LED Screen Hire

YUCHIP rental series is achieving great potential in the market. Rental panels are the same as typical display screens for indoor or outdoor fixed installation. However, they vary in structural design, IP level, maintenance, and installation features. 

While fixed installation is becoming very common because of advertising, LED Screen Hire or rental screens are also immensely boosting when it comes to demand and reliability. 

LED Screen Hire Advantages

Advertising Use.

Either you purchase it for rental events or another, you can also use it for advertising. While playing content for the event, you may also show some advertisements on its widescreen. 

Return On Investment.

If you prefer using a LED screen hire for rental events, it can benefit you; however, it may double your ROI if you use them for leasing services. When your rental panels are vacated, you may opt to let other rental events organizers achieve good visuals in their respective events. 

Easy Transport.

Transporting screens, cumbersome cabinets are troublesome. But with our LED screen hire or rental panels, transporting comes easier. With the handlebar and individual box, moving rental modules can be done quickly, fastly and with a lesser workforce, effort and cost.

Low Maintenance.

Outdoor rental LED screens have high IP levels making them waterproof and dustproof and highly reliable for various rental locations. You can also expect low-maintenance features with our indoor rental meetings. In addition, maintenance can be either front or rear. 


Installing and connecting the cabinets is convenient. Also, interchanging panels will not affect the overall clarity of the screen. 

Quick Access. 

An LED Screen Hire plays various content in an event, so it needs to have easy customization. Using either Nova, Linsn, or LED VISION software, customizing, uploading, and playing content is more appropriate and favorable. 

If you have questions about the LED Screen Hire, feel free to message us at manager@yuchip.com.


With its full range of colors, an indoor LED display can be a great way to beautify your office or company premises. It can also make a more superior and digital appearance, especially if you’re having particular events like gatherings or exhibitions.

YUCHIP Rental LED Display Cabinet Fast Installation

Rental LEDs, being convenient and go-to display, have alleviated in the market. Its flexibility of use, transportability, and other features allow LED owners to lease them for temporary use. Like billboards and other advertising displays, rental LEDs are almost there where events happen.

P8 Rental and Perimeter LED Display Screen

Perimeter LED Display Screen is a type of LED Display designed for sporting events, live broadcasting, and commercial advertising. Its favorable features allow sports stadiums to display high-resolution screens to show game scores, participants’ names, program outline, time, etc.

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