HD LED Screen

YuChip HD LED screen utilizes industry-leading materials and top-notch technology to deliver you a high-performing visual experience. Our great range of HD LED screens includes P0.6, P0.7, P0.9, P1.25, P1.56, P1.875, P1.9, P2, and P2.5.

We use Nationstar black LEDs, which have a high contrast ratio at 5000:1, and it perfectly reflects the content’s pure color. The high-refresh frequency driver IC MBI5253 guarantees you a flicker-free image and video when using phone or camera shooting. Our sophisticated engineers created the 16:9 highly stable die-casting aluminum cabinet, and it’s easy for you to build 2K, 4K, 8K large size LED screens. Besides that, our HD LED screen is easy to install and maintain in front and rear service. The unique design of the integrated sing and power connector offers you a cable-free, clean-looking LED display HD.

YuChip R&D team has the deep expertise to create the most professional and impactful HD LED display. They are widespread in security monitoring, dispatching command, command, control center, studio, weather information center, high-end conference center, exhibition center, museum cultural relic display, business education, and other high-end indoor LED display applications.

In addition, YuChip HD LED screen tackles a more digitized approach using technology with significant effects and value. Its widespread application caters to almost all of your LED needs. YuChip team will also help you familiarize yourself with taking care of your LED display. We also do visitation to assess if you need any help clearly along with our technical and online support. 

In YuChip, we create the utmost quality from the tiniest parts; we partner with reliable and sustainable spare parts equipment that suit and fit one another to the outer material; we utilize more durable and persistent items to meet the various environmental requirements.


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