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The Process Of Manufacturing An LED Screen




Manufacturing an LED screen takes a thorough process. It has various stages of development, study, careful production, and tests to ensure its reliability and excellent performance.

The Process Of Manufacturing An LED Screen
LED Screen Manufacturing

YUCHIP is an LED screen manufacturer, provider, and supplier that has been in the field for almost 18 years. Our products, solutions, and finished projects are known globally for versatility, reliable performance, and valued services.

Perhaps, in this post, we’ll share with you a glimpse of the process of manufacturing an LED screen so you can further understand the production cost, the steps, and a lot more.


The Process Of Manufacturing The LED Display


Below are the steps and process of how your desired LED screen is crafted and manufactured in our factory.

  • Approval And Budget Confirmation

Before designing and starting the production, knowing the allotted budget for a project is also essential. The budget, perhaps, indicates which of which components we will utilize, the overall design, and the additional features we can add.

Approval And Budget Confirmation

This step comes first with a down payment and other invoice arrangements. You may also lay down the features, design, size, and other factors you’d like us to customize. We will help you in coming up with your desired project outcomes.

  • Technical Study And Blueprint

Technical Study And Blueprint

After deliberation and final revision of the custom-made design you provided, we will hand down the blueprint to our technical experts, who will study the project. These experts are skilled engineers and individuals who have been involved in LED manufacturing for years.

They will determine the feasibility of achieving the design, the specifications, and the revisions suitable for the product in correspondence to the project needs.

  • Structural Development And Design

Structural Development And Design

The backbone, cabinet, and other massive parts of the LED screen will be manufactured in our factory. The process comes with a thorough guide to comprehensively follow the proper size, sturdiness, waterproof level, and other parameters. Also, we will update you on this process regarding the availability of material, options, and other suggestions we can give.

  • Structural Components Completion

After manufacturing the structural parts, we will assemble them to complete the outer core design. Also, assembling may involve other spare parts coming from our reliable partners and brands in the industry.

  • Electrical Components Completion

Electrical Components Completion

Once the structure is complete, it is now time for us to supply the electronic components. These components are diodes, LED tapes, and more. The process also involves using various machinery and equipment such as high-speed chip mounted, LED taping, and print machines that fasten and ease the process, especially for the case of huge modules and high quantity projects.

  • Overall Components Assembling

Once both electrical and structural parts are complete, we will assemble the whole product. In the general product assembling, we use high-speed digital devices assisted by skilled individuals in our factory.

  • Testing And Quality Control

Testing And Quality Control

After manufacturing all the LED screen product or solution parts, we will put them in various tests and inspections.

Aging test, for example, is an exhaustive test where we place the LED screen into 72-hour use to check its stability and performance.

Another set of tests includes the display and screen tests where we check the color intensity and other parameters or the LED screen.

We also adjust the hues, grayscale, brightness, refresh rate, etc.

Once the product reaches the inspection and passes the quality control tests, we ensure that it has highly reliable performance and excellent sound usage.

  • Packaging And Safe Transportation Control

Packaging And Safe Transportation Control

In YUCHIP, we ensure that the product arrives at its destination safe and sound. Apart from quality control, we also have a safe transportation policy. We guarantee to pack, ship, and deliver the product to your doorstep with its humble and quality features in this rear step.


YUCHIP: A Reliable LED Screen Manufacturer


China LED Display Module

We have been involved in many LED screen projects globally; our rich track record is here.

We haven’t recorded some due to workload and excessive projects in line.

We have been in the industry for almost 18 years, and our products have reached nearly all parts of the world; in various countries and continents, we continue to strive.

Our factory and headquarter is in Shenzhen, China; however, we also have partner distributors in Germany, Hungary, the USA, Nigeria, Peru, and more.

Should you be reading this, it is a sign that your next project will be considerably achievable. Contact us today! Please send us a message at manager@yuchip.com.

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