Parts Of An LED Video Display

Parts Of An LED Video Display


With the vast LED market, you might notice that LED companies are everywhere. And so you feel like you can’t choose which LED company is best when it comes to LED quality.

To guide you precisely, here are three factors in determining a high-quality HD LED Video display.


1. LED Lamp

Nationstar LED

As the most core device, the LED lamp plays a vital role in LED video display. The more pixels it represents, the higher the resolution will be.

P2, P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4, P4.8, P5, P6, P6.67, P8, P10, the number behind P represents the dot pitch of the pixel.

A smaller number means the distance between two LED lamps is shorter; it has more LED pixels leading to a higher resolution in a specific area.

Generally speaking, outdoor LED displays mainly use SMD1919, SMD1921, SMD2727, SMD3535, etc.


The popular setup is: P3, P4 use SMD1921; P5, P6 use SMD2727; P8, P10, and P16 use SMD3535 LED lamps. Figures after SMD refer to the lamp beads’ outer dimensions, for example, SMD2727 which is 2.7mm * 2.7mm.

LED video screen encapsulation brand choice is also significant; thus, let us introduce the most popular outdoor LED display brands.

3 Factors That Determines A High Quality LED Video Display
NationStar LED Lamp

A most popular choice for large outdoor HD LED display, quality guarantee.

Its small size and lightweight lamp cup, made of an LED aluminum lamp cup, adopts a streamlined lamp body combined with the best heat dissipation structure.

The whole lamp is spherically illuminated, and the optical epoxy lamp covers its high transmittance: more than 90%, long service life, minimum use of 5 years.

  • King Light

The right choice when with its god wire LED lamp, stable quality, and lower price than Nation Star.

The hummingbird series products are characterized by high airtightness, preventing water vapor from entering the passage to avoid dead light failure and leakage.

Because it has conductive hole metal, it is higher than the traditional 27 times thermal conductivity, reducing light decay and improving service life. Therefore, its electrical conductivity is relatively stable.

  • KN Light

It’s stable for outdoor LED display, even though it’s a new brand, but it develops quickly at a relatively lower price.

Generally, SMD1818 and SMD1919 products have better reliability, long service life, sizeable luminous angle, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety.

SMD2727                                                    SMD3535

                SMD2727                                                                               SMD3535

The package size is 2.1mm*2.1mm*1.5mm, so its volume is relatively small. SMD2727, SMD3535, consists of water resistance, suitable for extreme environment changes such as high temperature and high humidity, light decay is less than 10%, high reliability, and low failure rate.


2. Driver IC


IC integrates the vast circuit into a small chip to work. The quality LED video display circuit power has been better improved; thus, colors have a tremendous visual impact.

To realize high refresh frequency, the current popular IC series used are MBI5153, ICN2053.

By far, ICN2053 grows fast in the market; it’s also highly stable but at a lower cost than MBI5153.

MBI5153 is from Macroblock; it’s a driver chip for LED full-color display. S-PWM is used to reduce the flicker of the picture.

We use the input image data to adjust the brightness of the LED video screen. The working temperature is -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

ICN2053 is from Chip One. A small-pitch LED video display applies it with excellent anti-interference. Thus, the low-gray uniform effect is not affected by the PCB.

It can adjust the output current and accurately control the HD LED display’s brightness, so the collection is effectively solved.

Thus, low-gray blocks and the color cast, pitting, etc., can be used with any line to eliminate text ghosts.


3. Power Supply


3 Factors That Determines A High Quality LED Video Display
Meanwell Power Supply

We often hear people complain that every time the LED lamp is broken, a few LED modules are black because of the broken power supply, the fan stops working, etc.

It is necessary to analyze it to understand the cause of the LED power supply damage.

  • Power Supply Damage

Generally, there are two reasons for power supply damage:

Firstly, the load may cause overload protection. We recommend increasing the output power of the power supply or modifying the load design.

In the second case, the temperature is too high, and temperature protection occurs. Both will put the power into a protected state.

  • LED Power Supply Selection

Firstly, the current LED power supply output is about 80% of the LED video screen’s rated current. It cannot exceed the rated current; otherwise, the LED light’s life will drop sharply, can’t be less than 70%, the brightness of the LED light will be significantly lower. Hence, it is best to be within plus or minus 5%; the better the accuracy.

3 Factors That Determines A High Quality LED Video Display
G Energy Power Supply

Secondly, the voltage is preferably 80% to 120% of the LED lamp’s rated voltage.

The minimum output voltage of the LED power supply must be less than 90% and greater than 110%. Otherwise, the lamp bead’s inconsistency will cause the LED video display to fail to light up naturally.

At present, the power sources we use are Meanwell, G-Energy, Chuanglian, Great Wall.

Meanwell is the most popular one, and we can apply the Great Wall to some countries with frigid climates, such as Russia, Denmark,  Finland, and Sweden in Northern Europe.

With the advancement of technology, global consumers increase demands on quality visual and audio things.

As a leading LED video screen solution provider in China, YUCHIP has professional insights on quality LED Video displays, energy-saving, easy maintenance, and highly wind-through LED video screens.

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