LED Display is a product brought about by continuous technology development and the latest digital approaches’ integration. This product oughts to deliver you insightful ideas on how to leverage your businesses and lives.

YUCHIP’s LED products have grown and developed well over the years. In every LED module comes the technology with better service and viable quality. It is evident in our expanding number of satisfied clients with our utmost kindness and LED display solutions. And in every project we accomplish, we pair it with perseverance, hardships, and willingness to serve.

And if you’re interested in learning more regarding LED display products and solutions, various features, maintenance, usage, and other advantages, here are a few of our delightful schemes to help you realize your choice or familiarize yourself with LED products.


Linsn Receiving Card Rv908
Linsn LED Studio Software: Parts, Processes, And Accessories

The Linsn LED studio software is a control system solution product produced by Linsn Technology. It is one of the most successful and widely used LED display control systems alongside Novastar and ColorLight. The Linsn control system is suitable for full-color LED display and color synchronism.

LEDVISION: Software Processes, Components, And Features

LEDvision is a control system offered and developed by the ColorLight Company. It is a device and software that are used to control or operate an LED display screen. The LEDvision is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

DIP, SMD, COB, And GOB LED: A Quick Comparison Guide

Ever since the invention of LED lighting technology, it has become a very popular, cost-effective, and energy-saving lighting material choice of many. Today, there is now more than one model of LED technology available in the market.

Indoor LED Video Wall
Indoor HD LED Video Wall: 21st Century Experience

With the fast-changing world, people tend to seek more advancement and establish new technology to ease every aspect of their lives. And with these, people look for a variety of products to pamper their lifestyle and day-to-day activities. Entertainment has been part of our lives. But how can we have an ultra-fine experience?

Stadium LED
YUCHIP LED Screen Display In Extreme Environment

First of all, we should know that the power supply is the most critical “organ” of the LED screen. The power supply is to LED screen what the heart is to a human. When it works well, the whole screen should work well, too. You might have experienced it as your smartphone died in a frigid environment. A dead cell phone battery causes it.

YUCHIP: The Biggest Outdoor HD LED Display in Vietnam

Both for outdoor and indoor advertising, HD LED Display can cater, and it’s happening worldwide. LED Display has developed widely; 10 years ago, P40 is a popular choice for outdoor advertising; 2 years later, P20 took the outdoor LED billboard spot. In 2014, P16 and P12 were the hot sale model for outdoor use, and in 2016-2018, P10, P8, and P6 became the options.

YUCHIP P2 Indoor LED Display for Security Surveillance
YUCHIP P2 Indoor LED Display For Security Surveillance

HD LED Display provides comfort and a source of entertainment for families and individuals. It gives you high-definition color screens, brightness, video and audio system, and no trouble managing content simultaneously. It steps up your experience, be it for your own home, business, connecting internationally, and even for security purposes.

YUCHIP-P16-outdoor-stadium-led-display-in-Hungary 5
YUCHIP'S High Quality LED Display Screen’s Features

As customers, we always value quality products. And basically, we don’t want to invest in the consequence of no good. When purchasing, we keep in mind whether it benefits us well and will not impair our sound health. Health is wealth, and so our eyes are. That’s why we have to consider whether a product will deprive us of having a better experience or cause us some illnesses.

Keeping Perimeter LED Display Emergency Exit

Accidents are unexpected, and so they may happen anytime, to anyone, and at any place. They’re unintentional, but they may result in damage or injury. So what are possible measures to reduce destruction? When it comes to large equipment, why is it necessary to keep perimeter LED Display Emergency Exit?

HD LED: Developing Direction Of Outdoor LED Display

The LED Display has gone into the HD era. It is a video display product with high brightness, low operation voltage, little power consumption, long life span, and steady performance. The application product market of LED Display is developing and evolving rapidly. LED Screen has become a new trend for outdoor advertising video carriers because of its highly maturing technology and dependable performance.

Church LED Screen In Nigeria From YUCHIP
P6 Indoor LED Display for Church Usage In Nigeria

HD LED Display provides comfort and a source of entertainment for families and individuals. It gives you high-definition color screens, brightness, video and audio system, and no trouble managing content on a day-to-day basis. Thus, it alleviates your experience for your own home, businesses, establishments, transportation terminals, or even for churches.

YUCHIP Invite You To Join In GRAFINCA 2017 Peru
YUCHIP Participated In GRAFINCA 2017

GRAFINCA is one of the professional exhibitions for the advertising manufacturing and printing industry in South America. Also, it is the largest advertising exhibition and industry event in Peru. Meanwhile, it is a sales trade exhibition and an exchange interaction ceremony for industry professionals.

P4.8-LED-Sphere-Display-From-YUCHIP-in-Expo2017Astana 4
YUCHIP's LED Sphere Ball Display In Astana 2017 Expo

Expo World’s Fairs are large international exhibitions for nations to showcase their cultural, architectural, and technological achievements. It has various themes, and it takes place in different locations around the world at a certain period, like 3 to 6 months. Also, it is for businesses and companies to expose advancements in different fields.

Multiple Transparent LED Screen Applications
Outdoor Round LED Display For Advertising

Advertisements, a way of product or service promotion, have been part of our day-to-day lives. Its appeal, music, and medium are like a resounding viewpoint. From fliers, catalogs, leaflets, magazines to radio and television, advertising has evolved unnoticeably. Furthermore, its channel or medium has developed as well. For instance, from paper advertising to outdoor advertising with the use of Outdoor Round LED Display.

LED Poster
Indoor HD LED Display: Your Best Choice

Indoor HD LED Display is the most advanced technology screen you could ever have. The variety of functions it can offer, and its advantages are entirely the best choice for everyone. HD LED Display has paved its way to the market. Companies and manufacturers’ effort has been fruitful throughout the years. It is shown how these displays interfered in different aspects. Be it for advertising, educational use, entertainment, and recreational events.

Led Screen Aging Test
YUCHIP P1.9 HD LED Display Aging Test

When you buy a cellphone or computer, how do you make sure that the brand and product you choose are working correctly? You have to test it. Salesman or saleslady will turn the device on for you and let you explore the features. To make sure its technicalities have no problem, you check it. It’s the same way with P1.9 LED Display Screens. The difference is that with small devices, 5-10 minutes of testing is enough; however, with LED Displays, it takes 72 hours.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Market Advantage Analysis
Wireless LED Display Screen and Its Future Trend

On the other hand, the Wireless LED system uses GSM, GPRS, 3G, and wireless network technology. It provides a general-purpose rs232 or rs458 or rj45 interface to achieve the LED display network control, whether it is an ordinary text screen or a large graphic screen. Regardless of location and density, the main power can accurately and immediately release data.

Standing Firm In The Overseas Market For China's LED Display Enterprises

LED Display enterprises in China has established well their identities and brand. So it’s not surprising that they were able to enter the overseas market. Countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, the USA, South Africa, and the Middle East have been outlets for LED Display trade. Also, it developed rapidly in South America and South Africa in recent years, causing heavy demand for low price products in the Middle East market.

Small Pitch LED Display in 2016 European Cup
Small Pitch LED Display in 2016 European Cup

Firstly, how to reach “low brightness and high ash”? Our eyes cannot stand too high brightness; it will cause a gray tone gradation loss if too low. And in response, YUCHIP made a solution. Our LED full-color display has low intelligence and high ash. Secondly, indoor high-density small pixel pitch LED display also reflects the core technology; completely seamless production and shows real and natural color. That’s why YUCHIP used the mature point-by-point correction technique for a long-time operation and sound effect.

P10 Outdoor and Rental LED Display
How May The Quality Of A LED Display Be Judged?

The complicated temperature has a significant influence on LED Displays. Its ideal working state is about 25℃ room temperature theoretically. But in fact, outdoor LED Display works at a rather complicated surrounding temperature in application. The highest temperature may be over 60℃ in summer, while the lowest temperature may be below -20℃. This fluctuant temperature has a significant influence on LED Displays when working.

YUCHIP Four sides led display advertising indoor high resolution led display.led screen.led panel
YUCHIP Four Sides LED Display

Four sides LED Display is another milestone in the advertising field. It’s another way of indoor advertising to help entrepreneurs and businesses promote their products in big setups. Advertising has been typical throughout the years. It is the most effective way of product promotion as well as service marketing. Because of advertising, brands and manufacturers attained higher sales and revenue, making more advancement and a healthy economy. It is, indeed, an essential key to success.

Israeli Clients Visited YUCHIP

YUCHIP, China’s leading screen solution provider and manufacturer, has been in the industry for years. We have established our brands, products, solutions, and services well in China and abroad. Our dedication to cater to our client’s needs is our utmost priority. Together with helping them achieve success through our services, we hope to give them quality products.

P6.25 Outdoor LED Display Rental In Budapest
P6.25 Outdoor Rental LED Display: Stage Use and Waterproof
Emerging LED Transparent Display Market

LED Transparent Screen has emerged into prominence in the LED Display field. In the past two years, with the continuous improvement of display technology and application, LED transparent screens rose to fame.  With its high-end atmospheric technology, 60%-90% of new LED display screens shine in building curtain walls, large shopping malls, exhibitions, and choreography.

Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series
Global SEWA LED Display Market Status

China is the most extensive manufacturing base of LED displays in the world. The world’s most advanced LED display technology and patents are almost entirely from China. Looking at China’s LED SEWA market trajectory, we will find that the leasing screen market can develop rapidly. Besides benefiting from technological progress and market demand, the market’s policy-oriented role is also undeniable. At present, China’s LED display industry with the “small gap” broke out; the market growth is stable.

YUCHIP P3 Indoor LED Display On Hungarian TV Station
YUCHIP P3 Indoor LED Display On Hungarian TV Station

YUCHIP, China’s leading screen solution provider, had expanded from domestic to overseas market a long time ago. We’ve created our identity and built our brand status globally because of our commendable services and quality products. Despite the dynamic changes in the global product market, we were able to continue to provide advanced solutions to one business at a time.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Market Advantage Analysis
Small Pixel Pitch LED Market Advantage Analysis

In recent years, the explosive growth of commercial market demand has promoted large-size indoor display technology’s rapid development. Also, it accelerated the competition between the camps of several technologies. Compared to other display technologies, this type of LED display has a unique advantage in brightness, power, life, color, and other aspects as a self-luminous type of product. Unlike LCD splicing, it complies with the user’s strict requirements because of no patchwork feature.

First 3-Faces LED Display In Bangladesh
First 3-Faces LED Display In Bangladesh

YUCHIP, a LED screen solution manufacturer from China, has stepped up to the overseas market. With our well-established identity, clients from all over the world can purchase from us. They can quickly get access to our products’ features through our digital presence. On May 6th, 2016, one of our clients from Bangladesh visited our factory. There were five people, including two college students.

P6.25 Outdoor LED Display Rental In Budapest
Rental LED Display Market : Quality Over Price
More Taxi Top LED Display Photo
YUCHIP Taxi Top LED Display Becoming More Popular

Part of our continuous expansion is our innovation of products. Likewise, we can cater to not only big businesses but too small individuals as well. And one of the products we innovate is the Taxi Top LED Display. It is a new type of electronic media advertising and comes with an elegant and attractive appearance on taxis, buses, and other vehicles as a terminal carrier. The purpose is to form a new generation of networked, intelligent, digital outdoor media. This media is an integration of outdoor, electronics, mobile and WiFi, etc.

YUCHIP P4 Indoor HD LED Video Display In Malaysia
YUCHIP P4 LED Display For Stage Rental In The Philippines

Because the LED display can be used indoors or outdoors and fixed or rental use flexibly, its application is extensive. From the taxi trailer to the major shopping malls, railway stations, bus stations, convention centers, large indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, etc., Because of this, business products have been in an outstanding promotion accompanied by a considerable profit.

Solutions for LED Display Chromatic Aberration
Solutions for LED Display Chromatic Aberration

Point-by-point correction is a technology used to enhance LED electronic screens’ luminance uniformity and fidelity of color. The process is acquiring data of each pixel on the LED display, calibrating the coefficient matrices, and then sending feedback to the display control system. The purpose is to achieve the differential drive of pixels and reduce the difference in brightness and color. This technique can stitch different LED-tailed gear batches and display beautiful and pure pictures with natural color.

How To Identify The Gray Grade Of LED Display?

LED display brightness level refers to the image’s brightness level that people’s eyes can distinguish between the most black to the most white. The gray level of the display can be very high, like 256bit or even 1024bit. However, due to the human eye’s limited sensitivity to brightness, we cannot fully identify these gray levels. That is to say, a lot of adjacent gray levels seem to be the same for people.

LED Display Module Composition And Classification

There are some popular pixel pitches of LED display: P1.9, P2.0, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P7.62, P8, P12 and P20, etc. But basically, pixel pitch ranges from P0.5 up to P20. Innovation and advanced technology continue their pursuit in every aspect of our lives. That is to say, LEDs in the market escalate and elevate their structure from time to time. Purposively, to cater to customers’ needs and upscale businesses’ revenues and income.

Outdoor P10 Renal LED Panel In Swizerland
The Future Trends Of Outdoor LED Display

With the change of outdoor advertising forms, to attract more advertising owners/audiences, large LED screens pay more attention to new ways of publicity and interaction. And to get the more significant adverting effect, it needs higher demands for LED display in the future. Mass Control” technology could synchronize the same content, color, brightness at the same time. Also, for real-time adjustment of the technical specification through networking LED display.

The differences between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display
Differences Between Indoor LED Display and Outdoor LED Display

LED display has wide use in various industries. Therefore, with the development of the market economy, the application of LED displays continues to expand. LED display screen has a robust real-time dynamic data display and visual display function. It has become the first choice of large-screen information display applications due to its long-life characteristics, low power consumption, and high brightness.

LED Screen Parts
YUCHIP Rental LED Display Screen And Its Features

Rental LED Display have paved their way to the market. Its wide application is becoming more and more popular among occasional events, business affairs, sports events, etc., for instance, in concerts, stage performances, festivals and cultural events, conferences, discos, and other indoor or outdoor activities. Rental LEDs are beneficial both for LED owners and leaders.

P4 Indoor LED Screens In GuangZhou
YUCHIP P4 Indoor Rental LED Display With Aluminum Extrusion

P4 Indoor LED Display has wide applications just like other indoor and outdoor LEDs. It functions as a video wall for theaters and commercial screens for digital advertising in malls and stores for indoor use. While for rental use, stage events, conferences, business meetings, presentations, and other indoor activities utilize this LED type.

Stadium perimeter LED display 3
Types of LED Display Installation

Post-type installation is typical for outdoor billboards, and the primary function is for advertising and information dissemination. Single columns are best for small screen sizes, while double-column is suitable for large displays. Its elevation is visible for distant viewers and creates a nice ambiance, thus attracting people.

Taxi Top LED Display in Thailand
YUCHIP GPS Taxi Top LED Display Application Solution

Taxi Top Advertising is a kind of advertising form created according to the muscular mobility, long service time, and broad coverage area of the taxi. It takes a taxi as an advertising carrier that brings the function of advertising and GPS monitoring together. Therefore, it achieves the results of publishing advertisements and guaranteeing the taxi’s safety.

1. The Biggest Outdoor High Definition LED Display in Vietnam
Radiance of Artemis–The Biggest Outdoor HD LED Display in Vietnam

With the coming of the 21st century, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is progressing into a new economic development age. Thus, the pursuit of continuous improvement of material and spiritual conditions is in this country. And as one of the most widely used electronic display devices, carriers, and mediums of information, the HD LED display solution is becoming more popular in this developing country.

YUCHIP is committed to innovation and creating a new height of bus screen application
YUCHIP: Innovating And Creating Height For Bus Display Screen Application

A bus is an essential means of transportation in the city. Its large number and various routes make it an unparalleled penetration advantage in the city’s busy sections. The choice of advertising media is directly related to the level of the advertising audience. Compared with other media advertising, bus advertising has many advantages: low cost, broad audience, high frequency, and sound effect. So it has become the preferred media for many businesses to seize the market.

Humanized Design New Indoor Rental LED Screen
YUCHIP Towards Rental LED Screen Future Market Development

With the development of technology, there has been a significant change in the rental LED display market recently. Compared to the early rise of LED display, the product design is more humanized now; the assembly, disassembly, and transportation are very convenient and fast. Thus, the showing effect is more apparent. The main product was P5 and P6 before, while now it is P3.91. Moreover, the higher definition LED display such as P2.5 and P1.9 also join the market and is becoming more popular.

8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories
8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories

Optical fiber is the transmission carrier for LED screen system signals. Also, it improves the signal transmission distance and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. Simultaneously, it reduces the interaction between the front and rear stages, making the entire control system wiring concise, beautiful, higher reliability, and stronger anti-interference. So, it is easier to install and maintain.

LED Screen Rental Outdoor B Series 1
How Should LED Display Be Maintained In A Regular Basis?

LED display cannot be closed for a long time. In a high humidity environment, if you do not use the LED display for more than three days, you should use the preheating lighting mode every time: 30%~50% is preheated for 4~8 hours, then adjust it to average. Brightness (80%~100%) illustrates the screen body, so you have to remove the moisture so that there is no abnormality in use.

Côte d’Ivoire customer give a thumb up to YUCHIP rental LED display training4
YUCHIP Rental LED Display Training Satisfied Our African Client

In recent years, China LED display company has shown a strong momentum of development in the export market. Currently, more than 160 countries have purchased LED screens from China. Thus, it shows China’s LED display industry in the global market share. At present, 80% of the world’s LED displays bear the “Made in China” logo; this is a number that makes every LED display practitioner proud.

Visiting in the Middle East Harvest a Lot1
YUCHIP 15-Day Visit In The Middle East

In recent years, the way LED display companies “go out to explore market” has also undergone a considerable transformation. As a professional LED Display supplier, YUCHIP visited some LED Display suppliers in the Middle East last year. It includes Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and other cities. We also saw some of our regular customers. Evidently, according to China market research, the LED development report shows that the next five years’ LED industry output value will have a continuous growth trend.

YUCHIP P2.5 LED Display Shines In Myanmar's Five-Star Hotel
YUCHIP P2.5 LED Display Shines In Myanmar's Five-Star Hotel

YUCHIP has entered South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, especially Asia. Like our project in one of the Southeast Asian countries – Myanmar. Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and its political, economic, cultural center, and transportation hub. Meanwhile, it has also opened a channel for the LED Display industry in Southeast Asia, thus opening up YUCHIP.

8 Factors To Consider In Choosing High Quality Outdoor LED Display

As technology continues to mature, LED video screens are becoming more widely used. Both indoor and outdoor applications are growing in airports, shopping centers, highways, sports fields, hotels, hospitals, business centers, and bus stops. With the rapid increase in application requirements, LED advertising display has become the market leader by its clear visibility in the sun. Accordingly, the rapid increase in demand in this market will also promote the LED video screen market expansion.

YUCHIP P2.5 LED Poster: An Industry-Level Solution

As an enterprise becoming the leading brand, YUCHIP LED display pioneers and leads. YUCHIP continually integrates traditional design concepts of indoor and outdoor display screens. Thus, exploring a brand new product development path by optimizing and upgrading core functions. LED Poster is a highly integrated portable LED display product specifically developed for indoor HD display applications.

Notre Dame Fire And Global Cultural Relics Protection
Notre Dame Fire And Global Cultural Relics Protection

On April 15th, 2019, the Notre Dame de Paris fire has recently attracted significant news media attention. Notre Dame de Paris is a business card of France. The 800-year history is dying out, the ruin of human civilization. Thus, the tragedy has also sounded the alarm for global cultural relics’ work, and it has also caused discussion and attention on cultural relics protection. With the constant maturity of the outdoor LED billboard technology, the outdoor LED screen has become more widely used in security monitoring.

LED Display Usage Maintenance

LED Display, being fascinating and advantageous, costs a significant amount of money. It’s an investment, to be exact, which will surely help you upgrade your presence in the vast product market. You need to know how to keep the performance always on point, even after years of usage. After you received the LED display panel, better maintenance will keep your LED screen stable and long time working. In this post, we will guide you with LED Display usage maintenance.

LED-Video-Wall-Module-Connection- 1
How To Connect LED Video Wall Module - YUCHIP Guide

In the LED screen industry, the 5V DC power cable is short named Red and Black cable. Red wire stands for live wire, and black wire stands for the neutral wire. Make sure that all 5V DC power cable connection is in a correct interface: live to live, neutral to neutral. Otherwise, a wrong link will burn LED module driver IC. And it will damage or burn the receiving-card IC as well.

Fine Pixel Pitch Display
Fine Pixel Pitch LED Drives Market To Rebound

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has directly affected the overall deployment and marketing of LED screen suppliers. It leads to a year-on-year decline in the first quarter’s performance; regional corporate capital flows, so the LED display industry is looking forward to the market recovery.

LED Perimeter Boards And Scoreboards For Competitive Events

According to the General Administration of Sport of China, the global sports industry showed a sustained growth pattern from 2006 to 2012. So, the comprehensive development of modern society led to the take-off of sports. It has become so popular that the LED displays have replaced the traditional scoreboards in most stadiums – such as LED Perimeter Boards and LED Scoreboards.

Guide On How To Cascade Multiple LED Posters
Guide On How To Cascade Multiple LED Posters

LED Poster is one of the hottest products these days. You can use them to display different content for advertising, product promotion, product launch, or brand awareness. It also offers different installation methods to choose from; movable, hanging, 90-degree stand, or even wall-mounted or fixed. Besides that, you can also make a bigger screen out of LED posters without cables and wires.

LED Display Products

Are you looking for the best and quality LED display products? YUCHIP is China’s leading LED display manufacturer with over a hundred projects accomplished across the globe. Below are LED display products, message us to learn more.

Transparent LED Display
Flexible LED Screen
Outdoor LED Screen
Indoor LED Screen
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