The 140 SQM Outdoor HD LED Display In Vietnam


YUCHIP LED screen company, China’s leading LED screen solution provider, just established a project in Vietnam. Here are project features:

Vietnam Outdoor Advertising LED
Vietnam Outdoor Advertising LED
    1. P5 SMD2727;
    2.  IP65, brightness up to 6500cd/sqm; brightness features can be customized;
    3.  16:9 ratio, total LED display size 140sqm; massive enough for a large audience view;
    4.  High definition, the vast LED screen resolution is 3072 x 1728 pixels. It has extraordinary outdoor advertising LED visual display effects;
    5. The P5 LED screen has a high refresh frequency. As a result, there is no flicking when taking a photo of the screen;
    6. The P5 giant LED screen uses the Linsn software but also can use Nova LED screen software.

HD LED Display Is The New Trend


YUCHIP: The Biggest Outdoor HD LED Display in Vietnam
P5 Outdoor LED Billboard in Vietnam

Both for outdoor and indoor advertising, HD LED Display can cater, and it’s happening worldwide. LED Display has developed widely; 10 years ago, P40 is a popular choice for outdoor advertising; 2 years later, P20 took the outdoor LED billboard spot.

In 2014, P16 and P12 were the hot sale model for outdoor use, and in 2016-2018, P10, P8, and P6 became the options.

P5 is the 21st century’s right product, no wonder why many industries, countries, and businesses invest in it.

P4, P3, and even P2.9, on the other hand, will improve its stability and maturity for outdoor application. Thus, Vietnam Outdoor Advertising LED Display will continue to evolve, giving people a better and better experience.

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