LED Screen Wall

YUCHIP LED Wall Display Screen uses quality materials (extrusion materials, die-casting aluminum, aluminum) as LED cabinet materials. It offers longevity of use and other features such as waterproof and dustproof designs. Our LED wall display screen pixel pitches range from P1.25 HD Wall Display to P4, all for fixed installation or rental use. 

The LED Wall Display Screen is designed with low brightness to moderate brightness depending on the pixel pitch and usage, high grey grade; it protects your eyes while having a more excellent viewing experience with your LED display. The high refresh rate with the HD design gives you an all-out clarity of visuals and presentation. 

If you have a second thought of choosing from, our team and engineers will give you outstanding support to help you decide and select the best-LED screen wall for your project. Upon selection, YUCHIP will start the production immediately; all ought to deliver you the best quality display on time. 

The LED Screen Wall, for instance, is a product with continuous development with its design, cabinet, material, parameters, and overall quality. Alongside, its installation and application scopes also evolved competently. 

 LED Screen Wall use is spreading remarkably, from indoor areas such as hotels, restaurants, private amenities, and leisure locations to public facilities such as hospitals, schools, museums, theaters, etc. Thus, giving the LED screen wall a much more notable usage and impact in businesses and all kinds of individuals, too.

As years go by, the LED products also change significantly. From conventional screens to digital LEDs, static posters, to billboards, every bit of LED field has ascended well. The LED Display also developed from various types and categories to HD ones, SMD screens, LED Screen Wall, etc. The profound changes are manifested in the LED products over time. 

YUCHIP prevails to reach the highest standard from the quality of spare parts to manufacturing and production, team and services, warranty, and after-sales support. We offer you quality products, outstanding support, and excellent services.



One of YUCHIP’s latest product types is the P1.56 LED wall display screen with a super HD resolution. Its vivid colors and brightness make it suitable for events and occasions. Thus, it makes an event more classy, more pleasant, and more excellent.

YUCHIP Indoor 100㎡ HD LED Display In Laos And Aging Test

These P2 and P2.5 LED displays to have high stability, a dual redundant power supply, and a double signal thermal backup. The LED screen wall has a seamless connection, no interruption, no black line on the screen, one and multiple Windows broadcasts.

YUCHIP Indoor P5 Front Maintenance LED Screen In Exhibition

Not only for exhibition purposes but its fully front-access, super slim design, and excellent display performance make the P5 indoor LED screen wall the first choice in hospitality, conference room, TV studio application, public transport areas, etc. 

Global SEWA LED Display Market Status

Rental LED Display Panel Q-Series is one of our newest released LED series. It overall fits your rental needs, with its unique LED screen wall design, 5 seconds quick installation, 18 seconds fast replacement, and each cabinet has a +15/-15 degree curved design.

YUCHIP P1.25 HD LED Screen Shines In Germany 2

Indoor Ultra HD LED Screen Wall sets the new standard for indoor display. It uses high-quality LEDs to achieve a high-resolution display. Its high refresh rate ensures perfect display performance, thus meeting the live broadcast requirements.

YUCHIP P2 Indoor Rental HD LED Display

P2 Indoor Rental LED Screen Wall is designed specifically for indoor use with low brightness and high grey to protect your eyes while enjoying an HD experience. In addition, you’ll not need a fan for heat dissipation; therefore, no fan, no noise.

Small Pixel Pitch P2.5 Indoor LED Display

P2.5 Indoor LED Screen Wall has more than 140 degrees in horizontal and vertical views. It ensures you attract more audiences to get a short ROI of your LED display screen. It comes with an ultra-high refresh rate to ensure a clear picture.

YUCHIP P3 Indoor HD LED Display Screen

P3 Indoor HD LED Screen Wall is now a widely-known HD Display type. In establishments like churches, malls, theaters, schools, business premises, event halls, hotel lobbies, TV studios or shows, and some big mansions or houses, etc.

YUCHIP P2 Indoor HD SMD LED Display

P2 Indoor LED Wall Display Screen is a type of HD LED Display designed to cater to different purposes and functions. It uses standard SMD (Surface Mounted Devices). SMD is an electronic component that mounts on the surface of a printed circuit board.

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