YUCHIP’s LED Sphere Ball Display In Astana 2017 Expo

P4.8 LED Sphere Ball Display From YUCHIP: Astana 2017 Expo

Astana 2017 Expo
Astana 2017 Expo

Expo World’s Fairs are large international exhibitions for nations to showcase their cultural, architectural, and technological achievements. It has various themes, and it takes place in different locations around the world at a certain period, like 3 to 6 months.

Also, it is for businesses and companies to expose advancements in different fields.

For instance, the telephone, typewriter, elevator, IMAX technology, and architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty are some of the essential innovations first presented at World Fairs.

P4.8-LED-Sphere-Display-From-YUCHIP-in-Expo2017Astana 4
YUCHIP: Astana 2017 Expo

Meanwhile, in 2017, the Expo World’s Fair was held in Astana, Kazakhstan. There was an eye-catching one among exhibitors from 115 countries and 21 international organizations, the Israel Pavilion. With its theme of “Energy of Creation,” the Israel Pavilion showed off Israel’s creativity and innovative spirit.

YUCHIP, a LED Display company, provided a creative P4.8 1.5m LED ball for the grand pavilion.


Astana 2017 Expo
LED Display ball looks like Earth
Astana 2017 Expo
LED Display ball looks like fire


The LED ball hanged on the top of the roof. It descends and ascends gradually with the performance of the dancer. Therefore, viewers were fascinated and excited.

At first, the LED display ball looks like a vivid shining fireball. After a while, it turned into a peaceful blue planet like Earth. It seems magnificent.

As a result of their fantastic performance, the Israeli pavilion won 1st place in the Best Presentation category in the competition held by Exhibitor Magazine.

Without a doubt, LED Display has found its way to the market, locally or internationally. Businesses, companies, local entrepreneurs, and even government agencies invest in it, making it more widespread.  Its high-speed performance and multifunctional features caused it to blast in the industry. No wonder why!

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