Conference LED Screen

Conference LED Screen brings your creative ideas to life and communicates with your attendees in one of the most engaging ways possible.

As a leading LED display manufacturer, YUCHIP offers you a wide range of pixel pitches of indoor LED display screens for meeting rooms, conference halls, and hotels.


  • High-definition LED screen pixel pitch ranges from P2.5, P2, P1.92, P1.875, P1.56, P1.25, P0.9, etc.
  • Ultra-fine display that allows people sitting at the back to have the in-front experience.
  • It is available for customization, depending on the area, location, venue, and individual volume.
  • Conference LED Screen allows your audience to have the upfront experience considering the distance and number of viewers.
  • LED Conference Screen provides a more intense and exciting view during a summit, meetings, conferences, and other international or local affairs.
  • You can also use it for certain gatherings such as concerts, programs, company events, and other indoor affairs.
  • The installation varies however the maintenance may often come through the front side.
  • The LED lamp has closer positioning resulting in a more vivid and clearer resolution and high definition.
  • The display has flicker-free and distortion-free features.
  • YUCHIP will guide you all along from choosing your pixel pitch to installation, maintenance, and other relevant matters regarding the LED product.
Pixel Pitch (mm)




Pixel Configuration



Pixel density (dots/㎡)




Module resolution (WxH)




Module size (mm)200(W)*168.75(H)
Module weight

0.4 kg

Max.Power Consumption


Cabinet Module


Cabinet Resolution




Cabinet Size (mm)

600 (W) x 337.5 (H) x 80 (D)

Cabinet Area (㎡)


Cabinet Weight 

7.8 kg

Cabinet Level-up Degree




Cabinet Raw Material


White Balance Brightness (nits)

≥800 (6500K)

Color Temperature (K)

3200-9300 (adjustable)

Viewing Angle (H/V)


Deviation/Center Distance


Brightness/ Chromaticity Uniformity




Refresh Rate 


Color Processing Bits

16 bit

Video Playback Capabilities


Applicable Standards




(P5 Indoor Fixed HD LED Screen)

Conference LED Screen


A conference LED screen ensures that every one of your attendees receives the first-row experience. Thus, the giant screens for events make every viewing angle a great one.

LED Screen Conference
Conference LED Screen

We can tailor the LED panel screen to the exact shape and size you want.

For example, a large screen for a conference room can be customized as a curve, edge, and flat LED wall, the ultimate stand-out display.

4k tv for conference room
4K TV for Conference

YUCHIP offers you a fine pixel pitch LED display and event LED rental for LED screen conference use.

Its high resolution brings impressive video clarity and vibrancy to any of your circumstances.

As you know, the 4k TV for the conference room will make your conference an extraordinary one, and it creates a high-quality picture that retains the same sharp clarity up close, as it does from far away.


Conference LED Display Benefits


Event LED display wows your audience with the best-LED technology and gives them a visual experience they won’t forget. YUCHIP uniquely designed indoor led display screen presents smooth and accurate colors, and there is no water wave or shaking in a live broadcast.

LED Screen Event
Conference LED Display
Giant LED screen rental always requires an indoor led screen panel to support multiple signal inputs. For instance, HDMI, SDI(SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI), DP, CVBS, VGA, etc.

YUCHIP has a wide range of conference room LED display products capable of multiple signal inputs and outputs.

Indoor LED Display Screen
Conference LED Screen in a Summit

From the opening ceremony and keynote presentation to the breakout and general sessions, you can show all of them on an indoor LED display screen that fills the entire wall.

The event LED screen is so bright that you can use it in whole room light or even sunlight.

Besides, there are no more summits and meetings in darkened houses.

Are you organizing a personalized LED screen conference?

YUCHIP is ready to help you by ensuring that the unforgettable high-impact conference room LED display is perfect for fixing your space and your existing AV installation.

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