Guide On How To Cascade Multiple LED Posters


LED Poster is one of the hottest products these days. You can use them to display different content for advertising, product promotion, product launch, or brand awareness. It also offers other installation methods: movable, hanging, 90-degree stand, or even wall-mounted or fixed.

Guide On How To Cascade Multiple LED Posters

Besides that, you can also make a bigger screen out of LED posters without cables and wires. You read it right; you can display one content in all LED signs through a wireless connection.

Not familiar with it? Let me guide you on how to cascade multiple LED Posters.



How To Cascade Multiple LED Posters?


The video above shows the steps to cascade LED posters; however, let me guide you on it step-by-step.

Guide On How To Cascade Multiple LED Posters
LED Posters
  1. Place the LED Posters beside each other to appreciate the graphics best and make it look like a bigger screen.
  2. You can use your phone in this process; turn on Wifi.
  3. Connect with the LED Poster network (YUCHIP also provides the network details). Input the password (12345678) and then click ‘join.’
  4. Once you connect to the LED poster network, continue by going to the screen settings and choosing screen configuration mode.
  5. Refresh and look for the LED poster screen name. The password is 123456.
  6. Input the screen pixels; for example, 256 px * 768 px.
  7. Input the LED total terminals. If you have three posters, put three, while if you have 4, input 4.
  8. Then repeat the process for each LED poster network. If you have 4 LED posters, you have to do the process four times.


Why Is Cascading Important?


LED Display Poster

Cascading LED posters are critical as they make convenient use of the device. Also, when LED signs are cascaded well, you get to make a large screen for multiple purposes.

You can use it for advertising, mall displays, information screens, traffic signage, etc. LED Poster can play independently by a single station.

It can sync programs, like playable pictures, videos, and text. It’s more convenient because there’s no need to use cables and wires to connect the posters.




YUCHIP Digital LED Poster delivers active videos, images, and messages as a visual experience. And you can see them in various locations like shopping malls, retail stores, spas, luxury brand stores, etc.

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