p16 outdoor led display in shiling guangzhou chinaOutdoor HD LED Display in Shiling, China

One of our projects is a P16 Outdoor LED Display Screen installed in Shiling, China.

Shiling is a town on the outskirts of Guangzhou, China. Its name means “Lion Ridge” is because of the local mountain ridge shaped like a lion. Shiling Town has small farms abutting the mountains from which it gets its name.

Also, the forested mountains and ancient temples make it a tourist destination.

Meanwhile, Shiling has seen the suburban real-estate redevelopment of some of its lands in Western-style. With widely spaced houses as opposed to the traditional Chinese closely clustered farming communities.

Outdoor HD LED Display in Shiling, China
Outdoor HD LED Display in Shiling, China

At the beginning of the 1970s, the central government promoted the industrial development of Shiling to focus on the leatherworking industry.

It started from factories and piecework in homes, helping the farming community integrate it into their lifestyle.

Shiling produces soft and medium-quality leather goods for Chinese and international markets. The local business leaders actively develop their capacity to market high-end leather goods, making them the largest production center and sales in China.

The leather industry employed around 120,000 people and was worth 4.7 billion RMB in 2002 and 9 billion in 2009.  And to improve the quality of their products, they are developing a leather training institute to train farmers.

Since 2000, they annually held the China (Shiling) Leather Products Fair.

Thus, they seek more ways to upscale their place in the business and manufacturing field.


Outdoor HD LED Display in Shiling, China
Outdoor HD LED Display in Shiling, China

LED Display in Shiling, China

  1. To make the more excellent overall appearance of their environment;
  2. Show updated news about the leather industry information;
  3. Advertise leather products within the areas;
  4. Advertise other clients in different industries.

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