LED Panels For Stage

LED Panels for Stage bring a closer view for a large audience number. With its brightness and color consistency, it can bring out natural and unsaturated video effects and animations.

LED Wall Stage is extensively applied in different stage events such as concerts, musical, theater performances, game tournaments, flashmobs, dance and singing competitions, fashion shows, family gatherings, summits, and international affairs, etc.

YUCHIP has attained numerous LED Wall Stage Design projects worldwide; in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa. Would you please message us to know more?

Achieve A Great Stage Background With Our LED Panels For Stage

LED Panels for Stage has a wide range of pixel pitch options. It ranges from the smaller pixel pitch to higher ones to help you choose the best type for your stage needs.

We have an indoor, rental stage, and video wall rental for recurring events if you need rental screens. However, if you opt to buy a permanent LED Wall stage, we have a stage LED screen and high-resolution panel. For creative and various stage needs, we provide LED school signs for school stage needs, theater screens, and flexible LED screens if you want to have spiral, circular, wavy, concave, or convex shapes of LED screens.

YUCHIP is a China-based LED Wall Stage Design provider with enormous and comprehensive experience in the industry. Our projects are known to have quality and stable performance in the long run. Also, we excel in services and after-sales support, and we look forward to working with you.

Please send us a message if you want to know more.

YUCHIP Catalog

YUCHIP Top-Rated LED Display Products And Solutions

  • Energy Saving LED Display

    Energy-saving LED Display reduces electromagnetic interference and adopts double circuit 2.8V & 3.8V for modules and control.

  • Circle LED Screen

    The Circle LED Screen has high brightness, high contrast, and a high refresh rate, resulting in a screen that has no delay and smear.

  • Museum-Video-Display

    Museum LED Screen is a digital video wall and signage displayed in different parts of the museum to show information and knowledgeable data.

  • P16 Arena LED Screen

    P16 Arena LED Screen is of high resolution 3906 pixels/㎡ for outdoor advertising LED billboard use. It has a high contrast ratio of 4000:1.

  • Sphere Display

    The P4 LED Sphere Display may come in various diameters such as 2, 3.2, or 4 m, and the cabinet size may come in multiple sizes.

  • Metro Station Advertising

    P3 Metro Station Advertising is an effective instrument in extending various data and information to the public.

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