Hungary’s P4 Stadium LED Screen From YUCHIP


1. Introduction


YUCHIP took on another milestone for the stadium LED screen series. One of our most recent projects took place in Hungary. Hungary is an avid supporter of our products in which we were able to supply most of their sports LED displays in their respective sports venues.

YUCHIP has concluded several stadium LED screen projects in the said country. We also have some partners and distributors, making our venture easier and more feasible in the area.

Stadium LED Panel Display
Stadium LED Panel Display

Some of our previous projects in Hungary are the following:

We will share some details of our recent project, the P4 Stadium LED screen, below.


2. P4 Stadium LED Screen Project Details


YUCHIP has ventured on a 17-long year service and expertise in producing stadium LED screens for global needs. Our sports LED displays are reliable, dependable, have high quality, and are of long service.

P4 Stadium LED Screen
P4 Stadium LED Screen

Furthermore, here are some of the details of our P4 stadium LED screen project in Hungary.

  • It utilized a P4 LED screen for a stadium.
  • We installed it in an outdoor stadium; that’s why the LED screen is equipped with IP65 protection both for the front and rear sides.
  • The project utilized a column installation method (single-column).
  • It can be used as an information board displaying scores, participants’ names and details, game status, timer, and an advertising screen.
  • Dual maintenance is applied to the LED screen as you can maintain it on both front and rear sides. Both are feasible for staffing and have good space for preservation.

Should you need a stadium LED screen, please contact us today.


3. Tips On Choosing Stadium LED Display For Your Needs


In choosing what kind of LED screens are best for your stadium, there are some considerations that you need to address first. These things will allow you and your LED provider to select the stadium display boards that are perfect for you.

  • Indoor or Outdoor

First off, you have to settle where you will install the perimeter LED displays. There are stadium LED screens that are more suitable outdoors because they have added defense against the outside environment. The extra layers of protection are not needed in indoor stadium LED screens.

  • Overall Brightness

It is not always true that you need to choose the LED screens with the highest brightness. The outdoor stadium LED signages are consistently brighter than the indoor, and vice versa. Choosing only the stadium screens with the right level of brightness guarantees safety, stability, and longevity.

LED Stadium Screen
LED Stadium Screen
  • Installation Requirement

The location of the installation tells you the method and requirement for installation. First, it is necessary to identify whether you will have your stadium screen wall-mounted, hanged on the ceiling, or grounded. Your answers to these questions determine the suitable LED screens for your digital scoreboard and ad display.

Choose stadium LED screens with a high refresh rate to display a flicker-free video. A high refresh rate is a must for a great viewing experience.

  • Viewing Distance And Viewing Angle

Inform your provider about the viewing distance and seating arrangement of your audience. It will help you and your LED provider choose the correct pixel value for your stadium screens.


4. Why Are LED Displays, Such As The P4 Stadium LED Screen, Vital For Sports Events?


Sports these days are becoming grander and more remarkable. In some ways, it is with higher standards and qualifications and the venue where it takes place. Thus, sports analysts and organizers are making ways to uplift sports in many ways.

On the other hand, sports is one of the aspects LED displays have influenced well. LED Displays surprise us with their wide application; they’re not only for business-related stuff but also for recreational activities.

Little did we know, LED displays in stadiums, arenas, tracks, and velodromes do not only serves as displays.

Sports Stadium Screen
Sports Stadium Screen

They primarily serve as signage or screen that shows game mechanics, participants’ names, messages, acknowledgment of sponsors, announcements, and advertisements.

Also, it serves as a time clock. Its size is big enough to give everyone access to information about the game. Since it is designed for large venues with a big crowd, it can display information vividly, even at a distance.

The sports LED display also serves as a perimeter with an easy access feature in emergencies like accidents. It acts as a barrier between the players and spectators. You might ask, will it break if the ball or a player hits it? The answer is a big NO. They don’t easily break or damage any game-related actions because they are designed to be force-resistant.

In a better way, LED displays influences our lives, all aspects of it. It improves our daily activities and helps us connect with people in the easiest way possible.


5. Conclusion


YUCHIP is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Since 2004, we’ve started exporting LED screens to various countries worldwide. Apart from manufacturing products, we also expand our market by involving citizens in partnering with us.



Sports LED Display Screen
Sports LED Display Screen

YUCHIP has some distributors in Hungary. In this way, while globalizing our products, we also give various individuals opportunities by helping us get more clients. You can be part of our team through a partnership program.

Furthermore, YUCHIP has high standards and has a great identity in the field. We are a global name you can trust with your LED display needs.

Please let us know how we can help you.

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