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Transparent LED Display And Industry Despite The Onslaught Of COVID Pandemic


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LED Display Industry Despite Pandemic
Covid-19 Pandemic

The world is on its way to recovery from the worst public health crisis in living memory. The global economy is coming out faster than expected from a medically induced coma caused by Covid 19.

The Covid 19 pandemic is a global shock that has changed the world tremendously. It has given rise to unprecedented challenges that gravely wounded not only the health security of every nation but also the businesses sectors.

But despite all these challenges, many businesses have still chosen to rise above them. One effective solution suggested by experts and those who successfully recovered from the Covid effect is incorporating LED innovations into the business recovery plan.

Although, the LED display industry had experienced a recession during the first quarter of 2020. There’s already been an increase in LED display market revenue by 34.6%. It is in China alone during the second quarter of 2020.

It is attributed to the fact that display technology has become a great tool in helping many enterprises, big and small. Also, it reworks their business plan and revives or re-establish their brand amid our current situation.

For this same reason, LED screen suppliers around the globe have as well seen an increase in demand. Notably for transparent LED displays for commercial buildings, shopping malls, and other offices.


LED Display Industry Amidst The Pandemic


The health crisis may have reshaped and changed the business landscape. Still, companies have quickly learned to turn to technologies like this transparent LED display for various contactless solutions so they can resume doing business.

Transparent LED Display Industry
LED Display

Some of the cited reasons why these transparent LED screens become in demand during the COVID pandemic include:

  1. It is a modular digital screen with clear LEDs that transmit light like glass. The screen permeability is up to 90%.
  2. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and has an ultra-high-definition resolution.
  3. It is customizable according to the needs of any business in the post-Covid world.

The transparent LED display has become popular due to its effectiveness in helping businesses. It includes restaurants, estate businesses, retail stores, and many others bounce back to life. It is seen as an ideal advertising media on any space like walls, glass facades, etc.

This display technology appeals more to the viewers by sharply contrasting the displayed images with the background of its digital content. Many businesses find it as a solution that is responsive to the needs of the time.


YUCHIP During Pandemic


A recent survey revealed that nearly all or 99% of business owners and executives are satisfied with their purchase of transparent LED displays. 86% of them said they would repeat the process and recommend it to their colleagues and business partners.


One restaurant owner in Shenzhen said, “At first, I was hesitant to invest in a transparent LED display because it seemed like an unnecessary expense, especially during this time. But I was wrong. In less than a month of installing this signage, I noticed an increase in customers. My profit increased by 20% and we expect to maintain that in the coming months. I also observed that my customers are more satisfied.”

Another satisfied customer said that the best part about the whole experience is that “it is easy to manage and we never experience any technical issue.”

It’s true that with the right amount of grit, tenacity, and creativity, any business can come out of this storm more vital than ever.

YUCHIP, a trusted and leading LED manufacturer and supplier in China, offers transparent LED solutions for various applications. They have a wide range of pixel pitch options to match any requirements. YUCHIP also has a team of well-experienced engineers and experts who provide the customer with first-class service and technical support.

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