India’s Biggest LED Display For Cricket Stadium

YUCHIP’S LED: Biggest LED Display In India’s Sports Stadium


LED Displays are not only for commercial, business, and governmental use. LEDs screen for stadiums and other sporting venues, for instance, basketball, soccer, badminton, and the world’s second most popular sport- cricket.

India's Biggest LED Display For Cricket Stadium

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams, and each unit has eleven players on a field at the center. The cricket field is about 22 yards (20 meters) wide with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps.

Also, cricket is a trendy sport in countries like South Africa, the United Kingdom, the West Indies, Australia, and the Indian subcontinent, especially India.

Besides, cricket is the most popular sport in India by far. And the reason for that is their infrastructure. Thus, India invests in its sports-related facilities to cultivate everyone’s physical and mental strength.

India is a country in South Asia and is considered the most populous democracy in the world. Besides, they own the largest population and fans of cricket. Therefore, cricket is India’s National Sport.


Biggest Stadium LED Display in India for Cricket Stadium
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium is a cricket stadium in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Additionally, Pepsi’s 2015 IPL(Indian Premier League) held important matches between SunRisers Hyderabad and Mumbai and other teams.


Biggest Stadium LED Display in India for Cricket Stadium
YUCHIP in India’s Cricket Stadium

In China, the leading LED Display manufacturer, YUCHIP, contributed to this famous cricket stadium and Pepsi IPL 2015 and built the largest India’s outdoor Stadium LED display.

Projects’ Main Features

1. P16 1RGB;
2. Display size: 18.432m x 9.984m;
3. Display resolution: 1152 x 624 pixels;
4. It has IP65 protection, thus, it is waterproof in an outdoor environment;
5. High refresh frequency and high grey grade;
6. Signal input: SDI and HDMI via video processor;
7. Communication method: single-mode fiber optics;
8. Display application: Live broadcast and LED scoreboard.

YUCHIP got appreciation and satisfaction from clients and the cricket association. Also, because of our high-quality products and services, the client agreed to have us again for their next projects.

Biggest Stadium LED Display in India for Cricket Stadium
P16 Outdoor LED Display in India

This P16 outdoor LED Display is installed for the IPL and also for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup. Above all, we believe and hope that it will continuously contribute to cricket matches and development in India.

(YuChip P16 LED in Hyderabad Cricket Stadium)

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