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Lagos is a port and the most populous city in Nigeria. Thus, it is the second-fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the World.

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Lagos is Nigeria’s economic focal point, generating a significant portion of the country’s GDP. Most commercial and financial business is in the central business district situated on the island.

It is also where most of its commercial banks, financial institutions, and major corporations are.

Lagos has one of the highest living standards compared to other cities in Nigeria and Africa.

With LED Display technology spreading worldwide, Lagos joined in and recognized it as a rising and significant market for LED products.

As we see in this city, large LED billboards replace traditional billboards; the mega LED display size is nearly one hundred square meters, and most of them have two faces or even three sides.

So, the total LED screen is almost 200 square meters or more prominent.

Not only outdoor LED display, but the indoor LED screen is also widely installed in Lagos and Nigeria.

Features Of The P4 LED Screen In Nigeria


In Lagos, the church plays an essential role in the LED display field, as it needs various LED display models like hanging up rental LED display, fixed installation outdoor LED screen, movable truck LED display, etc.

YUCHIP pays much attention to the Nigerian market and provides high-quality LED displays to support local partners and users. One of our projects in Nigeria is in a church in Lagos City; project information is as follows:

  • Pixel Pitch: 4mm LED display size:
  • 1pc: 5×2 panels;
  • 1pc, 6×2 panels
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

YUCHIP, as a leading LED display manufacturer in China, has supplied plenty of outdoor LED displays and indoor LED screens for Nigeria.

Our professional sales engineers and experienced technical engineers come to Nigeria often, truly understanding Nigeria’s LED screen market demands, and mutually worked with customers to accomplish the best-LED screen projects.

Whether you are looking for an indoor LED screen or an outdoor LED screen or need technical support, we are more than happy to hear from you and fully support you.




P4 Indoor LED Screen In Church Of Lagos Nigeria
P4 Indoor LED Screen In Nigeria TV Studio

Found in 2004, YUCHIP is an award-winning global LED display supplier headquartered in Shenzhen.

Thus, as a comprehensive LED Display Manufacturer, we offer top-notch technology and high-performing visual products.

Our great range of LED displays includes Outdoor LED Screen, Indoor LED screens, Rental LED Displays, Transparent LED screensLED Posters, Flexible LED Displays, HD LED screens, LED Screen panels, Mobile LED video screens, LED Wall Controller, and more.


LED Screen Market In Nigeria: A Review


1. Introduction

Church LED Screen Price

P4 Church LED Screen in Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is a densely populated country on the western coast of Africa. This country is blessed with several natural reserves and recognizable sites and landmarks such as the Zuma Rock.

According to Bloomberg, The Federal Republic of Nigeria has the biggest economy in the continent of Africa. In addition, it holds the record of having the second-largest film industry globally and is also considered the fashion and creative hub in Africa. Nigeria is also known globally because its lively and friendly energy is evident in its distinctive and welcoming creative expressions.

At present, Nigeria continues to maintain its status as Africa’s center of innovation and technological excellence. A fast-growing technology market is being observed palpably over the last decade. Nigeria’s technology sector is currently booming as many tech startups and digital technology uptakes are growing successfully. As a result, this country will remain an avid consumer of products and services brought by modern technology.


2. LED Display Technology In Nigeria


Outdoor LED Display Screen Price in Nigeria

P5 Outdoor LED Display Screen in Nigeria

We can say that Nigeria is tackling a promising path in fostering its tech industry and integrating various technologies into its day-to-day living and business ventures. One evidence of Nigeria being on the right track towards digital transformation and innovation is the increasing demand for display and lighting technologies.

LED technology is considered the most efficient and energy-saving display and lighting technology to this day. Significant quantities of small and large electronic devices use LED screens and lights to display their digital outputs.

Nigeria has become a hotspot for LED displays as many establishments, public and private, have been utilizing LED displays as a medium to interact with their customers, audience, and guests.


3. Benefits Of LED Displays In Nigeria


LED Display Board in Nigeria

Indoor LED Screen in Nigeria University

It serves as a great medium to deliver messages and inform the public. LED displays are highly versatile technology. It’s popular to use on roads and highways to aid commuters, government and private offices to provide better services to the people, and other public places for accessible communication.

It is ideal for advertising and promoting brands, products, and services. Many business enterprises in Nigeria have benefitted from using LED advertising displays. Since it is a very populous country, large-scale LED screens help its users reach many prospective customers. It is hard to stand out or grab attention in crowded and busy locations but LED billboards and displays allow advertisers to be more creative to attract more viewers.

It is helpful as LED video walls. LED screens are used in various buildings or establishments as modular video screens or screen backgrounds. LED video walls are common to see in churches, universities, offices, event halls, and stages to make any more inviting, engaging, and enjoyable event.

It is convenient, transferable, and valid for any outdoor event. There are rental LED displays or trailer LED screens suitable for any festival or social gathering’s requirements. It makes any event more alive and vigorous that matches the high-spirited people of Nigeria.


4. Typical Applications Of LED Displays In Nigeria


LED Screen Rental Lagos

Mobile Truck LED Display & LED Screen Trailer in Nigeria


Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world. Several religions are being practiced here including, Christianity, Islam, African Traditional Religion, and others. Because of this and Nigeria’s huge population, there is a proliferation of churches, mosques, and synagogues in this country to accommodate each sect’s devotees.

Many churches are using LED screen displays and video walls to add visual elements during worship services. These LED screens help church leaders share and customize videos, images, lyrics, and live camera feeds.

LED displays have become a preferred option for churches because they last longer than traditional projectors, deliver better image and video quality, are more energy-efficient, are surprisingly more affordable, and have better investments.


LED screen displays and video walls are also becoming integral to many schools and universities in Nigeria and other parts of the globe. LED screens are common to see in the libraries, lecture halls, auditoriums, and school entrances to communicate real-time events and updates to all students, faculty, and staff.

Many universities in Nigeria have started installing these LED screens to meet the demands of a digital world. LED screen displays do not only alleviate the college experience of the students. They also give universities a modern appearance that would attract students, parents, educators, and visitors.

LED screens and video walls in schools may serve many purposes. They provide wayfinding solutions for visitors and newcomers. They may serve as video screens during sports and school events. Or they could be interactive and educational screens students can enjoy using.

Mobile Truck/Trailer LED Displays

Mobile LED displays are video screens mounted to a truck or trailer vehicle. They always work as advertising screens during outdoor events. They can help you deliver your message and ad content on a large screen for everyone to see.

In Nigeria, people celebrated many festivals as they have a rich culture and heritage. Additionally, Nigerian people love holding outdoor activities every once in a while. And during these events and festivals, mobile truck LED displays are the go-to video and advertising tools because they are easy to set up, suitable for temporary use, and more affordable.

Other Applications

As previously stated, LED video wall displays are becoming more and more popular in Nigeria. As a result, many public and private sectors are now incorporating LED display technology in their operations.

You can all see LED video screens and billboards in many hotels, restaurants, transport stations, highways, and several institutions in Nigeria. LED displays are either for advertising screens or decorative video walls. Accordingly, they are now considered an essential technological tool in Nigeria.


5. LED Billboard Advertising In Nigeria


Indoor LED Screen Price in Nigeria

YuChip Cooperated with LED Screen Company in Nigeria

LED Billboards

LED billboard or digital billboard is the new face of outdoor advertising bulletin or poster. Hence, it is a highly fast-growing type of billboard nowadays. These digital screen panels are typically mounted on buildings’ facades and towers beside roads or crowded places.

The construction of new billboard locations in Nigeria has become evident in recent years because of Nigeria’s continued effort to boost its economy and global competitiveness. As a result, you will see many LED billboards showcasing various contents along the major roads in the cities, especially in Lagos.

Statistically speaking, outdoor billboards are valuable tools to keep your brands and business on top of consumers’ minds. Also, it is one of the main reasons LED billboard rental rates to continue to remain competitive in Nigeria.

LED Billboard Cost/Price

LED screen price in Nigeria varies depending on your requirements. The LED display price depends on your LED screen’s size, materials, and pixels, among others. Therefore, if you plan to have your own LED screen display or LED billboard, it is best to contact the LED screen supplier directly for a quote.

But the billboard advertising cost ranges from $2,000 to $20,000 per four (4) week period. The price depends mainly on the location of the LED billboard, timing, and size.

LED Advertising Display in Nigeria

LED Advertising Display in Nigeria


If you want to venture into digital billboard advertising in Nigeria, here is a simple guide on the things that you should do:

  1. You have to choose the perfect location for your advertisement. Besides picking a crowded and busy spot, you must know your target audience and learn about their shopping behavior. This information will help you to decide on your LED billboard location and its content.
  2. Choose a billboard advertising agency in Nigeria that offers the kind of LED billboard that matches your requirements- there are many of them, so it will not be much of a problem.
  3. Make sure to ink a contract with your chosen billboard advertising company.
  4. Have your outdoor advertisement reviewed and approved by the Advertisers Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). Only registered advertisers may submit ads for APCON vetting. The vetting may cost from 25,000 NGN to 280,000 NGN.
  5. Create your design. Once your outdoor ad is approved, you may now display that beautifully crafted LED advertising content for your target audience to see.


6. Conclusion



YuChip Visited Nigeria Churches in 2013

The LED screen display is one of the fastest-growing markets in Nigeria. Also, as Nigeria grows its economy and embarks on technological advancement and innovation, its demands for display technology grow.

There are quite a few LED screen companies in Nigeria, but if you are looking for a reliable and trusted LED display supplier that offers a full range of LED products and services, we are here to serve you.

In addition, YUCHIP is a well-reputed LED solutions provider based in China. Besides, we specialize in producing high-quality, custom-made LED screen displays for various applications.

We have already provided plenty of indoor/outdoor LED screens and large LED screens for churches in Nigeria. In addition, our team has visited Nigeria many times, which gives us a complete understanding of the LED market and demands for LED screens in Nigeria.

Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist and support you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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