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1. Introduction


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN Summit) is a geopolitical and economic organization of ten countries located in Southeast Asia. Consequently, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand formed it on 8 August 1967.

ASEAN Summit

Since then, membership has expanded to include Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Besides, its aims include accelerating economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, regional peace and stability protection, and opportunities for member countries to discuss differences peacefully.

Besides, ASEAN covers a land area of 4.46 million km², 3% of Earth’s total land area. Also, it has approximately 600 million people, which is 8.8% of the world’s population.

In addition, the sea area of ASEAN is about three times larger than its land counterpart. In 2011, its combined nominal GDP had grown to more than US$ 2 trillion. Hence, if ASEAN were a single entity, it would rank as the eighth largest economy globally.


2. What Is ASEAN Summit?


To give you further knowledge, ASEAN Summit is officially the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit. ASEAN Summit is a biannual meeting held by the association members in which certain aspects are tackled. Meanwhile, some of the topics for discussion are the political, economic, security, and socio-cultural growth of every Southeast Asian country.

23rd ASEAN Summit
23rd ASEAN Summit

The ASEAN Summit was first inaugurated on the 24th of February, 1976, in Bali, Indonesia. Southeast Asian countries are perhaps composed of the following nations:

Above all, ASEAN countries commit to achieving closer connection, open communication, and economic alliance in various endeavors in the coming years.


3. YUCHIP P6 Indoor LED Display In The ASEAN Summit


YUCHIP, the leading LED screen supplier in China, proudly joined the 23rd ASEAN Summit in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

We provided a P6 indoor LED display with a total size of 153 square meters to deliver perfect HD and stable image presentation during the summit. It was one big event because almost all political leaders of ASEAN went to this summit.

Conference Room Video Wall
YUCHIP P6 Indoor LED Display

The P6 indoor LED display project details are as follows:

  1. The indoor display screen utilized a P6 display with SMD3528.
  2. The cabinet measures 768 x 768 x 90 mm.
  3. The total cabinet number is 260 pieces.
  4. The total LED screen size: 0.768m x 0.768m x 260pcs = 153㎡.

The organization was delighted with the screen’s exact resolution and effect. And they appreciated that the YUCHIP LED display contributed a lot to this important international meeting. Hence, as a global company, we look forward to affecting more and more events in the future.


4. YUCHIP: A Professional Conference Room Video Wall Provider


Conference Display
Conference Display

YUCHIP has been through a lot of conferences and has supplied various LED products for the like. Moreover, significant events and prominent international summits require an extravagant stage and comfortable ambiance for better planning, discussion, and communications. Also, in big conferences, presidents or leaders are present and other stakeholders, media, security personnel, and observant.

In this regard, the big screen comes in to unify and deliver the message and promote open communication and smooth conference.

YUCHIP, with almost hundreds of projects around the world, including conferences and summits, promises to help you deliver a precise and pleasant feeling for your meeting or discussion.

We provide various LED products and solutions to choose the best LED screen that fits your project. We have a conference display, high-resolution panels, hospitality, trade show display, and a lot more.

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