduction (Who Is Guru Josh?)


Guru Josh
Guru Josh

Guru Josh or Paul Walden is a famous Jersey musician who was born on June 6, 1964. He was active in the British post-acid house and released his popular debut single dubbed “Infinity” in 1989. He died of suicide on December 28, 2015, brought about by depression, alcohol, and drug addiction.

Guru Josh is a famous rave music DJ in the 90s who has released several singles following his debut album. He was popular among house music fans who loved rave parties and rave tunes. The Guru Josh Project, perhaps, was created as a commemoration of his musical legacy.

Darren Baillie created the Guru Josh Project when he re-released the Infinity album in 2008. Since then, Guru Josh Project has been done annually. Many parts of the world celebrate and play the Guru Josh music during the event and live the rave music.

YUCHIP participated in one of the Guru Josh Project’s events as we’ve provided outdoor rental LED displays for the said occasion. Below are the details.


2. Guru Josh Project LED Screen


YUCHIP, as a leading LED screen manufacturer and supplier from China, provided a rental LED screen for the Guru Josh project event. We provided a massive LED screen as a stage backlit and background display. The giant LED screen comprises several LED cabinets bound and connected to form a large set LED design.

The rental LED display served well its purpose as backlight, stage decoration, advertising screen, and more. The rave party and pop event went pretty well utilizing the rental LED screen.

Guru Josh Project
Guru Josh Project

Also, apart from using LED screens for a rave music event, here’s more events and occasions where you may use a rental LED display.

  • Concerts

Concerts expect a massive number of viewers, primarily if the performing artists are famous to many people. And in accommodating a large audience, you’ll need a rental LED display connected to make a giant screen.

The LED screen may serve as a monitor for people watching from a far distance and has no clear visuals on the physical look of the artists and stage. You may also use it to display lyrics, play videos, ads, and more.

  • School Events/Programs

School programs are often composed of large viewers. In such a school endeavor, students, parents, and teachers are present. The stakeholders, local communities, school and NGO officials, sponsors, and other concerned individuals add to the audience. With viewers hanging from hundreds to thousands, a school event may require rental LED screens with accessible installation features.

Outdoor Rentals For Various Events
Outdoor Rentals For Various Events
  • Product Launch

Brand sensitivity is best served when used with promos, outdoor events, and LED screens. Because product launch events are seasonal, rental LED screens will be the best fit for such occasions. You may opt for an average size screen that will serve as an advertising display showing the people the advantage of your products and services, comparing other brands, and a lot more.

  • Fashion Shows/Pageants

Fashion shows and beauty pageants are ubiquitous among countries in the world. You may utilize a rental LED screen equipped with fast and easy mobility, easy installation, and more features for outdoor events.

YUCHIP also offers comprehensive guidance in helping you know what you need for your specific project. Please let us know how we can help you.


3. What Are The Services We Provide In Leasing Outdoor/Indoor Rental LED Displays?


When leasing rental LED screen displays, such as for the Guru Josh Project, we include all types of services related to LED display productions in the package deal. These services may include the following:

Guru Josh Project LED Screen
Guru Josh Project LED Screen
  • LED Display Customization

As part of providing you with a customized LED screen solution, your rental LED display supplier will customize LED displays that fit your production requirement or needs.

  • Installation

Your LED screen provider will send a well-trained and experienced technician to install the LED display in places expected to be situated. We will also provide all the necessary special equipment and tools.

  • Operation

During the entire course of your event, there will be one or two technicians who can operate the LED displays while you are enjoying the success of your production.

Guru Josh Project Rental Display
Guru Josh Project Rental Display
  • Troubleshooting

When technical issues or problems arise, our well-trained personnel will be present to resolve the issue right away. LED screens undergo testing before installation, so it is improbable to have significant problems during your event.

  • Dismantling

After the successful and superb production, the same people will disassemble all LED screens used. You could talk to your LED supplier about added services you want to have during leasing the rental LED display.

If you want to learn more about our product and services, visit us at


4. What Is The Process Of Renting An LED Display?


Event LED Rental Screen
Event LED Rental Screen

These are the steps you have to go through if you plan or think of acquiring an indoor and outdoor LED display rental.

  1. Contact or visit the website of your potential rental LED display supplier. Learn about their products and services by looking at their web pages or simply asking them directly. Most LED suppliers are nice enough to give you answers. You can also ask for a price quote.
  2. Plan what kind of rental LED screen you will utilize in your events. It is essential to know what you want because your LED supplier will ask you these questions before receiving your price quote. The type of LED screens they will offer, and their price largely depend on your event’s requirements.
  3. Secure a contract of service. If you find the proposal of your LED supplier good enough for you, you will have to come up with an agreement with your LED provider. Make sure to read the contract before signing it. Discuss it with them if deemed necessary.
  4. Pay the initial deposit or down payment. It also happens during the contract signing. The amount of the deposit depends on your supplier.
  5. Prepare a logistic plan once the contract is signed. Your provider will start preparing your rental LED screens. They will contact you occasionally, especially days before your events, to work out the logistics. It is to make sure that everything is going as planned.
  6. Execute the plan. A group of experienced personnel will come to the venue hours before the start of the program. They will set up all the LED screens as planned. A technician will be present during the event to operate the LED screens and troubleshoot a problem.
  7. Provide your feedback. After dismantling the installed LED screens, the provider typically will stay in touch with you to settle the remaining balance and ask for experience.


5. Conclusion


YUCHIP is a respected brand in the international LED display market. We provide all kinds of LED displays for your events, locations, and needs.

We’ve served 105 countries and counting. With our reliable LED display series and various screen solutions, we hope to spread digital technology to more users to help you ease tasks, and jobs and promote business and personal-related endeavors.

Rental Display Screen
Rental Display Screen

In addition, by having the most affordable LED screen types, we ought to help established brands and small entrepreneurs, and small individuals to leverage their businesses, etc.

Please let us know how we can help you. Would you please message us at

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