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YUCHIP is your professional outdoor rental LED display manufacturer started in 2004. We use industry-leading materials to ensure you the best LED screen on rent.  The high-quality rental LED screen has been exported to over 102 countries and is widespread for outdoor and indoor events.

The excellent outdoor LED display rental design is lighter weight for fast assemble and dismantling, die-casting aluminum robust structure for stable and frequent movement. Furthermore, it’s IP65 waterproof for any of your environment’s use.

Should you have questions and inquiry, please get in touch with us.

High-Quality Rental LED Display To Boost Your Business

YUCHIP know-how LED screen experts to use cutting-edge technology to design the best rental LED display. The outdoor rental LED displays vast pixel pitches, including P2.5, P2.6, P2.8, P2.9, P3.91, P4.8, and more. The stage LED shape can be concave, convex, and curved based on your stage needs.

YUCHIP provides you high-quality rental LED display with a 3-5 years warranty. It has a 100,000 hours lifespan, which means you can use the LED screen for rent in 8-10 years. It’s your precious investment that has significant and continuous ROI.

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Outdoor LED Screen Rental: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Tech Terminologies Do I Need To Understand Before Renting LED Displays?


Hire LED Video Wall
Video Wall

If you plan to rent LED screens for your upcoming event, you must understand some technical terms about rental LED displays. You will need to deal with these terms and discuss those as you start dealing with your LED providers.

Pixel pitch. It refers to the distance between LEDs in your screen display which is responsible for the display clarity. Pixel pitch is directly related to the resolution of your rental LED display. If you need a better solution for your LED display, you need LED screen rental with a lower resolution, and vice versa.

Screen Structure. The screen structure of your LED displays in your event can be modular or mobile. A modular screen display is a large LED screen rental made up of multiple LED screen panels. This type of screen structure if you want to have a giant screen visible by everyone from any part of the venue. Mobile LED screen rental is a pre-built screen display brought to your event attached and delivered on a truck or other vehicle.

Brightness. Display brightness refers to the light quality of your rental LED screens. It is usually measured using nits or lumens. One nit is equivalent to 3.42 lumens. To put it simply, the higher the number value, the brighter your screen will be. For outdoor use, having rental LED screens with at least 5,000 nits is recommended.

Optimum Viewing Distance. Optimum Viewing distance refers to how far your audience can be from the rental LED screens without experiencing viewing interruption. Different LED screens require different viewing distances. The viewing distance and pixel pitch correlate to one another. If the viewing distance is longer, you need a higher pixel pitch.

IP rating. IP rating or Ingress Protection rating refers to the level of protection rental LED screens have against liquid and solid intrusions. The higher the IP rating, the more protected your LED screens are from external hazards. Having a good understanding of these terms will help you choose the right rental LED screens for you.


2. What Rental LED Screen Displays Are For Indoor Applications, And What Are For Outdoor Applications?


LED Wall Rental Cost
LED Wall Rental

There are rental LED screens that are specifically designed for outdoor use and indoor use.

Indoor Rental LED Screens. Usually, indoor rental LED displays have a lower pixel rate and better resolution than outdoor rental LED displays since the audience would be closer to the LED screen display.

Indoor LED screens are typically modular since they have to fit through doors during installation. These screens are also less durable and less bright compared to the outdoor LED display rental.

Outdoor Rental LED Screens. As mentioned above, outdoor LED screens are more durable and brighter because they are designed for long-distance viewing.

They are also built with higher IP ratings because they need to survive in a harsher environment.

If you want to know more about the rental LED display in store for you, message us today.

Outdoor Rental LED Screens Q Series

(Sample Outdoor LED Screen Rental Parameters)

Pixel Pitch 3.91 mm 4.8 mm 5.95 mm 6. 25 mm
Configuration SMD1921 SMD2727 SMD3535
Resolution 128 (W) x 128(H) 104 (W) x 104(H) 84 (W) x 84 (H) 80 (W) x 80 (H)
Dimension 500 mm x 500 mm
Panel Area 0.5 m2
Weight 7.5 kilograms
Quantity Of LED/panel 16,384 10,816 7,056 6,400
Screen Brightness

≥4500 nits (adjustable)

Brightness Adjustment 256
Viewing Angle 140 Horizontal, 140 Vertical
Minimum Viewing Distance 4 meters 5 meters 5 meters 6 meters
Display Work Method  1/16 scan 1/13  scan  1/7 scan  1/10 scan
Drive Mode Constant current
Contrast 3000:1
Grayscale 16-bit
Refresh Rate ≥2400 Hz
IP Rating IP65
Life Of Lamp (50% brightness) Ten years
Operation Temp. -20℃ ~ +40℃
Operation Humidity 0% to 95%
Power Input AC 110-240V


3. What Are The Creative Ways I Can Utilize Rental LED Displays?


LED Backdrop Rental
LED Backdrop Rental

Rental LED screens are highly in demand digital displays used in various events for various purposes.

To start you off, here are some of the creative ways people utilize rental LED displays:

Stage Backdrop. To make your stage set during your event, you could hire an LED video wall and use it as your stage background.

Stage background LED screen will not only give your stage a more appealing look, but it will also give artistic illumination to your event’s place.

A fantastic stage backdrop is also helpful in engaging and getting your audience’s attention. You could show exciting movies or images during breaks or dead air to keep your audience attracted.

Social Media Wall. A large LED screen rental is used as a digital screen showing relevant social media posts or images to promote brand awareness at your events. Attendees in your affairs will be excited to see user-generated content that came from their colleagues’ social media posts.

It’s a cute addition to your office or live events which

Sports Events. Sports happen in big arenas. Rental LED Screen in sports events helps every fan not to miss anything. You can also use it to show real-time scores of the games.

Pay-per-view Event. If you want to stream live video to a huge crowd, you could use a rental LED screen to cater to everyone. Whether for movie streaming, live gaming, live news, or a national event, live LED screens are reliable tools.


4. What Are The Benefits Of Large LED Display Rental And Mobile LED Screen Rental?


Rent a LED Screen
LED Screen

There has been a massive demand for rental LED displays in the past years. The LED display is a proven effective way to enhance the overall experience of your audience.

Here are some of the benefits of installing a rental Large LED display and mobile LED screen during your events:

Increased Audience Participation. Having aesthetically pleasing LED digital displays will grab and hold your audience’s attention. Audiences often tend to get disconnected from a distance when they can’t see what’s happening at the center stage.

So, having giant LED screens helps you deliver your message and entertain and engage your audience throughout your event.

Professional Level Display. The best way to let your audience know that you mean business is to make every aspect of your event look professional. Event organizers are often critiqued by the designs that incorporate into the location.

That includes digital signages and displays that you will set up during the event. So, having stylish yet highly functional rental LED displays to help you achieve that professional-looking design.

For Large LED Display Rental. Since this type of rental LED display is modular, it allows you to have a customized size and shape depending on what you think will match your venue and the nature of your event. It gives you a huge wall display without taking too much space.

For Mobile LED Screen Rental. It is an excellent LED display for outdoor events. This kind of rental LED screen is pre-arranged LED displays on trucks delivered to your circumstances. And since this is made beforehand, there’s very minimal time spent on installing it.


5. How Is The Pricing Of Rental LED Displays Determined?


Outdoor LED Screen Rental Price
Outdoor LED Screen Rental

If you plan to rent LED screens for events, the price could be the number one concern. Either you are looking for an indoor or outdoor LED screen for rent, these are some of the factors that highly influence the led wall rental cost:

Size. How big an LED digital display you need will significantly affect your rental LED display price. Your screen size is dependent on the viewing distance of your audience. The bigger venue you have, the more audience you expect, and the farther they will be from the screen, the bigger the LED screen you will be needing. More giant screens also mean a higher price; smaller screens mean a smaller fee.

Resolution. Resolution is another factor that affects how much you need to pay for renting an LED screen. There are different types of LED screens with different resolutions. This factor is again dependent on the viewing distance of your audience. You want a better screen resolution if your audience is close to the screen. Furthermore, if you’d like to invest in higher quality, spend more on it.

Installation Type. It is another game-changer for how much money you need to proper for your LED screens. You may choose to mount your rental LED display, have it sit on a truck, hang it on the ceiling, or have it stacked. The more complex the installation process, the more specialized equipment is needed, which adds more expense for your display.


6. What Is The Process Of Renting An LED Display?


Rental Outdoor LED Display
Rental Outdoor LED Display

These are the steps you have to go through if you plan or think of acquiring an indoor and outdoor LED display rental.

  1. Contact or visit the website of your potential rental LED display supplier. Learn about their products and services by looking at their web pages or simply asking them directly. Most LED suppliers are nice enough to give you answers. You can also ask for a price quote.
  2. Plan what kind of rental LED screen you will utilize in your events. It is essential to know what you want because your LED supplier will ask you these questions before receiving your price quote. The type of LED screens they will offer, and their price largely depends on your event’s requirements.
  3. Secure a contract of service. If you find the proposal of your LED supplier good enough for you, you will have to come up with an agreement with your LED provider. Make sure to read the contract before signing it. Discuss it with them if deemed necessary.
  4. Pay the initial deposit or down payment. It also happens during the contract signing. The amount of deposit depends on your supplier.
  5. Prepare a logistic plan once the contract is signed. Your provider will start preparing your rental LED screens. They will contact you occasionally, especially days before your events, to work out the logistics. It is to make sure that everything is going as planned.
  6. Execute the plan. A group of experienced personnel will come to the venue hours before the start of the program. They will set up all the LED screens as planned. A technician will be present during the event to operate the LED screens and troubleshoot if a problem.
  7. Provide your feedback. After dismantling the installed LED screens, the provider typically will stay in touch with you to settle the remaining balance and ask for experience.


7. How Long Would It Take To Set Up Rental LED Screens?


LED Rental Event
LED Rental Event

Setting up a rental LED screen display can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your LED wall rental size.

Portable LED screen rental or mobile LED screen usually takes around 30 minutes with minimal staff since these LED displays are already pre-made before the events.

Larger LED screen displays that are modular take a longer time to install. It requires more technicians as well.

The amount of time spent installing your rental LED screens is primarily relative to how big and complex you plan your LED displays.

Our well-experienced technicians and engineers carefully plan everything, including the timely completion of the installation task, to not cause any delays in your production.

After years of being in the LED industry, we assure you that everything will be in control and go well as planned. A technician will also be around to make sure things related to LED display are being cared for.


8. What Are Some Tips For Renting An LED Screen?


LED Wall Rental Near Me
LED Wall Rental

If you are producing or organizing an event, having a rental LED display would be one consideration.

Whether for advertisement or decoration purposes, these are some tips to follow to ensure your success in selecting the best rental LED products and services for your important event.

Ask Questions. If you do not understand something, feel free to raise the concern to your supplier/provider to understand better the ins and outs of renting LED displays.

A good LED services provider would be happy to assist you with your needs, including answering your inquiries.

Book in Advance. Rental LED displays are trendy these days. There is a tendency that your provider may run out of stock during your events.

To avoid experiencing last-minute stress caused by cramming, make sure to book your LED screen displays in advance. You could even get it at a lower price if you booked it months before than having it settled days before the events.

Ask for Demo. Have your provider demonstrate their product for you to see the actual quality of their LED displays before committing to them. A good LED provider will be happy to show you a demo since they are confident about their product and services.

Choose a Reliable Provider. You do not want to compromise the success of your events by hiring unreliable LED providers. Ask for a reference to trusted people. Read reviews and feedback and choose the provider with good tech support.


9. Where Can I Find A Rental LED Display Supplier Near Me?


LED Wall Rental
LED Wall Rental

There are several rental LED screen suppliers that you can find in China. YUCHIP is one of the most trusted and leading rental LED display solution providers in Shenzhen, China. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED screens suitable for your every occasion need.

We custom-made our products and services according to the needs of every client to make sure that all of our customers will experience nothing but the best-LED display experience. Our customer satisfaction is our number 1one priority. Our continuous effort to provide only the best rental LED screen services makes us the top solution provider in the LED industry.

If you want to learn more about us and our rental LED products, you can visit us on our website at www.yuchip-led.com. Contact us today and let us start talking about your needs. We will be more than happy to serve you.



Guru Josh Project With YUCHIP’s Participation


1. Introduction


Guru Josh
Guru Josh

Guru Josh or Paul Walden is a famous Jersey musician who was born on June 6, 1964. He was active in the British post-acid house and released his popular debut single dubbed “Infinity” in 1989. He died of suicide on December 28, 2015, brought about by depression, alcohol, and drug addiction.

Guru Josh is a famous rave music DJ in the 90s who has released several singles following his debut album. He was popular among house music fans who loved rave parties and rave tunes. The Guru Josh Project, perhaps, was created as a commemoration of his musical legacy.

Darren Baillie created the Guru Josh Project when he re-released the Infinity album in 2008. Since then, Guru Josh Project has been done annually. Many parts of the world celebrate and play the Guru Josh music during the event and live the rave music.

YUCHIP participated in one of the Guru Josh Project’s events as we’ve provided outdoor rental LED displays for the said occasion. Below are the details.


2. Guru Josh Project LED Screen


YUCHIP, as a leading LED screen manufacturer and supplier from China, provided a rental LED screen for the Guru Josh project event. We provided a massive LED screen as a stage backlit and background display. The giant LED screen comprises several LED cabinets bound and connected to form a large set LED design.

The rental LED display served well its purpose as backlight, stage decoration, advertising screen, and more. The rave party and pop event went pretty well utilizing the rental LED screen.

Guru Josh Project
Guru Josh Project

Also, apart from using LED screens for a rave music event, here’s more events and occasions where you may use a rental LED display.

  • Concerts

Concerts expect a massive number of viewers, primarily if the performing artists are famous to many people. And in accommodating a large audience, you’ll need a rental LED display connected to make a giant screen.

The LED screen may serve as a monitor for people watching from a far distance and has no clear visuals on the physical look of the artists and stage. You may also use it to display lyrics, play videos, ads, and more.

  • School Events/Programs

School programs are often composed of large viewers. In such a school endeavor, students, parents, and teachers are present. The stakeholders, local communities, school and NGO officials, sponsors, and other concerned individuals add to the audience. With viewers hanging from hundreds to thousands, a school event may require rental LED screens with accessible installation features.

  • Product Launch

Brand sensitivity is best served when used with promos, outdoor events, and LED screens. Because product launch events are seasonal, rental LED screens will be the best fit for such occasions. You may opt for an average size screen that will serve as an advertising display showing the people the advantage of your products and services, comparing other brands, and a lot more.

  • Fashion Shows/Pageants

Fashion shows and beauty pageants are ubiquitous among countries in the world. You may utilize a rental LED screen equipped with fast and easy mobility, easy installation, and more features for outdoor events.

YUCHIP also offers comprehensive guidance in helping you know what you need for your specific project. Please let us know how we can help you.


3. What Are The Services We Provide In Leasing Outdoor/Indoor Rental LED Display?


When leasing rental LED screen displays, such as for the Guru Josh Project, we include all types of services related to LED display productions in the package deal. These services may include the following:

Guru Josh Project LED Screen
Guru Josh Project LED Screen
  • LED Display Customization

As part of providing you with a customized LED screen solution, your rental LED display supplier will customize LED displays that fit your production requirement or needs.

  • Installation

Your LED screen provider will send a well-trained and experienced technician to install the LED display in places expected to be situated. We will also provide all the necessary special equipment and tools.

  • Operation

During the entire course of your event, there will be one or two technicians who can operate the LED displays while you are enjoying the success of your production.

  • Troubleshooting

When technical issues or problems arise, our well-trained personnel will be present to resolve the issue right away. LED screens undergo testing before installation, so it is improbable to have significant problems during your event.

  • Dismantling

After the successful and superb production, the same people will disassemble all LED screens used. You could talk to your LED supplier about added services you want to have during leasing the rental LED display.

If you want to learn more about our product and services, visit us at www.yuchip-led.com.


4. Conclusion


Rental Display Screen
Rental Display Screen

YUCHIP is a respected brand in the international LED display market.

We provide all kinds of LED displays for your events, locations, and needs.

We’ve served 105 countries and counting. With our reliable LED display series and various screen solutions, we hope to spread the digital technology to more users to help you ease tasks, jobs and promote business and personal-related endeavors.

In addition, having the most affordable LED screen types, we ought to help established brands and small entrepreneurs, and small individuals to leverage their businesses, etc.

Please let us know how we can help you. Would you please message us at manager@yuchip.com?



P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Display: Tips, Guides, And Advantages


1. Introduction


P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Display
P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Display (250 sqm – total size)

Today, outdoor rental LED display is widely applied in events, concerts, and a lot more. You may use the outdoor rental LED display for indoor and semi-outdoor use. These LED screens come in lightweight and straightforward mobility features; they are prevalent and in-demand today.

The P3.91 is a commonly utilized pixel pitch for indoor and outdoor rentals among outdoor rental LED display products. Suppose you are getting a P3.91; here’s a quick guide for you.

Also, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and message us.


2. Why Is The P3.91 Outdoor Rental Common These Days?


You’ll see many P3.91 LED screens on sale in the market and come in various sizes. In YUCHIP, it is one of the most common pixel pitch products we export internationally. We have utilized hundred of P3.91 modules in our 17-year journey in the LED display industry.

P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Screen
P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Screen

And if you’re thinking of having one for your project, here are some advantages it has.

  • Wide-viewing Angle. It has a wide viewing angle, enabling every viewer to see the exact resolution on all sides. The left and right sides do not suffer from color saturation, flicker, and other destructive factors.
  • Adjustable Brightness. Since it is designed for rental events, in which the color temperature of every environment may vary, it has flexible brightness features. In this way, you may change the color and brightness status of the whole screen when placed outdoors, semi-outdoor, or indoors. Some color features may also be available for adjustment, including the hue, saturation, contrast, and more. However, there are instances that they are fixed and automatically adjusted even before delivering the product to you.
  • High Product Quality. The P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED display is from high-grade materials. The product also undergoes a series of tests and inspections to ensure its quality snd reliability for its long service.
  • Unique Rental Design. Outdoor/indoor rental screens have unique structural designs that ease mobility, installation, dismantling, and more. These include an anti-skid handle, lightweight design, average-sized modules, and more.

Apart from the mentioned features, your P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED display may come with various additional features. You may opt for feature customization with us.


3. Tips And Guides


As a leading manufacturer from China, YUCHIP also considers helping and giving you knowledge about proper and wise purchase of LED screen products. Apart from allowing you to customize your desired projects, we are also here to guide and enlighten you. Regarding the P3.91 Rental Screen and all products from our rental LED screen series, here are a few tips and guides for you.

P3.91 Rental LED Panel
P3.91 Rental LED Panel
  • Product Familiarization. It is essential to know about the products beforehand. So, please make sure to read about the various pros and cons of LED displays in your spare time. If you do not have enough time to read and research, you may ask us to help you, and we will be more than happy to guide you.
  • Price Inquiries. It applies to those with a tight budget for an LED display project. Budget, perhaps, is one of the factors you have to consider in burying any extensive and costly equipment.
  • Customize. Some buyers are maybe too shy to ask for this feature and later become unsatisfied with their purchase. That’s why we advise you to be mindful of all your consideration and tell us what you need and your desired project outcomes. We can achieve a worthwhile result for your benefit with the proper coordination and feedback.
  • Proper Maintenace. It is true things last when maintained well and taken care of. The same concept applies to LED screens. Its lifespan is pre-determined by the material and its manufacture; however, the real deal comes when it’s maintained. Perhaps maintenance does not only pertain to front, and rear maintenance but also to how short or long the rest is for the equipment. If it works 24/7 and gets no off-time, the performance may also decline.

If you need more tips and guides, please message us for more.


4. Conclusion


YUCHIP believes our growth is your growth and vice versa. We provide you with our products and consider taking you and learning of the market. We will be right there with you to celebrate your victory and small wins in whatever field you are into.

Apart from the quality products we provide, we also have significant and excellent services to give you.

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