YUCHIP Was Invited To Join GRAFINCA 2017 In Peru


YUCHIP, a leading screen solution provider from China, has stepped up into the overseas market. With an OK- established status and identity, we could launch our brands and products well to our prospective market.

We do not only cater to domestic clients but also overseas customers. Through this, we expand our scope basically for getting higher sales and revenues.

And parts of expanding our global identity is participating in various international events to further and escalate our popularity. In this way, we can reach out to more and more clients and serve them satisfactorily.

One of the international events we participated in is GRAFINCA 2017.



Peru International Advertising Fair (GRAFINCA 2017 Peru) is the largest advertising fair in Peru. It began in 2000. In 2016, there were more than 230 enterprises at the fair, including international and domestic companies.

As an important country in South America, Peru’s economic development has kept a sound momentum in recent years. Domestic tourism in Peru is growing stronger, which attracts more international events and meetings in the country.

Thus, the development of industries and is the meeting host has brought infinite business changes for the advertising and printing industry. 

GRAFINCA 2017 was from September 28th until October 1st in Lima Peru International Exhibition Center.

Every participant showcased their brands and products to gain sales. We brought some of our latest products, including indoor P3 led display, P7.8 transparent led display, P10 and P16 outdoor fixed led display, soft LED module, etc.

As part of the exhibit, we showcased and presentably displayed our products to attract the audience. As a result, many people checked and paid a visit to our booth. Some even asked about the products’ features.

In general, the event went well, and we were very honored to be invited to an international affair.

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