YUCHIP Four Sides LED Display

YUCHIP Four Sides LED Display: An indoor advertising medium


Four sides LED Display is another milestone in the advertising field. It’s another way of indoor advertising to help entrepreneurs and businesses promote their products in big setups.

Advertising has been typical throughout the years. It is the most effective way of product promotion as well as service marketing. Because of advertising, brands and manufacturers attained higher sales and revenue, making more advancement and a healthy economy. It is, indeed, an essential key to success.

This type of HD LED Display is different from other types due to its shape and function. Unlike other indoor HD LED Displays, this is purposively for advertising, for instance, in crowded areas such as shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, halls, plazas, and inside stations.

What makes it another milestone?

Business individuals and even usual citizens always seek better ways to improve their profits. That is why YUCHIP, China’s leading HD LED Display manufacturer, aims to advance every business at a time. You may check out some of its features below.

High brightness

  • It has high brightness because it uses SMD (Surface Mounted Device), enabling the system to use many circuits but fits perfectly.

High color uniformity

  • Its high color uniformity brings you a clear image and vivid audiovisual effects.
Four Sides HD LED Display

Easy maintenance

  • Both front and rear access are available, making easy maintenance. Plus dustproof LED panel.

Low power consumption

  • It requires low power, so it helps you save energy and electricity.

Shape and size

  • Its four sides make a large viewing angle, perfect for a big audience. You can make different shapes and sizes according to your requirement.

Good LED Chips

  • It has high reliability and a long life span.

Good quality raw material

  • It undergoes accurate techniques and careful inspections to ensure the high quality of the LED display.

Should you have questions, feel free to visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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