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LED Modules

YUCHIP is a leading international brand that provides quality and premium products and services globally. Our series of indoor and outdoor LED modules are made out of the highest standard of craftsmanship and unique designs that will surely match the needed requirements for your LED display project.

Our products pass through final stages and processes to ensure their reliability, simple function, and long-lasting service for you. Also, apart from providing you the LED screen solutions for your advertising or business ventures, we offer various services such as installation, operation, transportation, rentals, and more.

Don’t you worry; we are equipped with the necessary skills and workforce to give you the best in your project indoors or outdoors.

What are you waiting for? Inquire now! Contact us at manager@yuchip.com.

Our Series Of Outdoor & Indoor LED Screen Panels: Delicate And Customized For You

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we offer you the best products in the market. Our LED modules are equipped with the most rigid structure and reliable software and internal components that function sound and best for a long time. Apart from these features, our LED modules also have high refresh rates, adjustable brightness, high grayscale, and use quality and secured control systems.

These control systems and software that we utilize help and ease you to perform and learn the various functions of the LED modules. Meanwhile, we also offer services about these functions if you need assistance or are unfamiliar with its operation.

YUCHIP takes pride in contributing to the world-class digital devices that we distribute globally. We are proud to say that our participation in various endeavors, be it for sports, advertising, business, international affairs, arts, exhibits, and other events, helps us appreciate digital screens and technology even better. Rest assured, we utilize energy-saving equipment to help conserve energy and be environmental-friendly.

Should you have further questions, please let us know. Contact us today!

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