Advertising LED Display Screen

Advertising LED Display screens are widespread today. From the typical methods, advertising emerged one way or another. With the vast contribution and integration of technology, advertising seeks a more profound and broader scope, processes, channels, mediums, and patterns. 

In the past years, advertising is still in the form of conventional tarpaulins and brochures. However, as people switched to online and digital platforms, advertising also changed significantly. 

Advertising LED Display Screen creates a broader potential for the product and services it shows. It boosts product familiarity among audiences of various choices and preferences. It tailors and brings the content closer to the audience unforgettably and attractively. 


What Are The Key Benefits Of An Advertising LED Display Screen?


  • The presence of an advertising screen in a specific location creates a high-quality reality. It makes a friendlier atmosphere, is comfortable, and beautifies the vicinity. 
  • It significantly reduces the cost of paper advertising. Undeniably, many firms still prefer the use of paper for brand awareness. However, with an advertising LED display screen, the investment goes into digital platforms, which is also highly effective. 
  • Compared to paper advertising, you may reach only a few people in a 24-hour routine, while with an advertising screen, you have a greater chance to display content and broader viewers can see. 
  • Updating in advertising screen is way handy. In traditional paper advertising, changing content and reviewing may take days for layout, printing, and distribution. With the advertising LED screen, customizing requires the internet and a computer. Following a series of steps in the user guide or manual, you’ll be able to change content simultaneously. 


YUCHIP Advertising LED Display Screen Advantages


Quality Parts.

Advertising LED Display screens uses various software. In YUCHIP, we utilize Novastar, Linsn, and LEDVision, which are trusted LED software in the world. Also, the spare parts are firmer and more reliable than conventional displays. That’s why in YUCHIP, we use quality LED display parts coming from our trusted brands such as Nova and Nationstar.

High Brightness.

Our advertising LED display screen undergoes various tests in our workshop before transporting it to your location. So, you can be sure of perfected specifications such as brightness, refresh rate, pixel density, gamma, color uniformity, and a lot more. We measure and make sure that these parameters do not have issues and the display will serve you ultimately. 

Technical Support.

Besides qualifying in various tests, when the screen runs a problem, we’ll also help you solve it. Our technical support is open for you 24/7 or when we receive your message. We’ll help you by providing online phone support and site visitation. We may also tackle product replacement depending on the nature of the issue. 


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